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I re-uploaded the file. Should now be available as download from my google drive. Have fun playing :)

thanks :D

Thank you all for playing. You gave me so much great feedback, I will definetly include if I continue to work on this game :)

Very cool idea and visually and auditive well polished. The physics get a bit clunky from time to time but the puzzles are clever made and have a good introduction. 

I would definetly rework the controls:

  1.  Right click to unplug
  2. Automatic unplug, if I plug a new thing. 

The way it is implemented, got me struggling a couple of times.

But very good and polished game. You should continue to work on that. 

Very nice idea. reminds me a bit on Sea Of Thieves. Unfortunately it was barely playable for me The mouse is not locked to the window and I kept losing my mouse focus, because my mouse dropped over to the second screen.

Also, the game felt very slow. You could increase the speed and add some more action to it. 

Nice concept and very chill. I lost orientation from time to time, it would be cool to have some floor tiles for orientation. Also a map with an overview over the whole area would be nice.

Nice concept. Took me some time to get into it, but after I figured out the controls and how the chain works, it was pretty neat. I would make the transition between levels a bit smoother. When I collected all these plates, it felt abrupt, that I suddenly couldnt move. Fade out the movement slowy, Pop out the enemies, transform everything to a brighter color. Something like that maybe? Dont be a monster anymore, but become your original form again (maybe an animal or something)

The water shader look really nice.

Awesome game with clever mechanics and levels. I found it a bit irritating that the enemies turn direction while connected. Or at least that they are not perfectly aligned with the grid while moving. Also, I found it a bit hard to anicipate where they are shooting by just seeing the particles. The particles were very fast though. Maybe I would highlight the tiles, too?

Also I would love to have an undo function, where I could just undo a couple of steps, so dying would feel that punishing. 

Nontheless, a very good game for 48 hours, very well polished, clever levels,  nice art style and music. I like it very much. 

Nice idea with potential. I was a bit annoying that I not only had to repeat a level but the whole game. Otherwise I would have love to figure out all the puzzles. Some chill music and sound effects would make this a really cool relaxing puzzle game. 

very cute game. Sometimes the movement of the little ducks was a bit unpredictable, but besides that, nothing to complain. 

Nice game, and well made level progression. It would be cool to have some sort of bonus objectives, like completing the levels without damage or something similar to have some extra challenge.

Seems to be a very cool idea and the chain physics appear quiet juicy. But I couldn't figure out the controls properly, so it didnt come further than the climbing part.

Nice, simple idea. The puzzle progression was nice. I would reconsider the controls. For me it was hard to anticipate how the characters move although I knew how they would move.

But with the rotated camera pressing W to move 45 degrees to the left on the tiles felt a bit unnatural. A few things to consider: Make it completly topdown without 45 degree rotation. Or change new controls to mouse movement and highlight the respective target tile for both characters. 

 Also the jumping didn't feel that well. I wouldn't make it physics based but tile based. A few times I lost a level because my jumping wasnt right. But this game shouldn't be about dexterity but thinking, should it? 

Besides that: Very chill game with nice graphics and clever puzzle design.

Very nice game, don't know why this hasn't already more ratings. Seems very Carcasonne or Dorfromantik inspired. But I really like the take of directly maneuvering your island. The game has a good mix of relaxation and challenge.

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Nice idea for a relaxation game. music and visuals come along together nicely. sometimes the terrain intersected with the camera. when I figured out that I can rotate the camera with Q and E it was better, but still I lacked a bit of orientation, because the rotation change happened immediately.  You could smooth the camera rotation a bit.

Also I wasnt able to find all the ressources. I would make the level design in a way that you can always se which elements are interactable at the moment. Or if the camera rotation should be a gameplay element, I would make it a bit more obvious.

very nice visuals and audio. Everything comes together very nice. I would make the background color of the scene the same as the fog, then you the scene would appear cutoff at the end of the terrain. That would increase the immersion even more.

I also did an atmospheric game. Would be glad to hear your thoughts on that too :) 

Nice idea, but it needs some visual tweaking. Also at least some audio would be nice :) 

Very nice graphics, relaxing music. very nice atmosphere. I played it together with my daughter and we shared a controller. was a super nice experience. 

Hey, thanks for playing. Will check out yours, too .

No, I didn't do much optimization. I was happy to get something done during that time contraint ... But if I decide to continue work on that game, I sure will do some optimization.

nice idea, reminded me on Superliminal. I found the controls a bit clumsy, and a previsulization of how the objects would look like in game space would be nice.

Nice idea, but for me it was almost impossible to play :D ... would like to see a more polished version in the future :)

Nice game! The camera movement was a bit too fast for my taste. Also, I would add some more sound and screenshake to feel more impact. But besides that, good work for a 48-hour game.

Very well polished. nice one

Thanks for playing! You did a great job, your video was very funny and informative.

If poeople keep liking what I did here, I will definetly continue development and add some more levels.

The game as is was made in only 48 hours for the Game Makers Toolkit Jam. That's why it is a bit short. Your advice for better controls, I will definetly consider for further improvement.

Hey nice little game. Visually pretty nice and minimalistic, reminded me of a very reduced Osmos. A relaxing background music would make this a cool mediatation game. You could also vary circle sizes and eventually zoom out the camera as you grow bigger to increase this sense of growth. 

In my game I also have a similar mechanic, but mixed up with a flight shooter. You collect glowing crystals and make them float a big swarm next to your ship. Maybe you want to give it a try. :) 

funnily I made a very similar game a year or two ago for the Wizard Jam:

Maybe you can check that as a source of inspiration ;)

Nice game. The movement is interesting, although I think the hit boxes for the feet could be a bit bigger, so its a easer to click. Once I totally understood how to move and was quiet secure on how to move, the game lacked a bit of progression. At some point I was just unstoppable. Killing the Knigths felt very juicy, literally :D A a bit more impact with screenshake and its awesome. 

A suggestion for the movement pattern: what if you extend your arms with WASD and then move the monster-bot with mouse drag and drop. Or vice versa: Drag and dropthe arms like ropes  instead of clicking them and then move your machine with WASD. Maybe this kind of movement would feeld a bit more natural

Nice idea and a good presentation. I think the rope was a bit short and the time span I could swing was a bit short. I really liked the animated tutorial. 

Nice game with clever puzzles. The controls with J and K are a bit unvonvenient and clumsy. The music is a bit to theatrical for my taste, something more deliberate would have been nicer.  But overall great work, lots of content  and clever design for a 48 hours jam. 

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you liked it. I got that feedback a couple of times already. Some mentioned it's easier to navigate if you hold down right mouse button.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it. Will check out your game later, too

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Void Pilot is a relaxing space shooter with slow pace and focus on atmosphere.

The game was made for the Game Makers Toolkit Jam '21 for the topic "Joined Together". It was developed by one person in 48 hours.

Check out the game and leave me some comments.

This is SOO polished! 

Nice game and the graphics are super cute. Clever puzzles.

However, sometimes the camera seemed a bit off and I couldn't read the tiles properly. But overall very nice polished work :) 

awesome game. I love dogs.

It's 2GB. May take some time, depending on the connection. True

There should be a downloadable file in the sciebo-cloud.

Thanks for playing. The survey is already offline, we're currently evaluating the results. Jeah, the controlls are really need to be improved. :)