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Just did! I'll leave a review later, too busy with the holidays and work! Thanks for telling me!

also, happy holidays! :D

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First of all, thanks a lot for playing it, really! It seriously needs more stuff and polish, but the basics are there.

-for the first button in the game, because it was placed some distance away from the door, it  was not immediately obvious that it would stay pressed, I assumed it would unpress  and died for it, you might consider just putting the button closer to the door.

You know, that is actually a really really good idea. The player throws the box, the box hits the button, the door opens, the box just rolls away  through the open door and the player realizes the buttons are only pressed once. It's good!

-I exited and changed the controls so that W ...

That's good! Personally i have a better time using AD and spacebar, which really shows in both games different designs, hahahah. Might need to add a menu to change stuffs easily when it's done, or at least keyboard presets.

-I beat it! missed 6 coins somehow. found 2 secret rooms. I presume the :( means you aren't mad, just disappointed

i'm happy people play it to be honest, hahaha. That one secret is quite a nasty one, i'd probably make it a little bit more easily found. Just a tiny bit, so it still feels secret.

-If I were making this, I would focus on interesting level design that involves trick shots more than swarms of enemies, and spikes. If you do want more enemies, then try slowing the game down, a little, it will make the combination of one hit KO, spikes everywhere, and enemies to avoid easier to manage in the beginning.

That's a good idea, People really didn't like the enemies, and myself i got to say they slow you down way too much, specially with double speed. They are better when they are kind of a puzzle, like the ones where if you bounce them wrongly they end up in spikes.


i really really need to fix all of this before even continue making the level.

-there is a pixel wide gap you can see through at the bottom of the panels that cover the hidden entrances and exits

Luckily that is a really really easy fix, i actually knew about it but ran out of time and just made the build, dang

-i managed to get stuck in a wall, could be a fluke, could not repeat it
It happens, Unity sheananigans. Problems in the way the game generates the colliders. It's weird, as it does not let me fix it manually: the character bugs out with the new colliders and doesn't give back your jumps.

-sometimes when i fall on spikes, two sets of NOOOOO! will appear (indicating that my pizza is screaming i guess? ;) )

-you can get two failure sounds if you die and then your pizzas or vice versa.

its  a l i v e. Ok, actually that's because of my spaghetti coding when making the instances of the box and the character. I will probably overhaul the whole death system, or at least put a lot of tape on it, i really need to. It's easily replicable if you die  from the spikes on the last vertical moving platform. The body is still there, invisible, yelling, while the decoration body that falls down also appears.

-it's possible to leave the fire hazard at the last possible moment, your pizzas will catch on fire but the game will keep going without resetting

oh that's bad, i absolutely thought i had fixed that. Noted.

-The list of controls when configuring the game contains duplicate entries for certain commands, not sure why.

I haven't touched that one at all, though i think i tried to do a two player version  very early in development. To explain, this was a work for class that i intent to continue, at least just a bit, and then release for free. So it mutated a lot from the very beggining. I really need to clean up all those things. I don't even think that starting unity box will be there at the end, though we'll see!

-I could not figure out how to get a controller working right, I couldn't seem to map anything but the mouse to aiming, and i couldn't trigger the fire action with the controller either.

I don't have a controller, so i can't really try it, though it must be simply because it's hardcoded to those. It does not even check for a "Fire" action, it just checks for the mouse button outright. I hadn't thought of playing it with a controller! I need to get on that. I wish it was as easy as in Gamemaker, because in unity stuff like that is kinda weird, at least coming from GM.

Thanks a lot for playing!!! I'll probably won't work on it for a while (i somehow landed a first job as a pixel artist and though it's kinda awesome, it eats up my time like no other) but i have a file with stuff i need to work on for it. This is all going there! Thanks again, man!!

Also, just for my own ego: it was actually way harder, with more spikes and missing the last checkpoint, and with the boss having more life and stuff. But juuust in case (class project, after all) decided it was better to smooth all of those things over, hahahaha  >:)


First i'll answer your things!

-I was hoping I wouldn't need to fix that dashing hit box problem. but sounds like I need to.

