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Our two person team dug up a rough concept we'd been kicking around but never done anything with. "You had ONE job" is a multiplayer, arena/horde based game where you can only do a singular thing. Shooting, or looting (we wanted to add "defending/healing" but ran out of time). The idea is that you can't accomplish anything on your own. If I keep working on this I want to improve individual player scoring and maybe to end game callouts (Like Overwatch in its voting) and implement the missing class, and generally improve the feeling of you doing a singular thing and playing a role in a larger team.

Here it is if anyone wants to take a look, be warned that controllers and multiple people are kinda required to get any kind of experience out of it. Probably not the best for a game jam game but we're endlessly inspired by couch co-ops like Overcooked and Ultimate Chicken horse.