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That was a fun game, really enjoyed it. The game looks really great. I would definietly play a full version of this game

The previous lives moving faster was a bug that didn't managed to get fixed in time.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing

Thanks!! We're working on it :)

Fun game, good concept!

The game is really pretty, I like it a lot. I found it chellenging but really fits the theme 

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Once you go to the room up, up, right, up you go to a room that cant see and you get stuck in. Fun game though. I had a lot of fun playing it.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed playing it!

Thank you so much

Thanks for playing!
Yes it takes a lot of patience, the big level was a little too challenging .

Yea that is something we really want to fix. Thanks for playing!


That was something on our TODO list but unfortunately didn't make it in time for the cut off, something we want to implement in the future. Thanks!