I'm really sorry for that, because i know how tricky it can be to have varying hitboxes. My suggestion would be to have a different hitbox only for detecting blue walls, and leave the normal one for white walls (as they'd just give you back your dashes anyways)

-I'm very unsure about how i'm going to add indicators for jumps you have left that don't look horrible, any suggestions?

I would probably avoid them completely (they'd take away from the atmosphere): i'd just make an small subtle effect when you *get back* your dashes rather than when you use them. So you would know if you touched that wall or not, in those cases where the hitbox maaaay have touched them!

-Why another zoom level? right now the zoom out lets you see as far as you can jump horizontally and vertically.

I'd say just to be comfortable in those edge cases, as they can happen. (supposed to go down in that part, however the stakes of the fall make it really uncomfortable)

-did you find ANY shortcuts? because if you didn't, then i can see how things would have gotten way to frustrating at the end. Doing the caves over and over would not be very fun.

Found a few! Biggest one was from the lonly heart to the part i struggled with. Then there was also one from the "forward jump" part i talked about, by jumping under a big platform to the left instead of entering the caves on the right. There might be more, but i can't remember. Saw a few cheeky ones in those last parts, but they were too risky for me.

-have you explored much? (ie. found the mysterious hatted kew statues? or the Noe A. Tablets?)

Found them indeed! Most, at least. Most on shortcuts, I skipped the king in the last screenshot because i didn't know it would still let me continue.

-how long did you play?

The really tired me at 4Am played for about 2 hours, and now i came back and after a few podcasts i finished it in 50 minutes, starting from the lonly heart.

That last part is killer indeed, that i can say. Discovering the Lonly heart shotcut made everything quite easier. I had gone down there up to the king when i was just exploring, but i didn't realize that it connected downwards. Maybe with zoom out i would have seen it, can't remember!

This is my proof. Also, you should probably center the texts from the interactables. Like, the ones that appear on the world, not the textbox ones. Nitpick!

Spoilers, in any case.

Is there something supposed to happen at the end? I walked up to the big golden statue and i just went through it, and then to the border, and then it closed. It was kinda cool, but the statue makes me feel i missed an interaction.

Also, fun thing;  I was listening to a video podcast and when the game closed this popped up in my face and for a second i really thought you had put a scary face at the end, hahahahahah

Hope it all helps!! I really enjoyed finishing this game, man. Hard as nails games like this always leave you with that sensation at the end. Ahh, nice. I need a beer.

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Well i wanna scream into a pillow because i had an essay written here and refreshed the page because it's 4:am and i'm not thinking well, oops.

ALRIGHT. Let's do this again, but more concise.

Gotta say, it's got a cool atmosphere, nice sounds, an awesome menu, it's all cleaned up. Can totally see you put a lot of shine on this, and i love that! The tutorial got me up to speed quite nicely and i was soon playing again like i was before.

Artistically it looks fantastic and the decorations with the walls are perfect. It feels way sleeker, the text boxes tinier, the inputs customizable and everything polished. Particles, jump effects, it's great!

Hooooowever i couldn't finish it. It kinda beat me, hahahaha. It got hard. Well, not actually. It's complicated. The thing is that the difficulty curve not only gets hard really soon, but it stays hard. It doesn't get harder nor it gets easier at all. I don't feel like i am getting past a challenge to go to a greater one, it's mostly all hard challenges all the time, and this coupled with the punishing falls (which got a bit more punishing now, more on this later) gets really stressing.

Now, stress can be good (it's supposed to be hard!) but i do remember not having this much trouble with the other version. I must guess that you got way better with the game and therefore are able to make more challenges and don't fall that much, and so don't get to see just how long certain sections can go where you can fall all the way down to the same spot. The one spot that killed me was this one:

I could get past it! I did, many times. However the part after that, that was relatively easy, i still got stuck in a blue wall and fell, and oh god then it was just a struggle to go all the way around just for the chance to even see if i could get past the screenshot part.

I think part of it is the new blue walls. They work perfectly compared to the old ones, and that's good, however sometimes you don't seem to touch them but the hitbox disagrees. Specially when dashing. That coupled witht he fact that it absolutely stops you on touch makes it feel really weird. Also, you can't seem to move at all if you are falling through them, and that leads to trying in vain to escape, wasting dashes to save your life that could have been used to, uh, save your life. (suggestion: make the player unable to dash while touching these walls, and make them tinted or something to show that they can't dash). 

