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Just began working on it ten mintues ago and I think I keep this as my Main Menu. Mabye changing some minor UI designs, like the colour of the title.

Is this a strategy? Please tell me it´s some management strategy! This looks so good!!!

Thank you! Yes, it will be in the direction of management and tactics. You are a vassal of a duke and have to manage a part of his city for him and support him in his battles.
If you played M&B: Warband, I have created a small section at the start where you can say how your (ingame) fathers name is / was (cause he is dead at the start of the main story), from what family he came, if he was a noble or peasant and stuff, and then your own name. Based on these options your Background Story gets created.

In this window you set up your father's name and your own name. Still looks pretty basic, but I just started :3
P.S. Ignore the top bar, it well get a better design and many values in it!

Again, thank you for the compliment!
Don't know how to bend the theme into it unfortuantely :/

Well it looks amazing and this exact category of games is one I love the most, I even tried creating a similliar game already, for the twist there could be a storyline in which you would uncover that you´ r father was actually the lord of the land but got murdered when you were young, you could then open rebellion on him or try to perusae him to get the country back. The lie would be that you would think that he is the lord while you were the lord all along

Well, honestly I already have a idea. I want this game to go atleast one hour and I've actually written a (story-) script with 20 pages already :D
I think that the only thing I really lack is the graphics. Just look at these two "things" xD

Is supposed to be a hell - creature

Is supposed to be a halberdier

Still better than my soldier XD

I definitely want to play your game!

Thank you!
Puh, finally done with the Tutorial battle^^
Programming can be so exhausting...