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Really fun game! I had a very nice time playing it!

Thank you. Glad you liked it. 

Очень крутая игруля вышла. Мне очень понравились все персонажи, получились очень живыми и интересными.  

Really cool game with nice concepts and fun pleasing colors. The testing phase was kinda confusing, but i liked it a lot.


Lol fiveouttafive

Quite a cool mechanics of steering.  Though something happened on the second level and i was just floating without crashing or finish line registering.

You are cool! Thank you!

Wow. You noticed the the features i considered best parts of my game. The most challenging was that arrow thingy though. Making it stop on the edge of invisible circle but still rotate required some trigonometry which always confuses me. Glad you liked! Thank you! 

Hmm. Sounds pretty cool actually. I kinda tried to acieve that on purpose with idle ship . I succseeded with two, but with three it eventually was accelarating towards some planet. Thank you for playing and bringing some insight too!

Thank you for playing!

SPACE GOLF! Wow you and me are like  psychics! 

Golf games for the win!

Cool. Glad you like it! Gravity games are chill indeed.

Hourglass looks really cool!

Really cool game!  I like the gameplay thingy very much, and progression feels really natural too.

Really nice game! It's fun to play! And i liked main char!

Cool game.

Woof woof woof woof! Woof Woof!

Thank you for playing!