Also there are some decorative blue walls that can absolutely screw you over. I particularly remember a vertical climb part that was white columns between protruding clumps of blue wall that was there as an obstacle, but would have small parts of them out to decorate and i seemed to always get stuck on those, which wouldn't be bad if it wasn't *just* a few pixels off from falling safely. However, absolutely love the decorations between white walls and blue walls, they look fantastic.

However it's mostly the falls. I feel like it's gotten way more vertical than before, and therefore way more punishing. Also i can't seem to somehow save myself from falling all the way as much as i could before, the platforms seem tinier, more apart. More vertical.

I still really like it! Doesn't seem like it probably from all the complaining but i'm here as a playtester, hahahaha However, it got wayyyy too punishing way too fast. I still like the story snippets that build atmosphere and have little jokes, i'll probably go at it again when you release it, so i get to see them all!


Another outward zoom level. Just to be comfortable.

Make a sign here ( that reminds the player that they can still jump diagonally after dashing forward. I totally forgot about that (i'd just press "up" instead of "forward+up" because of training with regular platformers that would use the momentum of the dash) Sounds like i'd die of starvation there. Dangit.

Probably a particle or something to tell the player they got their jumps back. Sometimes you can't really tell!

The blue wall anti dash thing.

Probs more safety from fall measures, specially earlier on. Also probably more horizontal parts that aren't caves, to fall but not really lose that much progress, or be able to get to a platform instead of falling all the way.

Try to make the earlier parts a bit easier, not because it's too hard (i mean, it is, but it is kinda the point) but to make the player feel like they are getting better and getting to earn the hard parts, as now it's just hard all the time. Doable, but hard, and every time more punishing.

Also, did you end up adding the downwards dash or was it there before? I suggested you to add it, but asking my friend he says it was there before, and i can't really remember! I played with my friend again, he also stopped, though he got a little further.

I forgot a few things with erasing the whole post. Dangit. Still, hyped to see what you do with The Lonly Wall! It's prettu good as it is, but it totally beat me, hahahaha

Gotta say, it makes me really happy that you came back to this, as i had gotten the feeling you wouldn't. It's great to see the game develop slowly but surely. This is some good stuff, man.

btw i am doing a really really short platformer, if you wanna check it out:

i actually uploaded what i have already just for you to check it out, so feel free to feel obligated (? 

just kidding, of course, hahahah

Also, i really need to make fanart of this o:

I think you need to read the magazine at the party place! where the whiskey is

This was interesting!

The art is nice. I wish they were animated and maybe that the art represented the hitboxes of the enemies and your own a little better, but overall it's good.

The background is simple too, and would have liked it to be more varied and interesting, however it has a very important function, as it serves as a way to make progression more obvious and interesting, and that's awesome. I kept going on to see where i would go next.

Really needed to make those pixels crispy, as blurry pixelart is weird to see. Still works though!

In my first run i didn't use the dash mechanic, i just kept going on with things piling on my screen and thought the game was okay, though a bit unforgiving. Then i discovered the dashes!

They work in a weird way. I thought they may be used to evade the enemies, but though it can work to do that (you do go through the first enemy you touch) it actually gives you an speed boost, which clears the screen of most enemies and overall feels actually great! and a bit addicting, specially because how fast you progress while doing it.

I only disliked that while you are dashing (and already passed through the first enemy) if you hit a second one you lose, and you can't really avoid it. After a little bit you can move while dashing, but not for the first seconds.

Also, the dashing animation feels great. It really does! I love the squash and stretch the little soul goes through. Would have like it to become a bit thinner while stretching and a bit wider while squashing, to make it even more bouncy. Still, great! specially with all the camera sheananigans.

Keep it up! I kind of ragequit after some wonky hitboxes with a demon, but it's still great! hehe

Haha, that imp! I love him, he has been modded into doom, has been part of a bunch of comics of mine, and it's one of my favorite characters. I love him, hehe. Glad to see other imps like him as well!

