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Hey, I think I found a bug. After going down a spiral staircase if you stick to the left on the small passage you will get stuck in the corner. Here are some screenshots for better reference.

btw, loving the game so far, I already got 2 endings and now I'm trying to unlock a certain door...

Using voiceover is already very interesting, but the use of the musical notes is superb too. I love how they overlap and not knowing how the music was being arranged internally kind of made it more beautiful. The sounds that you just met coming up together for the finale.

This is a wonderful game. I'm glad to see some of the sensibilities that still resonate with me but decided to abandon for other reasons in this jam.

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Hi! Just a quick tip to make your game easier to play. In the itchio project page of the game, look for the "kind of project" section. If you select "HTML" instead of "Downloadable", the game should be playable on browser. Ask me if you have any problems with that!

Hi! just a quick tip. If you put "HTML" in the "Kind of project" section on your game should be playable in the browser.

Thanks for the feedback!
I haven't thinked on how to take the concept to bigger levels, it seems like an interesting design challenge.

Feel free to use it in any way you want!

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool idea! I'm really bad at the game but had fun anyway.

Yeah, I wanted to do something cool with the gameplay and the theme but nothing original came to my mind. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! I wanted to get the player confused sometimes, specially at the beginning, that way the discoveries feel more important, at least for me.

Yeah, I couldn't really think in a cool way to make the Only One connected to the gameplay so I decided to cover my lack of art talent with that. Now that you mention it I could have used the control of all the squares with only one input or something like that. Thanks for the feedback!

Wow this one was hard! Cool idea, I was kind of impressed seeing how I could move both the platform and the character.

Cool idea! Sacrificing safety to explore the level was cool. You could add some more elements that made you put the torch away from you, most of the times you can keep it close to avoid spikes and skulls with no downsides. Other than that, nice job!

I think the game was way too cryptic, try to add the description of the objects on the game in some way, not just on screenshots. I also found a bug where I could put some units out of bounds or something, maybe it was intended but I'm not sure. Keep working on it, you may have a good concept but right now it's really hard to see it.

While I think the concept is interesting, I don't think it works, at least not with that level design. There are times where you are just waiting for the ball to get in the right position and that can be frustrating. Keep working on it anyway!

I don't know why this game has only 2 ratings. I loved the concept and thought it was really original. People check this one out!

Thanks! Yeah I don't feel good when my green squares die too, but some sacrifices were needed :(

Wow I didn't expect this! Your game gave me goosebumps!
One of my favourites of the jam so far, I really connected with this one. Amazing job, really.

I like how you make everything only with the mouse! 
The game can get a bit repetitive with the time but that's something that happens with almost every arcade game of the style. Good job!

The "only one" was used on the visuals here, "Only One Shape: Squares". Not the most interesting take on the theme but it's what worked for me.

The first Zelda was a huge reference here definetly.

Thank you for playing!

Yeah NES games secrets are a clear reference, the most obvius one being the first Zelda.

Good game design to make a simple mechanic really engaging! There are some bugs related to physics mostly, but they are not gamebreaking.

Cool way to apply the theme to a RPG! The luck can totally destroy your run but since it's a short game it's not frustrating.

Cool game! Kind of reminds me of a TV show where people needed to find a number doing operations with other numbers. Nice job!

Cool little game! I did not expect the scenary to go crazy, cool feature!

Wow I really loved the level design on this one, specially on later levels. You know how to make really good levels with minimal elements and resources. Congrats!

Accurate representation of social anxiety with all that questions popping up at the end and no time to think or even read them. Good job!

I found a bug where the game would restart everytime that I clicked the screen. Nothing that cannot be resolved closing and opening the game, but you should check that out.

Aside from that, really fun simple game! Seeing your record I've noticed that I am really bad, but I had fun anyway.

Really fun! Wished that there were more levels, the game feels really good. I would like to see more than the next platform in some way, maybe show the 3 next platforms or so but highlight the one that is going to be active next time?.
Anyway, good job! I needed 90 seconds to complete the game, I am so bad haha

Took some time to understand, maybe some improvements on the interface could help on this.
Once I understood the game turned out to be really fun! I'm still figuring out the best strategies to beat the game. Good job!

I like the concept but there is some work to do, maybe with more levels it could be easily expanded. There are some problems with the physics but it's nothing gamebreaking for me.

I need to play this with someone to get more depth but I'll leave my thoughts of testing it by myself.
I think this is a really cool idea! I never thought you could do a 1 v 1 RTS on the same computer but using the theme of the jam you managed to do that. As I said, I need to play with someone in order to see if there is any exploit out there, but seems good on that aspect right now.

Interesting game, I had really fun trying to memorize what was the name of each thing. There is a small bug that let's you continue playing even when you get fired but I don't think it's a big problem.

Yeah difficulty was hard to balance and I've seen some lucky people that completed the game with a lot of luck in ways that I never thought were even possible.
Thank you for playing!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing! It was really hard to balance the level of obvius and cryptic of the secrets.

Hey, don't worry, it was hard to "balance".
You can turn invincibility if you want to see the end of the game, there is nothing wrong with that.