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Hot Girls With Broken Legs

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Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it!

So glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

Love the video! Thanks for playing!

Thank you for taking the time to make a video about it! We're honored!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Hey there! We've just pushed an update that should allow you to use the 'Q' and 'E' keys to flip the pages of the book!

Thank you for playing and taking the time to comment! Glad you liked it!

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Not at the moment, we may update the game with alternative controls, though. Sorry!

EDIT: Pages can now be flipped with 'Q' and 'E'.

High praise! Thank you for playing!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Love the video!

Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it! No need to feel skeezy, neither of us are hot girls. And we both have perfectly working legs!

Glad you liked it! Spent a lot of time trying to get the book to feel good, and have all the interface be diegetic. Seems to have payed off!

Thank you for your wonderful playthrough video!

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We may fix a few bugs in the future, but it probably won't ever be seriously updated, no.

There's a lot of things we'd do differently with hindsight, but yep, the game is done!

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and make a video! The Obi-Wan meme had us laughing our asses off!

There actually is a limit to the number of times a spike can appear on the same wall in a row: it;'s two or three, depending on what part of the game you're at. You probably encountered some bug that prevented that from working properly. Oh well! Thank you for your praise, and for taking the time to play our game!

Thanks for your kind words! 

Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Cute game! While simple, the visual and audio styles worked well together, though I did miss having some kind of background music.

In addition, having some sort of repeating melody of sounds play as the frog walks (Mario Maker 2's level building tool comes to mind) rather than the monotone "bonk" noise would be a nice addition. It does get a little repetitive.  

I especially like Frog's lopsided face and blank stare. The grave acting as both a respawn point and a shield is a genius bit of versatility, which reminds me of this talk from the creator of Downwell. You took a simple mechanic (moving a block) and made it work for so many different purposes! 

On the other hand, I found the dash/speed boost to be fun, but not particularly useful: I solved  every puzzle in the game without it. Personally I think that the effort spent there would have been better spent on other aspects of the game. (That being said, I've made plenty of "useless" mechanics in my day, just for the fun of it! The dash is fun, so why not have it?!)

There are several puzzles that require you to first place the gravestone in front of a turret, and then later push it away: placing yourself directly in the path of the turret at point blank range. I died quite a few times just trying to push the tombstone away from the turrets, and found it mildly frustrating. Of course, dying right next to the tombstone didn't really affect my ability to complete the puzzle, and ultimately I was just being impatient. I'm not sure what a solution to that would be, though.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with Here Lies Frog, and I think all of my criticisms fall in to "it's a game jam game, so obviously it would be more polished if I had spent more time on it" category. It's got a good, consistent aesthetic, a unique mechanics and some nice puzzles. You should be proud!

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Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Really loved the tone, and the art is beautiful. Some of the puzzles felt a bit too easy to just spam my light powers to get through, but it was really cool using the sliver of light to kind of piece together what is in the darkness. I can easily see this getting polished up a bit more and turned into something really special. Well done.

Wow, high praise! Thank you!

Hey thanks! Really appreciate it!

Glad you liked it!

Thank you! Wish we had more time to tune the difficulty. Glad you liked the tutorial. A bit tongue in cheek ;)

Thanks for the feedback! We wanted ITBH to be repayable,  so not having to go through the tutorial every time you started the game by keeping it separate felt necessary.

Hey, thanks for playing and giving feedback! The delay when dashing is intentional: we put a lot of effort in to making the hits feel really meaty and crisp, but we obviously overdid it a little bit on the dash-kick. The game shouldn't ever really slow down though, so that may be a performance issue related to WebGL. 

Thanks for playing! You can hold 'Space' to keep the white line as long as you want! (though, you have to dash when you let go of Space..). When holding space, none of your other movement options are restricted either, so you can ascend/descend freely. 

Keeping the player distinct while keeping the artistic vision in tact was a struggle throughout the entire development process. It's not perfect,  but it's a lot better than it was early in development.

Thank you! 10 is a really good start!

Wish there was a bit more feedback to understand when I'm taking damage! Also very strange, but your app appears to use the icon from our previous game Commander in Leaf that we put out in December for the Second Extra Credits Jam. I'm not sure if this is some odd glitch and it's pulling a random file from my computer or you actually chose to use our art, but it gave me a good laugh.


Really cool mix of mediums with the PDF as a manual! Haven't seen anyone use the idea since "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes." Nice to see it used in a less frantic way ;)

Really loved how this all wrapped up at the end. What felt like a meager platformer turned into a really cool grading of players abilities in previous challenges!

Interesting concept, loved the vibe of the music!

Thanks for the feedback!

It seems like there might be some problems with your browser or machine if there's a noticeable delay on the dash.  It should be instantaneous and on the 6-7 or so systems we've tested on, there was no delay.  

I'm not sure of your monitors specs but we did set our itch page to play in fullscreen by default, though it doesn't seem to be true fullscreen. I'd recommend hitting the fullscreen button in the bottom right of the WebGL player. It should fix all the cropping issues, though it seems like itch just may not scale properly to any monitors other than a 16x9.

The game eases you into the difficulty, and if you saw the two small blue skulls that would've put you at level 5 or so of 20. It gets much more difficult and fast paced as you go.

We chose to keep the tutorial a bit more lighthearted against the backdrop of the dark themes of the game. The point of waiting til after something bad happens on screen is so the player learns to associate the sounds and visuals of doing something wrong before they get into the actual game. There's no way to die in the tutorial so, this really cements good/bad actions while having a bit of fun with the player.

Also, the character is definitely kicking ;)

Thank you! There's only a set amount of bad guys to fight to beat the game, so making a high score felt a little redundant to the level system!