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no problem

try to reload page

You have to reload page. I forgot to put text FAST RELOAD PAGE HE WILL DEOIJAFG...

Please rate my game going to rate your game

rate my game please going to rate your game :)

Here is mine Going to rate yours here is mine i will rate your game

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The Heart will heal(kill) you

7 ratings at the moment :(

good job :)

Best submission for this game jam i played wow

Really nice game :) If you want check my game:

Of course :)

More sounds. And better particles. I liked squashing and streching of player

Nice graphics. That jump sound is bad :d. And this game is punishing not difficult. There are just some invisible spikes and platformers. And loop go die repeat isn´t fun. English isn´t my mother language. So maybe you can find some mistakes in this comment. sry

That amount of contet in this game is nice. But it´s not polished

thanks :)

if you don´t like something just write comment. Or if you like something let me know :)

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Yeah. You don´t have to win this game jam or create perfect game. This game jam can be start of something big for you.

Just made my game. Now i have just do some balancing, add restart button , game feel and graphics


don´t waste your time rating this game :D just play something other.

Yes, this game is bad. Very bad. For many reasons this game looks like it looks.

You can download music from internet. But don´t forget about license!


GREAT GAME :D I recommend to you watch this video: "art of screenshake" or other videos about game juice. Good work

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hard to control Gerald. And if in game is sound repeating try to add more sounds. Like this bubbles. After some time they are little bit annoying. 

Edit:  there are more sounds for bubbles :D sry

This game would be better with sounds.

If you can´t shoot press 1,

2 or 3