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It was a nice and relaxing expeirence building the person and I like the creative freedom it has and replayability. However, in my opinion, I didn't find it that fun.

the game was very fun as it mixes shooting with resource management. Very simple but addicting as you have to always be on the move.

The game is a really cool spin on rythm games. Very hard to perform the correct moves but sastifying when done right. Great game.

If you could play my game called Follow the Light, that would be great. The main premise is that you have one light used to see all of the level including the platforms and enemies.

Very fun game. I really like the arrow killing when it comes back as it adds depth to when you should bring back your arrow. Found it really fun even without getting to the upgrades

I really enjoyed the game even though I couldn't past the fith level. Cool concept of seeing the path once and memorizing it. I found it fun and rewarding getting to each leve. Great game concept.

Yeah, I realized that near the end of the jam and wasn't able to fix it in time. Thanks for playing my game though.

The game was pretty fun and had some cool mechanics and really followed the theme. The one problem  with it in my opinion was the lack of replay ability in the game. If you do plan to imporve on this game, I would recommend adding new fighters with different fighting styles to improve on that one issue. But besides that, the game was a lot of fun to play.

i think the game is great but my one criticism is that the jump can glitch out and not register as you touching the ground. I think the colliders are the problem with that. But it's still a great game.

It should work now.

It should work now. I think the problem was that I had html activated when there was none.

While the game isn't the best, it was a decent bit of fun. If this is your first game, then keep working and learning more. The things I would improve are the colliders, the movement, and the ai. But besides that it was sotr of good. Just keep trying and keep improving.