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Gamemaker 1.4! The ol' reliable

I'd recommend it to anyone willing to start gamemaking! If you can watch Tom Francis's tutorials, even better

Hah! if you want to go through peacefully you'll need to make an opening or a distraction, as it's quite impossible to got through undetected. It's easy to kill everyone when you've got a feel of how they look for you, but it's still really high stakes!

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Thank you so much!!!! :)

i hope it's not Windows fighting me again.  Hmmm,  Using windows, right? My fear that using the older gamemaker builds might be getting slowly worse is true, hahahah

That's brilliant, actually. Cool way to show the progress before death! Maybe even with something that shows your furthest point, hmm

Saving it for when i do the sequel!

Awh man, i thought i had already replied!

Not for now! I should probably make one for the games one day, but for now it's only this!

It'll probably won't be updated much: i want to re-do this game from scratch one day, actually. Not for now, though, many things to do before that!

Thank you so much!!! And indeed!

I'd generally never would dabble into so much RNG (though my newer game has a lot, but not this bad) but the theme required it, and to be honest, without it the idea wouldn't have been so poignant. It helped a lot. Who would have known!

Thank you. Best of luck to you too, Ser Evergreen!

Hah! I thought i had fixed that. Live and learn! 

Thank you so much for the nice comments, shareazu! <3

It was, and is, such an important game for me, and comments from people just make it even more important. <3

Might be a bug, oops. Or maybe she's moonwalking!

Hah! That was extremely lucky for you, but it's a really nice story on its own o:

I hope it helps you! It had when i made the game, but lately it came back. Oops. But i do have hope for you! Keep it strong! <3

I wish i could know more about that, but i got no psychology friends, sadly (would be cool, though)

I mean, i really do hope it does, however! At the same time, it's such a downer of a game, i'm sure some things would need to be changed to be uplifting. Man, even winning sucks, hahahaha. Which reflects this kind of situations in real life, but still!

It is balanced so you always have to get to an almost breakdown point to be able to win! This is by design- the story tells itself, doesn't it? Hahahahaha

Pal, keep it going! And take care of yourself. After playing things like this, real life looks more manageable somehow, hahahah. Hope it helps you, some way. Good luck with the work and homework pile! If you survive be sure to tell here, i'm sure it would lift the spirits of other people in the same problem!

Good luck! <3

Hm, in any case, try downloading it! o:

Awh, thanks! <3

I definitely plan on making a bigger version someday.

If you beat it, be sure to show us!!

i'd better make it not autoplay, it's indeed a problem, hahahah

thanks for pointing it out!!!

it's there! i gues it's hard to see because the loading background is the same colour as the page background, oops

By walking to the right or to the left! Go towards the blue light. Some hunts don't have a blue light on the left, and you need to pass through to survive.

Yeah, it's an issue I've always had with all my games, I guess windows doesn't like Gamemaker 1.4? If you feel weird about opening it there is always the HTML5 version, but don't worry, I can barely code a game in gamemaker, there is no virus risk with my games, hahahahah

Thank you! <3

TRAIL OF PIGS released!

A brutal pig hunt, for Ludum Dare 48.


This game is about caring for someone on a world that doesn't care. Stealth around, steal, avoid making noise, or kill them all.



Hope you like it!! I'm really happy with it <3


Hah! that's awesome!!! Also, i'm sorry for this (? hahahahah

It makes me happy that you played it through, thank you so much!!

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Hello! you gotta wait for her to stand up and blink!

Then you can press space and tell her where to go. Only click once!

It was the most intuitive (read: not at all) thing i could come up with those two days, hahahaha

edit: i'm too tired i didn't see the problem with the picture. Thats... strange. I'll check it out!

Thank you so much!! (:

Hey, thanks a bunch for playing!! I'm always happy to see videos :)

Sorry for the difficulty spike there, hahahah, i ended up doing some things to make all of that last part easier, but mostly only that, so it's fine. Again, thank you! And thanks for playing so many indie games, you are a cool person <3

thank you!! me too, i can say, hahahah

Ey, hello! thanks for playing!

it does give you an extra jump, which makes some parts really easy, specially the last task, when you gather all of the friends.

it's mostly there so people who explore more and have some complications passing those last parts on time have a chance, hahaha

to get to that last one you must jump towards the roof literally above the mummy!

