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Color codes are a really good idea. I was thinking of icons showing the action next to the text but adding color on top of that would probably render the UI even more easier to read (at least for non-color blind people). Thanks for the tip, I'll use it when working again on the game


Thanks a lot! I'm a big supporter of the "less is more" style, so I really appreciate your comment

Thanks, hope it didn't stress you too much ^^

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it

Glad you liked it!

Super concept, I loved piling up bodies to make my way through the level!

Very nice ideas (letters, background color for health) for a very nice game. Congrats!

Very fun game! It would be great to see your massacre painting at the end of each level

Best WTF game I've encountered so far!

Great game! Love the ambiance. The sound design is great and the dash fell very good. I would lower the dash cooldown though. Then you can spice up the game with some power-ups (slower time, breaking two or more consecutive block at a time, ...) and it would be freaking amazing!

I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the game but as other said, the left/right inversion is a bit weird at first. To be more in the jam's theme, I would have stacked all your levels into one and make a checkpoint at the beginning of each zone.

Really nice work, and at least I didn't have to change my keyboard layout to play this one :)

Nice concept! I think it would be better if you can catch the bullet while it's flying so that you can shoot more often and increase the pace of the game. I'm pretty sure you can make some great time-killing phone game with some more work

You're probably right, I'm not a fan of the UI, especially for the keyboard. I was thinking of icons representing the action. Might be easier to spot than text

I think it could be a fun game but it's really hard to aim and the enemies are just too good at it. Also, one button to control everything makes things harder. I know it was to find the theme but since you already have only one bullet, I think you could use at least the two mouse buttons. Glad to see some Godot games btw

I really the pitch of the game! A bit to difficult to play for me since I don't have a qwerty keyboard. To spice the things up, you could make some different enemies, like slower and tougher to kill vs faster and easier to kill.

Wow I'm very pleased you liked it that much! Thank!

Thanks a lot! Can you imagine having to play a stressful game over and over again during a 48h game jam? I don't recommend this to anyone ^^

Thanks for your nice and constructive comment!

I tried to balance the routes so that you have the same number of possibly punishing moves no matter where you pass but it might not feel like it and I might have made some mistakes.
I was thinking of collectables too, including power-ups but couldn't do it during the jam.
As for the actions, before your comment I didn't though about having more possible actions with still three buttons so yeah that's perfectly doable.

I'll keep all of this in mind if I try to work on this game again

Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it

Thanks for your feedback and sharing your strategy! Hope it will help others :)

Thanks for your comment! I didn't have enough time to make more levels so the difficulty rises quickly. I like picturing people raging at my game ahah

I think it's the first time that I have to design levels by hand so yeah, I need some practice ^^

Thanks a lot! You mean game design in general or level design?

Thanks! It does this ti me too ^^ I'm making the art at the moment so stay tuned!