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Artur Nista

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The main idea is great! Love the concept. The game plays very well. The jump buffer is a blessing (only thing that I miss was coyote time, but hey, 3h).

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Thanks! No, mom is Immortal (not really, but she have 5000 health)

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Love your art style! Thanks this awesome assets!
I used it for a game jam project! A DOOM like FPS

Your sprites fit really well

Bem divertido e simples de jogar. A ideia é direta e funciona bem, gostei da ideia de "não poder pegar tudo" mas ao mesmo tempo ter que pegar o máximo possível.


Bem divertido!

Bom de controlar e fácil de entender.

Gostaria de jogar outros níveis se fizer mais!

A arte está show. Gostei bastante da ideia e da execução

A quantidade de puzzles foi ótima (bastante para uma jam, eu diria) e foram bem feitos!

Parabéns, ficou top

The gameplay idea is really neat and art is amazing!

Thanks a lot for the feedback!
We had the idea of a coop, where one player defuses the bomb (keep talking and nobody explodes style) and the other gather tools around the map, so, that times represents the defuser "using" the tool.
We cut the ideia of the second player very early on, because, well, it's a big feature for a jam hehe

I'm really sorry to hear that :( I'll try to work on that!

I really appreciate both arts!
You guys rock

I put both of them at the game's github page, if you don't mind

Why are you making games?
Go to an art school, you have talent

That's really awesome! Thanks a lot man


That's great. That's art

Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate!
and btw your review was awesome too

Fun game. Great ideia!

The tank controls are not a problem IMO, but, I think that the rotation is a little too fast.
Besides that, the game is great

Nice games here
Trying to play and rate as many as possible :D

Check out mine!

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The game is fun and plays really well.

I took some time to undestand that you could pickup the objects to throw (yeah, i didnt read the game's description hehe).

Fun game with a great concept !

The music is a little repetitive hehe

Great game!
Awesome concept and the final product plays very well.

It's well constructed, the flappy bird mechanics felt good to play.

The only problem is that is too flappy bird, as @ErixonKR said.

Besides that, is a good game :D

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Fun game, with a clever ideia and easy to undestand gameplay.

The player movement is a little too slow, making dodge bullets hard.
The bullets in the groud is also a little small, hard to see which bullet you are picking up.

Ok, I have to jump on this haha
Loving the fan arts at the moment

Fun game. Very beautiful.

The main mechanic is clever and fits with the theme.

Great game with a clever design.

A little hard and very punitive, but a good use of the theme.

Awesome game, very original.

The light mechanic works very well and I liked that the fear meter is used in the puzzles (at least I used it).
The puzzles are fun and well thought.

Very well made, congratz

vai brasiliam

Pretty fun game. The rules are simple and easy to undestand.

It lacks feedbacks for some stuff, like what weapon you have and in which mode you are, but besides that, great game!