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Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing and it is that you can only hold 1 item at a time (boombox or chainsaw). It wasn't very clear though

Yeah unfortunately having the character locked to those 4 axis makes it feel pretty clunky and less dynamic. Thanks for the feedback. I have added your game to my list of games to play this weekend!

Originally we planned to have it one hit kill hence no HP bar but it felt unfair. We changed it pretty late on and ran out of time. We will add that in the next version though. Thanks for the feedback

Have downloaded the game and will rate when I have time. Thanks for rating ours

Hi thanks for taking the time to play. I have downloaded the game and will play when I have the time. One of the main things we need to improve is user feedback on where to go. 

Biggest regret is creating a game too large (always do this every jam!) This led to not being able to fully test and play the game until too late and leaving some horrendous game breaking bugs and it also not being clear on what to do. Also made an isometric game which meant that we had to create a bunch of animations when we should have went side on, top down or 3D. I'm super proud of what we have achieved in the time (and seems like people are pretty shocked too!). Feels like the scope of the game was more for a week jam rather than 48hrs. Love for people to check it out though!

Hi thanks for playing. Yeah I think we really needed to guide the player or at least given reason to explore the map more. Thanks for the feedback!

We always make the games too hard. It's impossible when you are already a master of your own game :) 

Thanks for playing! No I imagine you saw the whole game in the bit you played. In the end there wasn't much of a choice in holding / dropping the boombox. Will look to fix this in the future though

Thanks for playing the game! Yeah agree with there being more consequence. Have a few small fixes that will help that will be implemented as soon as the vote is finished

I like the concept and the feel of the character movement. Would have been nice if the game got harder over time and if he had other phases. I also found the music too short and really noticed the looping.

Nice ideas here but it is super short. Would love to see more levels. 

Simple but fun! Found it very hard though. Having a visual indicator (not just the number) would have been nice to quickly see how low a different system was. 

Really nice simple game! My highscore was 146. I think increase drag, increase gravity a bit and maybe force the thruster to change to switch sides after boosing (currently if you are boosting with a bit of left boost you have to wait for it to ping pong all the way over to the right before you can start slowing down which was a bit frustrating). Overally really liked it though!

Liked the game but it was very difficult. I think you should increase the damage of the players bullet or make decrease the number of enemies. Loved the take on the theme though!

Thanks that is a great idea!

I will look at the performance of it after the Jam has finished. To be honest I'm surprised it runs at all in the browser

Thanks for taking the time to play

Downloaded will play on my lunch break!
Please rate our game Bret Pilgrim - A lumberjack zombie survival game.

Hi thanks for playing. If you carry the boombox with you it acts as a torch. I think this isn't the clearest and actually it should be much darker to force you to take it with you

Added your game to my list of games to rate (soo many games to play). Feels like I have played hundreds already and they are all so good!

Would love to get some feedback on our Lumberjack zombie survival game Bret Pilgrim

Added your game to my list of games to rate (soo many games to play). Feels like I have played hundreds already and they are all so good!

Would love to get some feedback on our Lumberjack zombie survival game Bret Pilgrim

Added your game to my list of games to rate (soo many games to play). Would love to get some feedback on our Lumberjack zombie survival game Bret Pilgrim

Really nice game! Loved the puzzles just wished there were more. Only thing for me was the bird attack was a bit strange (not sure if there was any feedback for attacking)

Really loved this one! Good work!

Love to see some fan art for this!

Thanks for playing the game. It's all about trying to kite the zombies in those horde sections. Having a big AOE spin would have been a nice inclusion though!

Thanks for playing mate. Was hoping to do the other 4 angles of rotation but meant doing a bunch more animations (why we didn't just do it in 3d I don't know....)

Love the idea of throwing the box. Really think we need to play with the holding one item at once idea some more but as always I went too big in the time. One day I will learn to just think of a small idea and make that!

Those poor trees!


Thanks for playing the game! There is a known bug at the moment with some hidden colliders that will be fixed after the voting has finished. Agree with player feedback when taking damage. Original goal was to only have one hit point but it felt unfair to randomly get hit.

Thanks! Classic 'if we had more time' we would have introduced the other 4 rotations to smooth it out.

Hi thanks for the feedback! Yeah I agree that the lighting is too high when not using the torch/boombox. We will definitely change that in the next release (boring unity stuff but yeah we used unity 2019.2 and the new 2d lights so it's easy to change)!

Nice collection of mini games. Really felt the pressure!

Think I broke my space key! Fun and really fits the theme!

Looking for honest feedback!


Simple but fun. Loved the upgrade system!

Really nice game and loads of polish! Just with I could respawn faster

Loved this! Was tricky after getting the 4th color but liked how the game progressed with new mechanics. Really liked the audio made it feel very eerie!