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Here's mine:

I hope you'll like it!

If you wanna check mine out then here ya go:

Thanks! It was honestly really stressful and I worked on it for a little too long than I'd like to admit x). I hope it was worth it though and I can make better games in the future.

Hey! Here's my game

I'd like some feedback! :)

Thank you! I tried being original with the theme, but in the end it just feels like i tried to avoid it :/. The idea is that the game lies to creatures in the game to trick them into fighting with the player, because why would someone want to fight with someone with a chance of death for no reason y'know?

Great game! The movement made dodging the enemies a little frustrating though, it was ice-like and felt slightly unresponsive at times. Other than that, I enjoyed it!

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Hey! If you wanna check out my game then here you go:

I'd love some feedback. It's really useful for solo devs

Heyy! Here's my game:

As a solo dev I could really use some feedback. :)

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Hey! I'd love if you could check out my game!

As a solo developer I think feedback could be really useful for me. 

Hey! Here's a game I made on my own

Making a game solo for a game jam is really stressful x)

Hahah I never realized

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Hey! If you want to you could check out my game. It's a sidescrolling shooter platformer. Here's the link:

I'll be sure to play your game once I get home. Have a good one!

I'll try to do the same. Someone has to play these games for them to be rated y'know.

That's why I constantly save a backup of the project in another folder

nice! :D

I actually implemented the invincibility frames, but my computer decided to crash and I didn't have time to reimplement it. I'm planning on releasing a 2.0 version in my spare time. Thanks for feedback!

I can see your submission. I think the owner of the game can't see it, because I can't see mine either.

Yeah I'll try and submit what I have at the moment.

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I ran out of time. I'm really frustrated. I spent 12+ hours every day and had planned out everything but I recently got the news that I have to leave the house tommorow morning and I'll be back on Sunday. I just couldn't squeeze 2 days of work into 1.

EDIT: I submitted what I have for now. Now that I look at this I over exaggerated the whole situation. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to a lot of things and the lack of time was stressing me out. It's all good now.

It's my first jam and I would say it's been pretty fun, but at the moment I'm just really stressed out. I planned out what features I'd implement on which day, but i just recently got the news that I'll be going out of town on Saturday morning and I'm only coming back on Sunday so I have 1 day less to work on my game. I have to somehow squeeze in 2 days of work into 1 :/

why not! 

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it never says that. it even specifically states that any engine or framework is allowed.  unity is just a popular choice.

Thank you! this is the first time doing a shooter and i'm kinda having issues with how i want the enemies to work, but I'll try to sort that out. Can't wait to see what you manage to do! :)

it should follow the player automatically if you made it a child of the player node. hmmm... maybe try turning off the drag margin and see if that helps.

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my first game jam, but so far, so good. ai isn't my strongest though so enemies might be a little painful to make. but i'm pretty happy with this. hope i can finish this so i can finally release my first game.

i'ma just go to the basement

yeah. i mean i have some ideas, but they're the most obvious

make something you wouldn't mind viewing in public

I think you can interpret the theme however you want

don't worry man, i'm a beginner too. good luck! :)