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Really fun! Not only to play but to watch as well! :)

Done :) sorry didn't see that

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Finally finished our Dino Puzzle game! Check it out:

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Finally beat the AI after a few tries :D gotta think about when to use your boost as its limited but got the hang of it eventually. Love the style and the hat selection. Fun game, and can imagine this would be great to play against friends. Great job!

Like the style! Wish you could do more with the blade - possibly recall it to you to change the direction? It felt a lot like luck to get a good score. Got more interesting as more enemies spawned though. Good job :)

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Love the concept! Fun to play, but I keep accidentally clicking restart before seeing my stats/score :P Good job

Thanks :) yeah had a bit of trouble with having the camera tilted to see the 3D artwork properly - meant the 2D sprite (which wasn't on the ground due to the trees/mountains) didn't look like it was in the same spot as the collider. Could've had it properly top down to fix that but would have lost the depth of the 3D stuff! Didnt really ahve enough time to come up with a better solution

Cool concept and style! The ghosts were a bit too easy to bypass - perhaps they could be a bit faster or the light a little smaller? Good job though! 

Simple but fun take on a classic game! Can imagine myself getting lost in this game :P Great job

Was fun to play :) would be cool if you could see your score after you died as its hard to concentrate on it whilst youre in game trying to avoid enemies, but overall good job!

May have been the screen size I had...? I just loaded it up in a window

We just wanted to do something a bit different as figured lots of people would go for the 'one item/one life angle etc.

Love the different enemies :) difficult to control - ended up off the screen a lot of the time :p but overall a fun game - great job!

Love the visuals :) few times i thought I was in the clear and got caught but other than that it was fun to play!

Love the comments :P funny little game.

Harder than it looks! Fun little game - love the characters :) 

Thanks! :

Awesome concept! Fun little puzzler :)

Thanks :) we wanted to take a bit of a different spin on the theme as thought loads of people would be doing 'one life/one item' kinda games

Thanks! :)

Fun game, great concept. Thought the controls would take more getting used to than they did! Great effort :)

That was probably one of the best games I've played today! :D awesome concept and really fun, well done! :)

Love the concept and well executed! :) be helpful to have info on what units works well against what instead of having to trial and error but I guess that could take away from some of the challenge. Well done!

Fun little platformer! :)

Fun game and well executed! :) My friend actually made a similar concept but didnt get to finish.

Fair enough, we wanted to take a bit of a different spin on the theme. The idea is to get to your special one via the most efficient path to merge and become 'only one'

I love how you've depicted anxiety in this! :D Great concept! 

Great concept, fun little strategy game :) Took a little while to understand the interaction but got there in the end! :D 

Thanks for the feedback! I kept it small so the animation would look better but yeah it does complicate the end of the level a bit. Btw its scored on the tiles you go over not the time :)

Thanks :)

Love how you get surprised by the enemies because of the limited light, also the personalization at the beginning :)

Very well executed! :) fun game

Fun game! :) 


Thanks :)

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Awesome concept, fun little strategy game :) just needed another player to play against :P


Love the concept, great puzzle game :)

Thanks! :)

Fun little platformer! :)