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Pretty cool entry with awesome presentation to boot, really polished!

I really liked the concept of the one time jump, and your level design makes for quite challenging and interesting puzzles, also i can definitively see that Evangelion inspiration there :) shame it lacks music still you definitively managed to give the game quite some personality of its own ^^

Small issues, i'd just say the character feels solid to control but is just a tiny bit on the twitchy side, also the bonus cards being hard enough to collect sometimes, having to keep them in a perfect run feels a bit too much, especially if it unlocks something related to the game's story, maybe keep the challenge of collecting them, but not have them reset if you don't get a flawless run, could balance things out a bit more.

Nontheless it's a fun game with quite some potential, and i am definitively curious about the big red door :o !