Thank you!!! That's an issue with me doing the whole blood thing in a really weird way, hahaha. Mostly drawing big "kill" hitboxes and then giving them any shape (which then made it impossible to change hitboxes much with the little time)

Anyways, thanks a lot for playing!!! :)

Thank you so much!!! Glad you liked it! <3

Congrats on the great game, trickyfatcat!! Also on being on the frontpage! Found it on popular games!

Oh man i am so late to see this. Hahahah, thanks! It's an honor, hehe

Hello PatateNouille!! Hahah, thanks for trying it out! And thanks for the compliments!! <3

Yeah, hahaha, specially with stuff like the TV, which can be absolutely suck her in- it makes her sad and is addictive, and sadness leads to more addiction, so gotta be careful with that one!

Indeed, you can! I tried to hint at it in the main menu but i think i wasn't clear enough. I pushed my luck there, i think- but i was ridiculously tired when doing the explanations, hahahahah. Gotta note that for the final build- to explain that!

Man, i need to play you guy's games. In the weekend, i promise!

Hahahah, it was indeed on purpose! Had to straddle the line between making people break down and also being able to complete it. Because if the possiblity to complete it isn't there, it wouldn't be as frustrating, hahahaha

Thank you so much for your comment, ambrits!

You are so nice, thank you so much!!! :D

That's a really nice point to take away from it, really! Even if things seem impossible or like the world will drag you down, you can do great things if you don't give up.

I'm really happy at the comments of people who understand situations like this. I mean, it might be quite universal, but i'm pretty sure it has also been quite personal to all of us. So it's good to connect in this way, even if it is for some mere minutes.

Again, thank you so much for the comment! :)

Thank you so much, tricky! It's indeed true: the explanations are kind of lacking. Next build will surely have at least a little thing to better convey what you have to do, it is really important. Thanks for playing, pal! Need to get to play the server's games, if i only had more free time!


Let me first tell you that replies like this are what makes all of it worth it in the end! 

I've actually read this quite some time ago but i did not have time nor the energy to reply (ironic, huh? hahahah), but let me tell you you did make my day.

I'll take you saying that last part to mean you finished it, hahahaha

Lots of luck to you on the jam, good person!

Thanks! And that IS true, to be honest, works wonders to chill out.

The idea changed dramatically form it's original form because i ended up using it and adapting it for the jam- you had to balance your social life -or lack of one- with all of that, too. That one would have been fun hahahaha

Thank you so much!!

Hahahaha, that was fun. The idea of "trying to sneak up on people trying to buy stuff and oh god that mime got in my way again i swear if he does that one more time i'll swear i'll go and infect him" is pretty funny. It starts fairly easily, but do one error and the whole thing can scale pretty badly- nice simulation overall of the thing going on, to be honest. Got too real for a second there, hahaha

Thank you jordan! We've all been there, hahahahah

I even uploaded *easier* than it was supposed to be, as you should start at 12 instead of 0 hours!

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Oh this is my kind of stuff.

This is fantastic! Seriously! The amtosphere, the tone, the way the game puts you in this experiencie and the powerlessness you feel. You've really done something fantastic here.

The gripes -which are really small because i actually really liked this, seriously- are as follows.

The "send command" system is kind of weird, specially with the repeating commands, the "energy bar" and having missing commands too. It feels strange, because even if you are supposed to be out of control, seeing the engines go critical not being able to say anything is strange. Though it does add to the out-of-controlness so i'll not be too harsh with that, hahahah

Also the ending feels really abrupt. Specially with the music still going on, i stayed there for some seconds expecting something to happen.

Couldn't get to any other ending apart from dying, but man i did try, hahahaha.

Love small experiences like this. It actually surprised me completely considering your last project i tried (from the other gmtk) was all about mechanics and game feel- hah!