Glad it made you feel something! That's awesome, then i did what i wanted, heheh

Though i do feel i should have given an bit more info on those frustratingly not straight forward answers, oops

I did want it to make it a "only one chance to do this" kind of thing, but you can try it a bunch of times if you download it or try it on incognito. Well, if you want to see the other ways it can go, who am i to tell you not to! hahaha

Really glad you liked it! <3

Thanks a lot!!! I'm considering it, though i feel i should continue another project i have first, hahahah

The concept indeed is really fun to think about. I'd love to add some characters that would try to lie to you, and some other things like that. Make it more straightforward and more detectiv-y

Thanks for playing, pal!!

I actually really liked this! Quite a lot!

Can't really comment on the art as it's mostly dev art! (you could have textured those pillars tho) (joke joke heheh)

I really like tutorials that don't interrupt you at all. Also i don't think i was confused with the first mummy part, i thought it was a fantastic way to show it, as it surprises you. However, i can see how people can take it that way!

I don't know if it's the "i played escape the room games for too much time" part of me talking but i love cryptic puzzles with hidden messages and solutions. I would have just hoped there was a downside to using the true sight at all, other than being chased and stuff of course. Probably would have obscured most of the vision when you use it and only bright up the hidden stuff, making you have to toggle to actually see or something. Would have screwed up the chase part i guess, which i quite enjoyed. Really gave me the jeebies when you are about to get crushed and ambushed at all sides. Liked that!

Overall, great idea! Would like a way more polished execution with an actual artsyle, to not make it look so drab. Also, the walking is really really weird. I was really uncomfortable with it. To make it have the stepping animation it sometimes locks you into walking even though you already let go of the key!

Great stuff!

An interesting one!

I really like the sound on this one, the different songs depending on wether you are with the ghost or the person. Also the artstyle is nice, though i feel the ghost and the yellow big boxes are a bit too cartoony and clash with everything else, but not that much of a problem. Nice animations overall on everything!

I think the idea is nice and you can do quite a bunch of nice things with it (specially if you were made to hurry in some kind of way, as having to fumble with both characters seems kinda fun). Having to click with the ghost is bothersome, as you have a hand on the arrow keys and one on the spacebar, though this could be aided by using WASD. I'd however just assign another key for it to make it easy to control with just one hand.

Yeah, seems people already told you about the WASD problem so i'll skip it. A few other problems though-

-the white text is hard to read against the white background

-in one run a box glitched and didn't respawn, and i think the level looped

-in another i outright could not summon the ghost again, though i think i tried to carry a box to the next level and it dissapeared aong with it.

Hey, finally got around to playing your game, folks!

I'm not a visual story kinda guy, just saying! So i don't really know tropes of the genre.

First off, the music and the art were great! The menu and UI are pretty good, i don't know if it's a premade engine or something you made yourself, anyways it's just overall good presentation.

As for the story, i wasn't very engaged by it, but to be honest romance stuff is not my thing to begin with! The choices felt a bit arbitrary as they mostly consisted of "say X or say X in a harsher, objecting way" though you'd eventually end up doing X anyways. Though i do believe the interactivity element was well  used when signing off the letter when the different background came up! i think that was a good touch. Also i am a fan of big choices that leave an open ending, so that was cool too!

Overall, not my thing, but quite nice. Keep it up folks!

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Thanks a lot for trying it!!! I really think the concept's got a lot of potential if you make the end option a bit more objective and bring in more people to judge, and i'll probably end up doing it one day. For now it's just this experiment!

Had to cut back to just one story for the jam, and the idea of a case where if you feel good or not of your final choice entirely depends on your morals was interesting to me: some people wouldn't be okay with sending her to purgatory, for example, as they play by the rules! Others sent her to the lower circles, and yet the true circle for people who commit suicide is the 7th, which has quite a bad eternal punishment, so some people would feel bad about doing that. I find that fascinating, hahahah

To make that idea happen i had to write quite an edgy story indeed: i'm not a good writer and usually am really self concious about when something's being dark just to be dark, however i had no choice if i wanted to make it seem tragic to make the multiple options appealing. A better writer would surely knock it out the park, i just had to rely on tropes, hahahah, but well, that's me putting excuses here.

