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Hot Girls With Broken Legs

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Hey, thanks for making a video! It's awesome and humbling every time somebody takes the time to make content regarding our games (whether or not they win!).

Earth rotation controls which plants are in sunlight and which plants are in the dark, which changes their temperature. Plants in the ideal temperature range grow, filling up the "Lushometer", while plants that are too hot or too cold shrink. Winning the game is based entirely on the growth of the plants. We did our best with limited time to explain this visually in the game, but it's not quite as clear as it should be. 

As for the moon, it has infinite health, and is used to block asteroids from hitting the plants (which causes them to shrink) or the planet (which will blow up with the "Crustometer" hits 0).

You did quite well surviving as long as you did, however the game is much more difficult when multitasking defending against asteroids and keeping the plants happy! 

Thanks again for making a video showcasing our game! 

That's pretty good! It's definitely not an easy task to get all the way to 100%. Out of curiosity, did you give up or lose?

Thank you! Did you win? It's quite difficult to multi-task keeping track of the plants and the moon.

Thanks for playing! Be sure to check out some of our other Jams!

Glad you liked it! We'll be sure to give Nobamboo a shot.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed your time with it :)

Our new game, PHYTOCENE CYCLE was just completed as part of the Third Extra Credits Game Jam, and is released for free!
In PHYTOCENE CYCLE, the player controls the rotation of the earth and orbit of the moon and must balance the temperature of the plant life on earth while simultaneously protecting it from asteroids. It's a challenge in multi-tasking best described as "Farming Sim meets Pong"!

Please check it out!

Excellent art, music and puzzles. Typically not a fan of outlined pixel art, but it works here pretty well.

 Well done!

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Hey Tiger, thanks for your kind words!

Since you seem like such a nice person, I'll let you in on a little secret. You can always delete (or move, or rename) the cilProgress.txt file to restart the game!

There's definitely no way to cheat if you open the file in notepad, so don't bother!

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Ask, and ye shall receive! 

Vlambeer would be proud. 

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment! Checkpoints are turning in to quite a popular request...

Hey, congratulations! Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to us. How many times/where did you die before killing the king?

Hey, thanks for playing and leaving a comment!  Just out of curiosity, about how long would you say you played for in total? 

Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment. Checkpoints would probably make the game a lot less frustrating and tedious, but we were so rushed all the way down to the last few minutes that we didn't even give it a thought.

I'm not sure we'll develop the game further, but if we do, checkpoints is definitely something we'll look in to!