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Last hours of the jam? I will create the second half of my game in the next two days! 

"[...] and a construction team that will fix potholes."

Hello everybody!

I'm making this thread so everyone can share their progress, get feedback and show what they are up to.

This is what I have been making so far:

I have spent the whole day creating a hell lot of Low Poly models and am now working on throwing them together and building a world. In addition, I've made some AI-related scripts. This game will go into the direction of real-time-strategy.

Can't wait to see what you guys and girls are up to!

I don't think so, as NSFW only concerns graphical content and not the theme itself. So you should be fine. But don't take my word on that, better wait for a professional to answer this. 

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I don't know. Do you really think that it is THAT innovative that you can't redo it in a week? And there's no one controlling or checking if you wrote it during the jam time or before. Participating in a jam does not mean that you must be able to call everything from older objects directly into your head, there are also people looking onto Tutorials for their jam game.

I think that it makes no real difference whether you just put it in directly or write it new while constantly looking at how you have done it.
So, just use it.

Wow, so Man children here... I will be 38.

Hey! I'm super excited... to wait 10 years^^

Ouh, I was so excited to play it :/! Anyways, from what I've seen I imagine the game really good! Thank you for trying to help me. 

I'm running the newest version of Widows 10 on an "High End PC". 

Hey, I'm having the same problem as Dan Zeidan unfortunately. How can I start the game now?

I did a huge design update for my game!

May I ask... Nevermind. 

I estimate my game around 45 mintues, but I'm literally working on it every second. I have finished three quarters of my mechanics already,
only the story is left.

That it focuses on one does not mean that others are not allowed. They are just disadvantaged.

Well it should be ovious.

And where is the connection to the theme?


Done with the map
Probably going to edit the river a bit though, this cut at the bottom does not look well

It isn't. It is a jam that focuses on Unity, that gives you the extra option to use other engines. But the jam is neither optimized nor made for them.

And where is the connection to the theme? :P

And where is the connection to the theme? :P

No ;(

And where is the connection to the theme?

Nice xD

Hab's bei Udwin gesehen und muss sagen, dass ich echt begeistert bin! Weiter so!

I think it is meant to be hard to see.

Well, honestly I already have a idea. I want this game to go atleast one hour and I've actually written a (story-) script with 20 pages already :D
I think that the only thing I really lack is the graphics. Just look at these two "things" xD

Is supposed to be a hell - creature

Is supposed to be a halberdier

Thank you!
Puh, finally done with the Tutorial battle^^
Programming can be so exhausting...

Well thank you, you just saved me!

Thank you! Yes, it will be in the direction of management and tactics. You are a vassal of a duke and have to manage a part of his city for him and support him in his battles.
If you played M&B: Warband, I have created a small section at the start where you can say how your (ingame) fathers name is / was (cause he is dead at the start of the main story), from what family he came, if he was a noble or peasant and stuff, and then your own name. Based on these options your Background Story gets created.

In this window you set up your father's name and your own name. Still looks pretty basic, but I just started :3
P.S. Ignore the top bar, it well get a better design and many values in it!

Again, thank you for the compliment!
Don't know how to bend the theme into it unfortuantely :/

Just began working on it ten mintues ago and I think I keep this as my Main Menu. Mabye changing some minor UI designs, like the colour of the title.