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Hey, Thanks for playing and your feedback. Please check the update I just released :)


Thanks for Playing and the nice video :)

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Thanks for playing and that feedback. I heard about those kind of issues a couple of times now. I will have a look and fix that in the future.

At least you managed to escape the Moloch in another way ;)

thanks for playing and thanks for your video. Was funny to watch. Cool you immediately recognized my both sources of inspiration: Layers of Fear and Naissance

I cannot deny that those Bloober-Team Games had an impact on me ;)

Hey man! Thank you for playing. I'm glad you liked the game :)

Hey! Thanks for playing. It's always cool to see others play the game. So the issue with the pathfinding finding is really a thing :D
I will continue work on this.

Original idea, cool puzzles and nice graphics :) 

The font was a bit hard to read sometimes and the background music was a bit repetitive for my taste. but this is a solid game you made here. Good work

very original idea, nice art style :)

It wasn't very obvious that these cactusses are dangerous. Didn't figured it out for a while. I liked the overall atmosphere and the especially sound.

very cool puzzle mechanic. clever level design. not much to complain here :D

Pretty clear feel of the controls, nice aural and visual feedback. I liked the grab color coding. Well designed and polished. I like it :)

Very good core idea playing with the time and have multiple iterations of you running and standing on buttons. The movement felt a bit clumsy, so did the camera. But this really has potential to become a clever puzzle game. :)

Funny take on the theme. I think I won, ähh "one". Also good look & feel :)

I love this concept. This has potential to become something really cool. The whole thing was abit short and lacked of more complicated puzzles this mechanic offers. But Nontheless: Keep on working on this. I'm looking forward how this might develop :) The core concept is genius

clever concept and cute graphics. Would be cool to at least finish the level with the other characters and then get less points instead of instant fail :)

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Impressive Graphics and very stylish menu. The gameplay felt a bit unfair though, the timing was quiet difficult. Also it would be cool to restart directly in the game scene. I always had to restart in the menu and then again choose a side. But besides that: very polished and impressive considering this was made during 48 hours :)

Cool game with the potantial to become a full game. 

For me it was a bit unclear that I the green slime is bouncy. At first I thought I have to avoid it. Also I would suggest to add a small Icon that orbits around the player and indicates where the force of the oxygen is being applied.

But nontheless: great game :)

Nice vicuals, cool core idea. The view radius should be increased so you can see something in the periphery. It was most of the time just guessing at what spots I die. Although I knew where I would die, the real small view radius didn't allow me to stop right on time :)

In the hard mode the detection radius of the light orb is basically larger and the maximum path length of the fairies is shorter. Balancing those values was quiet difficult. So it's cool to have so much feedback now :) Thanks for playing

Hey everyone! We are playing your games on until 00:00 European Time. Please post your games in the Twitch Chat. See you there :)

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I checked the ratings from last year. There is a median being calculated, something like average number of ratings but with weird stochatisc math. Last year it was 8 rates in median. This year it might be a bit more.
But in the top 100 were games with only eight to ten votes. All of them were 5 stars though. But so the total amount doesn't really matter. I think the amount of ratings just have to be higher than this median. 

In other words 10 five star votings might be better than 30 - 50 votes with an average of 3.5. 

Correct me of I'm wrong.

Thank you for playing and your feedback. You're right, some levels might be too easy. But I wanted to slowly increase difficulty and then polishing took me so much time that I rather went for 3 polished levels than 6 which might feel bad designed. 

But thanks for playing and thanks for watching our stream yesterday. I might come back to your game again later and see how the resting place developed :D

Hey! Thank you for playing. I will will put more work into proper pathfinding and better raycasting :)

Thanks for playing. I'm happy you liked :)

I will! thanks for playing and thanks for watching our stream :)

Thanks for playing and your feedback. I'm already aware of this. I'm thinking about a sort of timer mechanic so you have to end a stage in for example 5 turn or something. 

soooo coooool!

Meet Me in The Shadows is a turn based strategy game where Light is your Enemy. A lot of the assets are handdrawn. The game is inspired by a board game I played as a kid, that's the reason why I chose this hand-drawn style.


Check out our game. A Turn Based Strategy Game

lol :D

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Also made with unity :)

And Water Color

We'll be back after Marks stream :)

this might be because of your graphic settings. crank them up to maximum. Then you should see real time shadows 

loved your gamed. delicious juice!

If you want to please check out our game as well. We would appreciate it :)

Hey everyone! We are playing your games on until 00:00 European Time. Please post your games here or in the Twitch Chat.

Don't forget to also check out and rate our game at:

Cool short game of skill. It lacked a bit of juice however which is very important for this kind of game. Nontheless. I had fun playing it. And it's a cool game considering you worked 48 hours on this and it seems to be one of your first games. You managed to achieve something very important: Finish something. And that's awesome :) Keep on Jamming!

Here's the link to my game. Would be nice to have your feedback as well :)

Amazing narrative game. One of the best games I played during this jam. Very well structured and a super dense atmosphere. Loved the sound and music.

I really enjoyed the little details. It was a great idea to describe the pictures on the wall or the mirror. Cool idea with the footsteps. 

Very beautiful video game poetry :)

If you want to please check out my game as well. I would be cool to hear your feedback :)

Just played and rated your game. Also left some Feedback.

Here's my game:

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Sweet game with nice graphics. I liked the overall athmosphere, music and sound effects. Felt very polished. 

But I would suggest to give the player an introduction to the mechanics with easier recipies. I think a big role model for your game was Overcooked. In the early levels you just have to craft easy recipes to get a grip for the chopping, cooking and so on. 

But for 48hours quiete impressive. Nice work and keep on Jamming! :)

By the way here's the link to my game if you want to give it a try: