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This was really cool to read! I think these write-ups give an interesting insight into the developer's mind and their thoughts about the process. I really liked the format you had with this, especially the "lessons" part - like you said I think it's important to get these thoughts out when they are still fresh in the mind. Thanks for sharing this.

And thanks for liking my postmortem too :)

I wrote a "postmortem" of our jam game Blastsmith and the jam experience in whole — in the form of 4 Things that went right and 4 that went wrong. It's the first time I have done anything like this so check it out and tell me what you think:

I would also love to see and read other jam postmortems or dev stories, so if you have one,  share it!

The Aesthetic and soundtrack really fit into the gameplay, the weapons feel good to use and kill the "monsters" with, even thou some of them feel a bit weak - but I think that is by design. 

I felt like the game might need some indicator on the UI when you are holding a weapon,  as there were couple times when I was running for a clutch lasergun and didn't pick it up - as I already had picked up a pistol by accident. But that is a minor thing, and it might be just me :D 

Btw, I have to say the dash felt really intuitive and I actually used it before knowing that it was in the game (classic didn't read anything before jumping into the game) and comboing the dash with the sword felt great.

All in all, Good job!

Really cool concept! Its easy to game out the system for score, but its way more fun to play it chaotically. I could easily see this kind of mechanic implemented into something bigger – Good job!

Really cool main mechanic! Getting used to the controls took a bit time, but once you had it all down — it felt good. Puzzles were creative and jumps were admittedly hard at times, but never too unfair feeling — even thou some of them needed really fast execution. Great job on this!

Great aesthetic and atmosphere! Could really see this as a start for something bigger, as it was so solid to play even now. Good job!

Really cool! It has that "I need to beat this level, so I can see whats in the next one" feeling. Great job on this!

Really cool aesthetics and the game play feels good once you get rolling!

It feels strangely satisfying once you get into a good rhythm with the jumps.  Only criticism I can think of is that the starting platform should maybe start disappearing only after you charge the first jump, but that might be just me — all in all, it's a cool game! 

Really liked the art style! Feels bit too easy with staying behind a cover, but I could easily see this expanded into a full blown game with deeper mechanics. Great job!

Cool aesthetic and music/sounds! Once I noticed that you can just click around it kinda ruined the game for me, but still cool idea and with a penalty system in place for "wrong" clicks - this would be even more awesome!

Clever idea and figuring out the puzzle feels rewarding! Good job.

Cool idea! The bigger level was maybe a bit too hard to navigate and get through.

Nice idea. The boxes feel a bit floaty, but with some more time I could see this turning into something! 

Great art style and atmosphere! The controls feel a little floaty, but over all nice job!

Cool meta take on the theme by giving yourself "Only One" hour. The game is pretty hard, but once you get going it feels strangely satisfying. 

Nice 80's and synthwave vibes with the music and theme, feels great once you get the blade and combo kills going! Good job!

The impact feels awesome when the harpoon pierces multiple monsters and you pull yourself through their breaking corpses! :D Got a score of 585.

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Cool idea! Got to 431 meters after several tries. I like the idea that the level is moving towards you, but getting trapped into the boxes with no way out feels a bit cheap.  

Love the design on the masks and paired up with the music it gives the game a strangely quirky feel! The fire recall feels kinda slow at times, but overall nice job!