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hey as someone who personally gave you a bad score on your game I can tell you why

I personally just don’t feel that adding one rule to chess is very original 

thanks for the feedback!

Hi I made Kingdoms Flame:

For feedback I was wondering:

1) Is the game generally to hard to understand even with the instructions. If so what parts

2) Is there enough strategy in terms of different decisions you can make or is the path always obvious 

3) Does the game get to easy after you've played it once. I seem to be able to beat it without to much difficulty and I am wondering if that is because I made it or it really is. (Don't bother answering this if you don't feel like playing the game multiple times)

4) Is it generally to easy to hard, is it fun?

I think that what you are doing is incredible and I am super impressed with the feedback you are giving everyone

Thanks for the reply could you elaborate a bit on what needs polish and what you had difficulty understanding? Thanks for the rate and comment!

Try mine:

Ya I can defiantly see that. The idea was that you have to defend more than one thing even though you have 'only one' flame. But it is a little loose

because it is run by a youtuber with 600000 subscribers whose audience is specifically interested in game design

Just played your game man jaw on the floor congratulations on my third perfect 5/5 out of ~ 50 games and thanks for the follow

I'm very sorry but I haven't yet figured out how to play rar files if you could tell me I would greatly appreciate it

check v/

check v/

really sorry but I have not yet been able to figure out how to deal with .rar files I would love for you to explain to me

check v/

I enjoyed it however I felt that their just weren't enough objects for fighting to be an acceptable strategy

check v/

check v/

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Creative would have liked a more traditional movement system though

sorry about that no worries still played your game

good thought thanks fro playing I was toying with some different win conditions but in the end I just had to choose one

I agree It would benefited from sound but I wanted to sleep ;)

I agree but I wanted to sleep

oh I get what your saying now yes thank you for noticing I though it was a nice touch


check v/

Wow amazing check v/

Amazing game the hidden exits are a nice touch 5/5

check v/

Interesting can't really play due to my awful graphics card though

Im don’t mean to be rude but it is a very complicated game that is impossible to play without reading the instructions. However if you do want to take another crack at it the main things to now are walk into the colored squares on the minimal and get the timers at the top to three minutes 

ah okay

Really sorry but I can't play my computer keeps telling me I am out of graphics

did you read the instructions on the game page?

I'd already played and rated before you made this comment check v/

check v/

sorry I can't play apparently my video card doesn't have enough memeory

good to know had an issue with my laxer disrepair game will give it another shot

check v/

Really cool would love it if multiple asteroids spawned after a while

check v/