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Really cool game, with some nice visuals and a great, classy concept.

However I often encountered the issue that I died right at the starting point as soon as I pressed a button. It seemed to happen ever other death.

To be honest, my first impression was "rather meh". Mostly because I did not understand the reason why you could rotate the camera. But then in the second stage, the game got really interesting, especially once the obstacles and mechanics got combined into larger puzzles!

So, great game! :) just my main feedback: I think the early levels are a bit too long, the last two stages are were the game gets really exciting in my opinion!

Really cool idea and great version of the "lose inputs when getting hit" mechanic!

While I was a bit frustrated, the enemies who "eat" your input-essence were a fantastic idea!

Yes, after all, it was a jam and time was a very heavy constraint! But indeed, the result is quite enjoyable :)

Very simple and yet effective and great concept! :D 

Besides that, the art was nice and fit the minimalistic style and, to my very surprise, the music fit perfect to some gun sounds!

An addition that would make the game probably more interesting would be additional types of guns that you randomly cycle through!

Thank you!

I haven't seen that many either, but we just thought that the blueprint style would fit this game idea very well :)

A really interesting comparison and a good way to show why deeply nested hierarchies are ineffective for quick decisions! :D

Until the cloud and rain  were introduced, I did not really understand how this would fit the theme. With the clouds and the quickly re-growing grass, it is an interesting idea.

So, nice game, but maybe introduce the clouds earlier and bump up the difficulty a bit :D

Thanks a lot! Yes indeed, we had a lot more in our minds but didn't get to add it to the jam version of the game :)

Thank you very much! Initially, we were inspired by Mini Metro but then decided to go with the blueprint style as it fits the "plan the railroads" quite well.

We will see, we came up with a lot of intriguing ideas and might elaborate some of these more thoroughly, but maybe we'll give this one a rework too :)

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Despite it looking really ugly (no offence, programmer art is still art :D), I could not stop playing it just so I could beat the levels :'D

The game design idea is really neat - kind of an inverse jump'n' run! Nice work!

A cool concept, but it kinda loses its flair when you just manage to rush through the game without any "losing of control" (like, for the first few games I didn't even notice anything and thought the game was broken) :/

But still a great idea! Maybe start with randomised controls at the beginning ? :D

Cool concept and a nice game!

But using special characters and function keys is not very portable (e.g. I had to guess where the "/" was because my version of clicking it did not work)

Extremely hectic, but I love it! You literally have no control over the chaos but need to get it under control ASAP :D

Also nice assets and sound!!!

Such a great idea and I think this is what real-life lag would feel like.

(also I really dig the art style!!)

adorable doggo!!

And interesting idea to mix up the element of stealth with the element of ... barking.

However it feels a bit unfair that once you enter the vision of a guard (and they are not chasing you), they will focus on you until you break line of sight :( which means that at some point you either have to restart of just run for it (which is quite often the solution, just run for it pass all the guards and dodge the balls and such, was an interesting approach :') )

Amazing! One of my most favourite so far!

The idea of this unstoppable explosion giving you both an  extra jump and an obstacle which you have to consider when going your way through the world. A really interesting mechanic!

This is a game design jam, but still: Cute and nice visuals and great soundtrack!

Nice idea, I adore games that use these gun physics as a way of movement :D

But one thing that is a tad annoying is when enemies spawn right into your face because you stand on top of their spawn points :(

Ohhh, yeah, I see! The problem is that if you access a game via the submission page, you do not see the game's description, just the tagline and what you answered to the questions :)

Really cute and nice idea!

However - I am not sure if it is a bug or I am just missing some UI elements - sometimes the game just doesn't progress any more after a certain number of hits without any notice :(

I really dig the idea and it is a very interesting idea to control a character!

However, at first I was extremely confused, why I am moving forwards at some points and at certain points backwards.

Also, you should add a warning for the flickering effects at the very beginning (or for your text in general). It is very hard to read and might cause some problems for some people

Very awesome!!! :D

It has a lot of content, the puzzles are quite interesting (surprisingly, I had some issues with one of the very first puzzles haha) and the art fits the game very well.

The game design is also really great and a good example of taking "indirect control" of your real character!

Very interesting and weird controls, it is just a bit tedious to navigate through the level when your tongue gets stuck in itself or underneath others and you have to reset again and again :( but otherwise quite fun and an interesting idea!

Very fun game, perfectly awkard tongue contacts  (;p), I just some problems realising, that the left player had a different colour than the right player (I was probably just too stupid to look at the tip)

Also, it is quite hard dodging the black balls when they spawn near the left/right end of the screen close to your tongue's root :(

- .... .- -. -.- / -.-- --- ..- / ...- . .-. -.-- / -- ..- -.-. .... -.-.-- / .. / .- -- / .--. .-.. . .- ... . -.. / - --- / .... . .- .-. / - .... .- - / -.-- --- ..- / . -. .--- --- -.-- . -.. / --- ..- .-. / --. .- -- . / .- -. -.. / - .... . / .- .-. - .-- --- .-. -.- -.-.--

- .... .- -. -.- / -.-- --- ..-

It's a really neat and challenging game, it gets really addictive and I was often like "I ALMOST MADE IT OVER THE ROCK, NEXT TIME I'LL GET PAST IT"

The tagline really checked out, you truly committed yourself to the only one theme :D

Found some really interesting games in these threads :D

My friend and I created a little platformer called "./-" (or "Dot Slash Dash") where you control your character with Morse inspired commands!

The artstyle is so adorable, I really love this 3d/2d mix!! The puzzles were sometimes quite challenging, I really enjoyed it!!

Of course, it is a bit tedious, but it's a great idea and executed very well!! Nice to see that other people had the idea for morse-based controls as well :D

Really nice idea! Was quite some challenge, though I think I might have skipped a level by accident :(

And is it intentionally designed that you can dash out of the camp fire to keep your dash AND move?

Thank you very very much for your kind words! I am very glad that you enjoyed your experience with our very first (jam) game :D

Happy Birthday, Curiosity!

Very nice idea and very neatly implemented!

Thank you very much for your kind words and the feedback! :D I am glad you appreciate our commitment to the Morse!

We are aware of the slightly clunky controls and level design and plan on improving and enhancing the movement pool! :)

Very lovely and adorable art, the idea is quite nice!! The controls felt a bit clunky at first, but you get used to it :)

Some hitboxes seem to be a bit broken (like some pipes and trees) and you can easily get out of bounds and just walk around outside the forest/villages ;( 

But besides that, a really lovely game!!

Really nice idea, was quite a difficult game! I would only wish for some time indication

It feels so minimalist, but I really adore it. At first I was actually quite confused about the interaction, but I quickly realised and was open for surprises :D

But I also wish for more interactions and a bit more information on how certain interactions work