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The person that responded above you answered as good or better than I would have. You're almost certainly fine, I've never heard of any disqualifications because of this.  It sounds like they'll specify more in the rules but if you're really worried about dancing on a line you shouldn't,  I'd just message and ask first.

Is there something you're planning on that you're worried will get you disqualified?

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Hey everyone!

I made and uploaded this solitaire variant/clone called "Gaps Solitaire" and I'd love your opinions on it! What I was trying to get out of this project, was a sense of what uploading and maintaining a "completed" project was like before I had to do it with bigger or more personal projects. I've already patched out a few minor bugs/typos but to hear some actual critiques would really help me out!

I'd love to hear any and all feedback on it from the project page to just, whether its fun or not.  How's the sound/Art/Feel? I feel like it's generally solid for what it is, but also a bit "lifeless" or low quality but I can't tell if that's because I've been staring at it too closely/long. Any thoughts, issues, anything that jumps out at you (good or bad) I'd love to hear it! Try it out and drop me a line in the comments, here, or DM me. AND if I can return the favor (any project you need eyes on?) leave me a link!

The game is free, and browser playable here:

Thank you so much! We had to cut a LOT (which is kinda the experience isn't it). A third class named "booty" who'd wield a boot and act as a tank. Thanks so much for trying it out and the comment, we hope to continue to work on this in the future.

Hey! So, what works is really good. I love the concept and the boomerage throwing is fun. Movement could use a little work, and the third door doesn't open. Work on the in-between stuff but nice idea and a great start!

Neat platformer with a cool concept. Would have liked to see it without the extra missiles and focused more on harder to solve, single shot puzzles but it's really well done either way!

Not bad! quick and easy fun. Might give the sound effects a second pass but otherwise pretty cool!

Nice job! Simple,  nice use of theme adherence, fun!

Same! I almost joined this years Ludum Dare but had to cancel. For this one I took off work and my Fiance and I worked all weekend together. Had an AMAZING time and after a few weeks of napping I want to jump into another and improve where we ran into roadblocks. 

Here's a link since people are posting theirs around:

Heads up its a multiplayer game that requires controllers! (sorry) 

Our two person team dug up a rough concept we'd been kicking around but never done anything with. "You had ONE job" is a multiplayer, arena/horde based game where you can only do a singular thing. Shooting, or looting (we wanted to add "defending/healing" but ran out of time). The idea is that you can't accomplish anything on your own. If I keep working on this I want to improve individual player scoring and maybe to end game callouts (Like Overwatch in its voting) and implement the missing class, and generally improve the feeling of you doing a singular thing and playing a role in a larger team.

Here it is if anyone wants to take a look, be warned that controllers and multiple people are kinda required to get any kind of experience out of it. Probably not the best for a game jam game but we're endlessly inspired by couch co-ops like Overcooked and Ultimate Chicken horse.

Correct, I put it in the game description on the page and *MEANT* to put a screen in the game but time got away from me lol!

Sorry for the confusion but thanks for taking a look!

Yaay! Thanks for tying it out. You're right and we thought about that before we started but we wanted practice making something multiplayer and splitting the jobs up that way felt right. Same for the controller aspect, wasn't until it was implemented that it kinda dawned on me I was narrowing peoples ability to play it. 
Originally it was going to be playable on the browser but we ran into issues a few issues and the fastest solution was to make it downloadable. 

Anyway thanks again for trying it out!

Stellar!  A great "One more time" game and the bounce sound effect is perfect. Very solid, hopefully this gets at least a mention.