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Great game.  Once you really understand the rules (after 5-6 playthroughs), it becomes intuitive, and more skill-based than a match 3 game.  

Question: how does the red to white transformation work? because if I knew, i could plan my moves ahead with greater purpose.

Thank you very much for playing! Yes, managing the red symbols is key for survival! A group of red symbols turn white, if a white symbol with the same shape falls next to it. I hope this makes it clear! And I was just wondering, what is your highscore? I'm curious.

Ah, thanks! yeah, so my first attempt was 490 when I had no idea what was going on, highest attempt 12,260 after 7 or so plays; and now with this knowledge it probably will go up

Well that actually a nice score already, but surely managing the red shapes you can achieve greater ones. Thank you very much for responding!