Thanks a lot!!! I think if i were to expand i'd need to give way more information on each question and maybe avoid making people have to ask something twice, which is quite frustrating. This kind of writeups help me a lot to make a better idea of the design!

Gonna try your game too when i come back from class today!

Me too would like that! I had to cut down on everything hard because i really didn't have much free time, sadly.

It's more of an experiment, hahahah

the thing is, do you really feel like you did the right thing? I think that's the more interesting part! After all, some people would go by the rules, others by their own internal justice and fairness, and who knows where that can lead. It's all too personal to have an objective win, at least this case. I do think it's a concept worth expanding and making it more of a hell-themed papers-please, maybe, with the same 6 questions mechanic but maybe with less ambiguity on the final decision.

Thanks for playing! Gonna play yours tomorrow!

Hey, thanks a lot for playing!!

The idea of the game developed quite a bunch as i was making it, as it was more of a papers-pleasy-thingamajig kind of thing. However, as i had no time i decided to cut on the stories i wanted you to be able to choose and just make a big one story. And the idea that got most of my attention was this: what if you can really never know if you did good or not?

 You literally can't, however: on one side, it's your duty to send people to their right circle (in this case, it would be the 7th one, as it's the one for people who commit acts of violence (in this case against herself) but then again, some people wouldn't find that fair at all for the poor girl.

I know a friend who told me "as a loophole i sent her to the first circle" and i find that fascinating. As for myself i send her to heaven. So i think as an experiment it succeeds. If i were to expand it i'd totally need to make more objective win states though, that's for sure!

Thanks for playing, and taking the time to review! It's really sweet of you! I'll play your game tomorrow, as it's three AM and i am dying, hahahaha

Gotta say, i love your artstyle, man. The personal touch can be seen from the way the character moves to the writing to how everything looks and sounds. I love it!

It's great. I love bite sized weird experiences like this. It's really up my alley.

Well, i had to start making reviews sooner or later, and your game was the one that got my attention the fastest: gotta say, i love your artstyle, man. The personal touch can be seen from the way the character moves to the writing to how everything looks and sounds. I love it!

It's great. I love bite sized weird experiences like this. It's really up my alley.

Only thing i'd complain is the pink boxes around far away sprites, weird rendering thing there that kinda took me away from the experience. If you can give it the last touches of polish like fixing that and maybe making the dialogues that tell you where the objects are a bit more natural (the things that take you away from the experience) i'd love it even more, hahahah

it's great! also i'm gonna comment this same thing on the game page because it's good to have comments there, so excuse me!

Thanks a lot! I still have your game in my computer, gotta have something quick to quench the tower defense thirst, hahahah

Well, it is a really light game by itself! It was made in Gamemaker, and i tried to keep all my code tidy and pixelart small so i could work as fast as i could. I think the biggest part of the game must be the sounds, specially the song loop. I wish i could help you more with this, but i think it's just Gamemaker doing lightweight executables as long as you don't have hi res art. Always good, though!

Thanks a lot, Zatask! sorry for replying so dang late, life got in the way.

I'm still incredibly grateful for the video, it was funny and also awesome to look at it being played on youtube, hahahah

I really want to iterate on this concept some time. If i ever get time, i already got some ideas (most importantly, progression and upgrades) but gotta do quite a lot of stuff and i'd better do some small concepts before getting into it again.

Again, thanks!!!

Indeed! Thanks you all!

come and take a visit on Discord, we're all chatting here, hehe


It's totally the tower's personality even, hahah

Can i put it in the page? 

Awhh, don't have a twitter, but i'll stalk ya on Deviantart, haha

Keep it up!

Hey! Though i haven't played the game yet, i really do love your art! Any place where i can see more of it? o:

Check out the game called Only One Shot, it's quite a different take and it's hilarious, hehe, I personally recommend it

oh god yes

please! if you are not overwhelmed!

Oh god i can't believe how much fun this was HAHAHAH

You REALLY need to continue this. Oh i beg you. Hearing those goddamn monologues and that bullet's voice and the whole tone of the game was just fantastic. Don't change anything, just, MORE. AHH.

