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So, about the prizes

A topic by Extrone created 78 days ago Views: 284 Replies: 18
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I need some clarification on the prizes. I know that the jam prizes are sponsored by Unity and that's why all of the prizes are focused around unity.

But I don't use unity and if I win, these prizes are no use to me! (I am not gonna win but!)

Since all engines are allowed, shouldn't the jam prizes be universal to all engines?


you are right.

They shouldn't let people compete in this jam with other technologies other then Unity to avoid Extrone to feel bad for the prizes :)

That's not what I meant, when it's a fully open competition, the prizes should be adaptable not focused on a single tool!


It isn't. It is a jam that focuses on Unity, that gives you the extra option to use other engines. But the jam is neither optimized nor made for them.

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it never says that. it even specifically states that any engine or framework is allowed.  unity is just a popular choice.


Well it should be ovious.


Am I missing something here. They doesn't state that this is a "Unity focused Jam"

Also this doesn't support that it is a Unity focused jam : "All game engines and frameworks are allowed."


That it focuses on one does not mean that others are not allowed. They are just disadvantaged.

Where does it say that "it focuses on one?"

You can pass the prize on to the runner up in the category, or keep the prize.

So, "Yay, I won won but I have no use for the prizes" ?


Si el premio fuera un coche yo no podría conducir porque tengo 77 años, pero eso no me impide participar para ganarlo y darle el regalo a un amigo, conocido o querido. Espero lo entiendas.

Nunca el premio va a ser a gusto de todos.

If the prize were a car I could not drive because I am 77 years old, but that does not prevent me from participating to win it and give the prize to a friend, acquaintance or loved one. I hope you understand. 

The prize will never be to everyone's taste.

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You are right, the prizes aren't really useful to people that don't use Unity.

Like you said, with Unity sponsoring the prizes, and the creators the jam is built around mostly using Unity, you could argue that it is a Unity focused jam.

Maybe in the future, we could manage to get engine-neutral prizes, but that would require us to find appropriate sponsors, which, I suppose you can imagine, is not an easy task.

Other than that, the prize would be yours to do with what you please. If that means re-selling it or passing it onto the next winner, that's yours to decide upon!

Thanks for clarifying 🙂

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I think just featuring the winners in a bestof youtube video would make the most sense. The creators get exposure and no monetary prize needed at all. Plus the creators of the jam all have yt channels. Win win

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I think that being featured in a video is better than winning a prize. What if someone wants the assets prizes, but then you win, and get Unity Pro, but you do not want it? ) : Being featured in a video is always good!

Yeah, the video idea is an excellent way to get more popular!


I'm using Unity and I don't need the Pro licence at this point. It's still cool that they do that, but the true prize here is to learn, have fun and have people giving you feedbacks about your creation.

That's what I was going to say, if we want to create a game to win a prize, I think that the best way to do this is to create a game to sell it to players.

In my opinion, winning a prize in a Game Jam is just a bonus, but the first prize is to have the opportunity to make a game, to be proud of what you've done and to learn a lot. Having some new contacts, having fun (even if it's not always funny to spend time to do something which is not working / not as you thought).

Having prizes "Unity-oriented" is not something which is bad for me, they wants to create an event, Unity replied that they were gonna support it, it's just a good thing.

You can't have a prize which is going to be really cool for everyone, a pixel editor software licence ? What if I'm making 3D games without any pixel art ? A game engine licence ? What if I don't want to use it or if I've already got this licence ? etc.

Just be proud of what you're doing, Maybe you'll be good enough to win a prize, then if you don't want to use it, try to find a friend or someone who needs it, you'll make someone's day. :)

Have fun /all ! :D