Hahahaha glad you could relate. It can get weirdly real at times.

Thanks for playing!! <3

Just did! I'll leave a review later, too busy with the holidays and work! Thanks for telling me!

also, happy holidays! :D

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First of all, thanks a lot for playing it, really! It seriously needs more stuff and polish, but the basics are there.

-for the first button in the game, because it was placed some distance away from the door, it  was not immediately obvious that it would stay pressed, I assumed it would unpress  and died for it, you might consider just putting the button closer to the door.

You know, that is actually a really really good idea. The player throws the box, the box hits the button, the door opens, the box just rolls away  through the open door and the player realizes the buttons are only pressed once. It's good!

-I exited and changed the controls so that W ...

That's good! Personally i have a better time using AD and spacebar, which really shows in both games different designs, hahahah. Might need to add a menu to change stuffs easily when it's done, or at least keyboard presets.

-I beat it! missed 6 coins somehow. found 2 secret rooms. I presume the :( means you aren't mad, just disappointed

i'm happy people play it to be honest, hahaha. That one secret is quite a nasty one, i'd probably make it a little bit more easily found. Just a tiny bit, so it still feels secret.

-If I were making this, I would focus on interesting level design that involves trick shots more than swarms of enemies, and spikes. If you do want more enemies, then try slowing the game down, a little, it will make the combination of one hit KO, spikes everywhere, and enemies to avoid easier to manage in the beginning.

That's a good idea, People really didn't like the enemies, and myself i got to say they slow you down way too much, specially with double speed. They are better when they are kind of a puzzle, like the ones where if you bounce them wrongly they end up in spikes.


i really really need to fix all of this before even continue making the level.

-there is a pixel wide gap you can see through at the bottom of the panels that cover the hidden entrances and exits

Luckily that is a really really easy fix, i actually knew about it but ran out of time and just made the build, dang

-i managed to get stuck in a wall, could be a fluke, could not repeat it
It happens, Unity sheananigans. Problems in the way the game generates the colliders. It's weird, as it does not let me fix it manually: the character bugs out with the new colliders and doesn't give back your jumps.

-sometimes when i fall on spikes, two sets of NOOOOO! will appear (indicating that my pizza is screaming i guess? ;) )

-you can get two failure sounds if you die and then your pizzas or vice versa.

its  a l i v e. Ok, actually that's because of my spaghetti coding when making the instances of the box and the character. I will probably overhaul the whole death system, or at least put a lot of tape on it, i really need to. It's easily replicable if you die  from the spikes on the last vertical moving platform. The body is still there, invisible, yelling, while the decoration body that falls down also appears.

-it's possible to leave the fire hazard at the last possible moment, your pizzas will catch on fire but the game will keep going without resetting

oh that's bad, i absolutely thought i had fixed that. Noted.

-The list of controls when configuring the game contains duplicate entries for certain commands, not sure why.

I haven't touched that one at all, though i think i tried to do a two player version  very early in development. To explain, this was a work for class that i intent to continue, at least just a bit, and then release for free. So it mutated a lot from the very beggining. I really need to clean up all those things. I don't even think that starting unity box will be there at the end, though we'll see!

-I could not figure out how to get a controller working right, I couldn't seem to map anything but the mouse to aiming, and i couldn't trigger the fire action with the controller either.

I don't have a controller, so i can't really try it, though it must be simply because it's hardcoded to those. It does not even check for a "Fire" action, it just checks for the mouse button outright. I hadn't thought of playing it with a controller! I need to get on that. I wish it was as easy as in Gamemaker, because in unity stuff like that is kinda weird, at least coming from GM.

Thanks a lot for playing!!! I'll probably won't work on it for a while (i somehow landed a first job as a pixel artist and though it's kinda awesome, it eats up my time like no other) but i have a file with stuff i need to work on for it. This is all going there! Thanks again, man!!

Also, just for my own ego: it was actually way harder, with more spikes and missing the last checkpoint, and with the boss having more life and stuff. But juuust in case (class project, after all) decided it was better to smooth all of those things over, hahahaha  >:)