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A friend of mine who doesn't have an account wants to know if there is VR possibility.

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I'm going to nitpick, but it's only because I have no major criticisms!

Movement feels sluggish and floaty. I can see why; this makes aiming in the air doable. However, perhaps tightening up the player movement and slowing time while aiming the shard would work. Aiming with WASD feels a bit awkward at times. Maybe mouse aiming would be better.

It's too short! Haha, I loved it and I really want to see more. This is great. 5 stars on all fronts.

It seems like just holding down the spacebar is the best way to get a good score, is that right? It's kind of difficult to tell.

Great concept! This could be further refined and expanded for sure.

Its biggest flaws are its length and communication to the player. Some things could be a lot clearer.

With some more work this could be really good!

Not being able to go backwards makes for frustrating moments; if you go ahead of your arm by accident, you're done for, there's nothing you can do to stop the bleeding. Additionally, if you get yourself right next to a wall, there's also nothing you can do to progress: You can't jump without shooting your arm, and then your arm blocks you from jumping.

All in all, the controls are frustrating. Perhaps it could be improved by separating the moving and shooting controls. I know you were going for Only One button, but you also have Only One projectile.