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Were you rescuing people?

In any case, you can flip the fire bar to easy in  the main menu, that could help! I know it's a hard game, so don't take it wrong, hahahah

I think I might be tuning the levels too tightly so someone who would know the game too well would have fun (i.e. me), but this isn't good for someone starting out

I will find a way to lower the difficulty a bit to have a "normal" difficulty later though this will probably come in later on, when all levels are done! (hard to do otherwise)

I need to find a more intuitive way to show this, noting it for later!

I didn't tutorialize this properly! They can be put away with the right click, after a bit, though I know it feels a bit non logical.

(the idea is to always give you the choice of taking some time to stop the burnt walls from starting the fire again, or continue into the building to save people, while also making the fire more spread out and give it chance to start again)

It is! But your necromancer probably looked a bit skeletonized on the results screen, hahahaha

im fine!!! just had to move to another city and as always tired with work, hahaha

Fixed!!! It was a coding error! Thanks a lot for reporting!!!

Nice! love the buffed viking and the succubi aimed at the knight!

Awh, thank you so much!!!

I think having all lanes move at the same time would be too game changing, but I do severely want to add X2 speed. It's just that the game is so badly coded, oops. 

One day for sure, though, as I want this to be big enough to publish it on Steam!

Hmm, I'm starting to think of nerfing him indirectly, maybe with a new enemy unit to spawn alongside him, so he is not that prevalent? hmmm

Awh, thank you so much!

It's not a trojan virus, it's just that i develop with an ancient version of Gamemaker. It's a false positive! It probably happened too with a previous version.

It's a false positive with "executable builds" (so, like, when you download the game and it's just an .exe instead of a folder with a  bunch of files, i prefer this option as it's a small game and less hassle for people who download it)

If in doubt though, i respect if you don't download it! The htm5 version is the same, so you can play here! (:

me mató :(


"minor code stuff" mis bolas

One day! I got some stuff planned, but I need a looooot of work done in the code of the game before i can add anything (the code is a bit... bad, oops)

it's a miracle it works lol

Woohoo let's go

It's supposed to work that way! Their description says that they can't have their life buffed (I think it was the life rather than the attack)

However, lots of people are reporting it as  a bug, so I am thinking on reworking it some day!

Hah, this is a really fun idea, and i love the art. Those skeletons are so charming, hahahaha

Cool stuff, guys!


I'm Stopsignal. I'm making an small firefighter game!

It's a light firefighting simulator with platformer elements! I also plan to make it story and character focused, so it will eventually have some story levels too.

I had worked hardcore on this game last year, but a lot of Life happened, and now i finally got back on track again. Something about making an small cute game based around characters and saving people is something i kind of need right now, considering the world kind of sucks. It's a litte bit of an escape from my other, edgier games in development.

It's still being developed, so please comment on what you think! Please read the info on the game's page, too, since there is still no tutorial!

>> <<

Hola Ariel!!! Hi!

This is all incredibly valuable feedbck, thank you so much!!!

Don't beat yourself over having difficulties with the game, as it badly needs tutorials, and a slower introduction to the mechanics. It's the next thing i'll try to have done!

That cat level is missing a tooltip that should tell you how to use the super jump. Oops.

Now the levels are presented in order, with some options to ease the first pains, hahahah

Gracias por probr che!!!

Try alt enter! won't look the prettiest, but it works!!

(1 edit)

You might need to update your direct3d shaders! Here!

have you tried shooting diagonally? i saw videos of people struggling against him because of that!

also, i love "the special effect of not being able to be buffed". It's like having the special effect of sucking. same.

Intended! They have the special effect of not being able to have their life buffed. I'ts not very clear in game, i'm afraid- unless you read their description. But because they were changed so drastically from before, i'm sure it will throw lots of people off!

It does! i made it with that in mind, though its not the best experience. Some day I'll adapt it to mobile, maybe!

thats amazing how did you even do that

that was cute!

sadly could't use the shield mechanic at all since the shooting dinos never got the chance to shoot at all, maybe make them shoot faster?

Maybe a dino that shoots when you kill it, so you gotta time it?

Anyways, charming as heck!

Yeah, it was kind of like that, hah! I don't know yet if the update from a few days ago helped much with that (basically, after the more or less the intended turn where you should get to the king, the game scales the king's stats more dramatically than before, and the king stats early were nerfed, just a tad)

With the right synergies you can always win though. I kind of don't want the scaling to be too dramatic so players can also build themselves slowly and get to really lategame stuff, which can be fun! But maybe the king's scaling could be buffed even more, just a bit?

After struggling to live with no job, a girl becomes a necromancer and tries to overthrow the King.


A mixture of auto battler and strategy game, this is a project that i started for last year's halloween! Damn, i think i am not good at setting deadlines for myself!

Posting REALLY LATE because i'm a dumb dumb. But anyways, maybe someone here likes it!!!

I mean, it makes sense, right? At that point the necromancer could just revive herself! hahaha
Glad you could beat it!!!! Quite a lot of units and low number of level threes, that must have been a bloodbath!!

Awhh, thank you so much Dablue!!!

I'll was checking your game out too, but couldn't get the time to give it an honest try. When i get off work i'll check it out!


Long time no see!!!

Awh, thanks man!! Glad you enjoyed it! Took a long time to design this one, hahhaah, but seems it paid off, as that was exactly what it wanted!

Glad you stopped by!!

Awhhh, thank you so much!!! Glad we could make it through the confinement B)

Man, thanks a lot for the kind words!!!! Stuff like this makes it all worth it :)

The game's filled with bugs, sadly- it was quite rushed because of the game jam. Also, i don't have the computer i made it in right now! I broke it. So waiting for it to be fixed!

However, i AM working on a new project! ;)

Yes! Hahaha
It's a fun style to do!
Thanks!!! (:

Awh, thank you!! (:

Sadly, yes!
I couldn't find a way to ask the browser if there was a savefile there or not - something that, honestly, you surely are able to, but i just couldn't.
So when you load a file that has literally nothing, that happens! Should probably add it to Probable Problems

Nevermind, false alarm. Seems somewhere along the line i had installed a "force right click when the page does not let you" addon to chrome. oooooops
Sorry about that! It was a long day, man, hahahahah

Hi Stepford! Doing cool stuff as always!! B)

Been following this one for a while, hahahah

Gotta tell you that whenever i right click, the right click menu pops up! It then wont read the next click, because you are not in the game. This is on Chrome, btw. Just warning you!