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That's not what I meant, when it's a fully open competition, the prizes should be adaptable not focused on a single tool!


It isn't. It is a jam that focuses on Unity, that gives you the extra option to use other engines. But the jam is neither optimized nor made for them.

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it never says that. it even specifically states that any engine or framework is allowed.  unity is just a popular choice.


Well it should be ovious.


Am I missing something here. They doesn't state that this is a "Unity focused Jam"

Also this doesn't support that it is a Unity focused jam : "All game engines and frameworks are allowed."


That it focuses on one does not mean that others are not allowed. They are just disadvantaged.

Where does it say that "it focuses on one?"

You can pass the prize on to the runner up in the category, or keep the prize.

So, "Yay, I won won but I have no use for the prizes" ?