I am serious, polish up the aestethic (it's a bit on purpose but i know you can make the whole thing look really nice if you try), keep up the ridiculous writing, make some more different challenges, maybe some levels where you can move even more than normal, or always go fast, or something, and you got a hit here. Oh god the monologues made my night. This was hilarious. Such a nice way to go to sleep.

Oh, oh! The menu and the instructions where out of bounds for me, they'd just go out of the screen. Playing on 1366x728. 

Keep it up. I need more.

Looks like i'm a right whiz at math! Hehe

Actually i just got really lucky, but don't tell anyone.

Got me a second to actually understand what was going on, but when i got it it was on. The premise is quite simple- make the tally get only a one, by any means necessary. And those means are m a t h s.

Dog gammit i suck at maths, apparently. The music and the timer do have quite an effect on you, though, and the whole thing feels actually quite tense, and that makes you fail a lot, which can get really funny. Maybe i'm just sleepy, though it probably was the music.

You can get really screwed by RNG, i tell you that! Specially with multiple "*"s.

One thing i'd add is to make numbers you don't use stay in the bar. It would add a little bit of strategy (saving those -1s and 1s, forcing you to lose points and moves to have to get rid of numbers that you don't want, etc!)  and maybe let you see the next addition, therefore having to plan ahead your moves. Though maybe you actually wanted to make it like this and that's ok, as it is certainly tougher!

Quite tense math fun. Pretty good!

Well this is quite interesting!

At first i started with what i think was a really really good roll (18/16/20 -i took a screenshot before the game started-, and a weapon with huge reach that made a whole spin) and had quite the fun destroying the mobs. The acceleration it had was ridiculous but still playable somehow, hahahah

Gotta say, those mobs must be rolled too right? Fought quite a bunch of zombies of varying health and speed. Specially speed: something i hope to never see in real life is to dare the sight of a skeleton going 130km/h towards me and then dissapearing completely in the distance, so fast even the ack ack of the skeleton must be heard with the doppler effect. That was weird!

Then i got my second run!

Well that was way more sober, hahahah. Those swords got a real bad reach, but i'm not sure if it is because i got a bad roll or it's just that way!

Lost with quite a bunch trying to find the blue potion. Everything was too fast for the poor guy, hehe. I kinda suck at the game.

This is a really interesting concept! Just one roll, then accept who you are. Pretty awesome idea. Keep it up!

Thanks so much, man!!

 The king absolutely needs to be burned in order to get killed, and you WILL have to tank some artillery shots. I don't know it's the best design, but it does make you feel a little bit more desperate, haha

Reading reviews like this makes one really happy, glad you enjoyed it! It is absolutely not original at all, hehehe, but i tried to take my best shot at it.

Finally played your game! Sorry it took me so long. Life got in the way. It really got me thinking about control schemes, i really want to do something with an alternate control scheme and what special design i can take away from it. Thanks for that!

(1 edit)

Oh god seeing that crystal with a john wick face is actually hilarious hahahahah

This is an interesting game design-wise because the control scheme is so uncommon. It's quite original, and because you don't have WASD to move around you really do need to learn a new skill basically, kill something as fast as possible, use the slowmo to calculate the roll and try to gain some space so you can aim with focus. It's really interesting!

The game really comes together when you get a combo with a gun, specially the SMG. The slowmo helps you shoot accurately and you get to feel like a super efficient killing machine, just like the dude himself, hahahah. I really think the game would benefit awesomely from more of this slowmo-combos like this.

I would add a different/alternate key for the roll, however.  It's just way too uncomfortable to press the middle mouse button for something so important!

Also, i don't know if it was intended, but you can leave it pressed down and john wick will fling himself full speed across the stage like an invulnerable ball of death.

One thing: Enemies with katanas have a really weird attack hitbox. Sometimes i'd swear they killed me before the animation played, or that i was far away enough. It's kinda weird. Probably would need an animation before attacking to communicate the player they will slash!

Overall, this was quite interesting! An arena-shootemup game controlled with only the mouse. Huh!

Kinda! You still got some time, but it's kinda on purpose to make you teleport away. Teleporting is instantaneous, so it's not that bad!

