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Yes! Hahaha
It's a fun style to do!
Thanks!!! (:

Awh, thank you!! (:

Sadly, yes!
I couldn't find a way to ask the browser if there was a savefile there or not - something that, honestly, you surely are able to, but i just couldn't.
So when you load a file that has literally nothing, that happens! Should probably add it to Probable Problems

Nevermind, false alarm. Seems somewhere along the line i had installed a "force right click when the page does not let you" addon to chrome. oooooops
Sorry about that! It was a long day, man, hahahahah

Hi Stepford! Doing cool stuff as always!! B)

Been following this one for a while, hahahah

Gotta tell you that whenever i right click, the right click menu pops up! It then wont read the next click, because you are not in the game. This is on Chrome, btw. Just warning you!

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This is AWESOME! Sad about the bugs, but it's understandable, it's a one week game!

Wish you guys fix stuff!

Some stuff i'll comment on: 

-Where stuff is pushed after an explosion is kind of weird, a bit unpredictable in a way. Maybe it's because of the hexagons.

-I'd say that moved enemies should always be stunned, as having an enemy pushed towards you and you not being able to do anything but watch until it wacks you is kind of frustrating.

-Trappers should leave red "danger" ground when they are about to kick the traps towards you!

-Maybe let the player dash through traps and dynamite?

That's it! It's a fantastic game. Hope it comes to android!

You are really kind, escpecially after all those problems! Damn, i have never heard of those technical problems! Could you please tell me in what version of windows you played it? (i fear that my old ass Gamemaker version might be slowly becoming too outdated)
The camera thing might have been because the game grounds you in place while shooting! Not many people were fond of this, i certainly learned my lesson there, hahahahaha

Being from uruguay i can understand a little bit, hahaha
Thanks a lot for playing!!! Glad he could try it out! He got far!

Question: did you shoot diagonally? Cause i found out that's not well explained by the game!

check the movie The Road for basically this, with cannibalism!

Thanks, Snoayy!! That's a nice compliment <3

Damn, you've been playing that much, wow o:

Congrats dude!!! Or sorry, i don't know (? hahahahahah

Glad you liked it, happy holidays!!! <3

Awh, thanks, guys!!! I checked you guy's stuff on twitter and loved what i saw, when i get more free time i'll check stuff out! :)

KOBOLD SIEGE released!!!

It's a short run'n'gun metroidvania with a unique style!

With her family kidnapped and eggs stolen, a kobold decides to take on a whole castle, by herself, with only a gun.

I'm really really proud of this one, it's got months of work. I hope it paid off :)

Hope y'all like it!



Awh, thank you so much, buddy! C:


Glad that you could make it! It's hard, but doable. Congratulations!!!

The fact that you remembered to reply is really kind of you, hahahaha, i had thought you maybe couldn't do it. Luckily that wasn't the case!

This makes me really happy. Keep that up, bud! Cheers!! :)

Now time to relax, for a little bit!

me deja re feliz que le sigas metiendo, lo voy a probar devuelta o:

Thank you!! It's become a faster, more dangerous game as a result, which kind of fits it's coffeebreak gameplay, though fits less the "long deadly hike" thing, welp. 

I'm debating to make the hunger cost of going to hunts double instead of just one (right now you can hunt 10 times with the full bar, then it slowly drains health instead)

It might be too forgiving

I'll probably change it and test! 

Gamemaker 1.4! The ol' reliable

I'd recommend it to anyone willing to start gamemaking! If you can watch Tom Francis's tutorials, even better

Hah! if you want to go through peacefully you'll need to make an opening or a distraction, as it's quite impossible to got through undetected. It's easy to kill everyone when you've got a feel of how they look for you, but it's still really high stakes!

(1 edit)

Thank you so much!!!! :)

i hope it's not Windows fighting me again.  Hmmm,  Using windows, right? My fear that using the older gamemaker builds might be getting slowly worse is true, hahahah

That's brilliant, actually. Cool way to show the progress before death! Maybe even with something that shows your furthest point, hmm

Saving it for when i do the sequel!

Awh man, i thought i had already replied!

Not for now! I should probably make one for the games one day, but for now it's only this!

It'll probably won't be updated much: i want to re-do this game from scratch one day, actually. Not for now, though, many things to do before that!

Thank you so much!!! And indeed!

I'd generally never would dabble into so much RNG (though my newer game has a lot, but not this bad) but the theme required it, and to be honest, without it the idea wouldn't have been so poignant. It helped a lot. Who would have known!

Thank you. Best of luck to you too, Ser Evergreen!

Hah! I thought i had fixed that. Live and learn! 

Thank you so much for the nice comments, shareazu! <3

It was, and is, such an important game for me, and comments from people just make it even more important. <3

Might be a bug, oops. Or maybe she's moonwalking!

Hah! That was extremely lucky for you, but it's a really nice story on its own o:

I hope it helps you! It had when i made the game, but lately it came back. Oops. But i do have hope for you! Keep it strong! <3

I wish i could know more about that, but i got no psychology friends, sadly (would be cool, though)

I mean, i really do hope it does, however! At the same time, it's such a downer of a game, i'm sure some things would need to be changed to be uplifting. Man, even winning sucks, hahahaha. Which reflects this kind of situations in real life, but still!

It is balanced so you always have to get to an almost breakdown point to be able to win! This is by design- the story tells itself, doesn't it? Hahahahaha

Pal, keep it going! And take care of yourself. After playing things like this, real life looks more manageable somehow, hahahah. Hope it helps you, some way. Good luck with the work and homework pile! If you survive be sure to tell here, i'm sure it would lift the spirits of other people in the same problem!

Good luck! <3

Hm, in any case, try downloading it! o:

Awh, thanks! <3

I definitely plan on making a bigger version someday.

If you beat it, be sure to show us!!

i'd better make it not autoplay, it's indeed a problem, hahahah

thanks for pointing it out!!!

it's there! i gues it's hard to see because the loading background is the same colour as the page background, oops

By walking to the right or to the left! Go towards the blue light. Some hunts don't have a blue light on the left, and you need to pass through to survive.

Yeah, it's an issue I've always had with all my games, I guess windows doesn't like Gamemaker 1.4? If you feel weird about opening it there is always the HTML5 version, but don't worry, I can barely code a game in gamemaker, there is no virus risk with my games, hahahahah

Thank you! <3

TRAIL OF PIGS released!

A brutal pig hunt, for Ludum Dare 48.


This game is about caring for someone on a world that doesn't care. Stealth around, steal, avoid making noise, or kill them all.



Hope you like it!! I'm really happy with it <3


Hah! that's awesome!!! Also, i'm sorry for this (? hahahahah

It makes me happy that you played it through, thank you so much!!

(1 edit)

Hello! you gotta wait for her to stand up and blink!

Then you can press space and tell her where to go. Only click once!

It was the most intuitive (read: not at all) thing i could come up with those two days, hahahaha

edit: i'm too tired i didn't see the problem with the picture. Thats... strange. I'll check it out!

Thank you so much!! (:

Hey, thanks a bunch for playing!! I'm always happy to see videos :)

Sorry for the difficulty spike there, hahahah, i ended up doing some things to make all of that last part easier, but mostly only that, so it's fine. Again, thank you! And thanks for playing so many indie games, you are a cool person <3