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I wasn't really planning on working on this game after the jam as I'm already working on another game that's going to keep me busy for a long time yet. But if there was enough interest in Saboteur Stocks I'd definitely consider taking another look at it!

Thank you for that very strange experience. Everything just kind of works here in it's own weird way. 5/5

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, I think adding something aside from the timer bar at the bottom to indicate that a switch was about to happen would have been a good idea. 

Thanks for the feedback! The graphs might change too often for a sound effect like that to not get annoying but I could be wrong, it would be worth trying out!

I really like the art style in this game, but the aim with the shooting seems to have issues.

Nice concept! The idea of your towers attacking you as well definitely has potential. I think you the flying green tower might be a bit too good though as I was able to just place a bunch of them across the gap at the top and stand safely out of the way as they blocked all the bubbles. 

Good job, I enjoyed playing that. Nice idea for a puzzle game here! As a couple of people said already a way to speed up the fire spreading would make the trial and error part of problem solving less frustrating in the longer levels. A way to move or delete placed objects would probably help a lot too, but over all nicely done!

😂 It's beautiful

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, coding how to get the zombies to move around rocks sensibly and explode at the right time was a bit of a nightmare and there's definitely more work to be done there. 

Uuuuh, sure they're creepers. They're definitely not  some vaguely zombie looking thing I scribbled in 5mins haha

I'll give your game a go now :D

I didn't survive very long  but I liked what I did play. It's a neat idea and those little blobs silly expressions are pretty adorable.

The art and music for this game is pretty cute. Unfortunately after losing by attacking a couple of innocent monsters I just stopped attacking and ran straight to the goals with little difficulty. I didn't realise that there was a hostile monster in each level until I read your game description after playing.  Maybe something like blocking the goal until the one monster is defeated would have helped highlight this theme. 

I love this :D Here's mine

Looks like you've got a good few games to go through there. I'll just add mine to the pile :P  Have fun streaming!

Hey, just checked out their stream. Looks like they're playing your game right now!

An interesting take on this style of game! Good job.

Solid idea!  A tricky little puzzle game, I definitely enjoyed it :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

I'd love some more feedback! Think I'll be spending the evening checking out what everyone's come up with.

Thanks so much for the feedback! 

I'm aware of the bug with the zombies getting stuck. Programming their AI was tougher than expected so I once they could handle most situations I figured it would have to do for the jam. When I happened upon that level layout just kind of decided it would be a feature instead and added a timer that would end the level if they got stuck for too long! 

Hi all! My game's currently sitting at 0 ratings but doesn't appear to be showing up in the list of games with few ratings. Anyone have any idea if I've messed something up with my submission? Thanks for any help!