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Multiplayer platofrmer with only one player
Submitted by KrystianBooker — 3 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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Neat concept. However, I feel like the levels are too big and involve way too much walking. A puzzle shouldn't just be difficult because of it's size. Furthermore I would have liked some intermediate door to guide the player through the level. The average short term memory can only fit 7 things, so for the last level I found myself mostly wrestling with my own incapability instead of the level. ;) The idea has  definite potential though, could imagine it mixes well with the ideas of this game as well.

Great start to a cool puzzle-platformer! Only thing I would do different is add a clock/timer so the player can coordinate when their clones step on a plate or whatever. 


Cool concept, smaller maps with less distance travel would make the whole thing feel tighter as a puzzle game which I personally think is were the value lies. You use the same tiles for background and foreground in  a few places which is confusing.


That's a really cool concept ! I totally see a complete game centered around this idea !
There is a lack of information though. It could be cool to have informations about where are our clones, and when will they disapear.
Great job !


"Kill Camera from Super Meat Boy - The Game™".
Curious idea. The game feel polished and no element iritates me. All medias in game work well togheter and the concept have potential for a further development. In my opinion, the game lack challange, idk. Also background get confusing sometimes, it took me a few seconds tu understand that the right path is down, not right (all bc the gray block semed like a platform instead of wall). Overall, solid entry, keep the nice work.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I really liked this game idea! Having your "Previous lives" be there so you can interact with multiple things at the same time, what really confused me is that the previous versions of myself seemed to be able to move faster than I was so I had a bit of trouble timing them together. I also felt that when I jumped sometimes it would just ignore me and I would fall to my doom, I had to reset quite a few time because of this. Overall though I think it was really good!

Shameless plug to my game


The previous lives moving faster was a bug that didn't managed to get fixed in time.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing


Cool idea! The bigger level was maybe a bit too hard to navigate and get through.


Clever game, good art. Loved it! Check mine out too if you want to :D


This is a great idea. Would love to see this developed further. Well done :)


Cool game, cool style, cool idea. Game looks pretty solid man. Loved the skeleton at the end.


The theme was sooooo cute! I loved the little ghosts that mimicked your moves. Didn't notice many glitches, it was super solid! It's awesome!


The big stage was tough, would be good to know how many clones you have left at a time, or a louder sound to let you know you've unlocked the next level. 

Otherwise it's awesome. Idea is great, cool how you have to time yourself to the right amount. Character is simple and cool, music is great and the art and theme really fits. 

Overall, really good game 


love the game. It actually requires player to explore the entire map to find the buttons, and time each run to trigger all the buttons at the same time during last run to open the door. 


I really enjoyed playing this. The puzzle-solving aspect feels really rewarding - a nice change of pace from "run around and shoot everything" games. 


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed playing it!


Such a fun and interesting game. The concepts with the puzzles are so creative. How you really have to work with yourself to beat each level really makes you think. It's very challenging in a good way.

The character is super cute too, he looks like a real dungeon explorer. Can't wait to see more!


Thank you so much


Patience was not my friend xD

Good atmosphere, idea and execution. My only sugestion would be to maybe let the clones stay in position after the reset? I had to redo a few button presses as I underestimated the size of the levels . 

Also loved the cute character!


Thanks for playing!
Yes it takes a lot of patience, the big level was a little too challenging .