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Thanks very much! We had a lot of fun.

Our game is based around the idea of “just one axis”, the character can only travel up and down and the world itself has to be moved underneath him. Technically, you play as the world not the character, but relatively speaking the result becomes the same visually...Isn’t it wonderful what 4 sleep deprived brains can conjure? 

This is only our second jam and are still getting to grips with unity, I myself am just the artist! Do let us know what you think of this years effort 🤘

Thank you! Yes, in fact the levels were originally designed to be round the other way, but we decided to switch them. Thanks for playing 🙏


Perhaps. 🍋

Thanks for playing and taking time to comment!  We really enjoyed this one. Disorientating yes, even our heads are still spinning.

- Benji

Ha, I'm glad somebody noticed him...RIP

Yes that is definitely an argument! Theory vs Practice I suppose. But here, walls are not your friend. Thank you for the kind words about the art!


Great concept, and really nice retro look. Shield recharge adds an extra panic element to the game! haha. Fantastic job.