Killing them is another thing. If you can get them on fire before they go away, you can easily dispatch them, otherwise it's gonna take a while.

Also the boss spawns them infinitely!

Thanks for playing my dude <3


This was so funny god dammit

when you turn a little bit more to the right that you had to and you are so close yet so far

5/5 best pizza

Oh man, this is certainly not my kind of game, hahahahha, I just get way too stressed.

That does not mean it's bad though! Not at all! For one, i love the art. It's just the perfectly bizarre thing that something like this needs. I wish i could have seen more custom art, more platforms and things like that!

I seriously LOVE how the horse is dynamically animated, how its whole skeleton moves with the balancing and the legs move with the unicycle. Seriously, stuff like that is delicious to see.

But yeah, not for me, hehe. It's a bit weird to advance, specially when you get to a bunch of mini pillars that you have to go over, and yeah, the fun is exactly that, but it's just too frustrating, haha

Overall, pretty good! Wish could have seen more art, backgrounds and platforms!

Awhh man, can't play this, being alone and all. I will leave a rating just to bump you, specially because you left such a thorough review!

The artstyle is really interesting, specially the yank animation (was it the yank one? it's like the one where it dissapears on itself) and how the water has that hand drawn aestethic. Wish i could play it with someone!!

Haha, that's such a nice way to catalogue it!

I usually play tall in tower defense games now that i think about it, so it's awesome to reflect on it! huh!

Thanks again for playing! I could just now play your game, apologies!

This is pretty good! God damn though, it's really stressing. However, the propulsion does feel really great and it's quite maneuverable. It does get quite hard quite fast, however!

Not my kind of game, certainly, but i can't say it doesn't feel good. I usually write really long reviews just to check out things i think someone should fix, but i think this game does do exactly what it need exactly right, it's just that if i play some more my hair will start to fall out, hahahah


Though maybe making the ship a bit smaller? It did feel a bit claustrophobic and the hitbox a bit too big. But it must have been by design, so it's ok!

Remember what i said on discord! Less respawn delay! Otherwise it's fantastic.

Although, sometimes i did fall into some holes that give you no time to jump again (which can be quite frustrating)

adding some coyote time would be perfect, IMO! just a few frames!

ill start playing games again in an hour when I finish watching a video! if you'd be so kind, I'll leave my game here

though I suck at morse code (?

also, let me recommend this guy's videos now that I talked about them

Hello!! first of all, thanks! I'll make sure to play and rate yours! I got a bit of a backlog but I'm slowly going through it, hehe

This is top notch! Seriously.

Even moving the platform feels delicious, and the puzzles are really well done.

Also, artistically it's fantastic! It's clear, you know all the rules fast and you get a fast reading of all the pieces in the puzzle.

God dangit though it's frustrating. Maybe too frustrating for me, i didn't last long. The platforming sometimes is just too tight, you need to be too good at it. You hitbox is too big, or the spike's is, and you need to jump in really small spaces too many times.

I wish i could continue it, and i generally do continue frustrating games, but this one beat me. Fantastic presentation, nice puzzles, but the platforming is not for me!

Hello! you played my game on stream so i had to play yours! Took me long, but i'm here

It is indeed one of the more original mechanics in the jam, hehe. In my personal opinion the mechanic comes to its full realization when you hook onto the ledges (like in most of the gifs). It is when it works the most smoothly and when it becomes the most fun! 

Jumping with it is quite awkward. Specially when the line starts to not align with the yoyo and something in the brain tells me "that's wrong" hehe. I would suggest making it so the line always goes to the yoyo itself (unless you were right clicling, there it'd be like normal i guess) and add a hand or some indicator to where you are pointing. That way it'd feel more natural! Though you'd have to try it to see.

Reminds me of Getting Over It, with the whole move yourself by pushing yourself. It's that but with jumping and moving too, and it does work!

Maybe make the yoyo even more strong, as it usually ends up bending to the side instead of staying in the line. That would make the display clear and make it feel right. Hm, possibilities!

Anyways, this was really fun, specially spidermanning around. Only got one coin tho, hehe.

Thanks for streaming my game before! I'm gonna make a new build with stuff that lots of people said, including you guys! You were neat! keep it up!