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Cover image by Amos Sorri

You wake up screaming. You sigh, it was only a nightmare, you're safe in your friends cabin in the woods. You sit down in front of your computer and see a live video is playing. What is this? 

It's the front door of the cabin, heavy breathing, trudging footsteps, the camera is lurching closer. The video feed cuts and you hear the front door shaking violently! Just as suddenly the shaking stops. You creep into the living room. It's a gruesome scene. Your friends are all brutally murdered. Everything is covered in blood... except for the coffee table. Looking closer you see there's an envelope on it. Opening it you find the following note:

Your little friends didn't stand much chance. Lucky for you you know how to make video games. Otherwise you'd be in pieces too. It gets boring living in my creepy shack in the woods. There's only so many times I can rewatch my entire vhs collection but my old PC still works. So I play games. The only problem is I don't have an internet connection, last time I tried to get some guys out to install it I ended up murdering them, I couldn't help it. Anyway I really need a new game to play. I've locked the door, I'll come back eventually and see what you've made. Maybe I'll let you go but until then I need you to work on this game for me. Here's a few guidelines if you want to make me happy:

  1. Make me a game.
  2. The theme is Architectural Horror, don't worry if your game doesn't exactly fit it's just to spark an idea.
  3. You may use a game you've started to make before .
  4. The majority of the game should be made during the jam .
  5. Featuring low poly models, pixel art, and possibly a pixelation filter if it's 3d .
  6. Use whatever you can to make the game .
  7. The game should be spooky.
  8. Here's a discord server where you can talk to other people trapped in cabins in the woods making games

Note: If we feel your game doesn't fit the jam we may remove it or we may reach out to you.

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