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Yeah, I don´t really think I can finish the game as I am stuck at a dialogue system, can´t get it to work

HTML5 is a language used to make websites, my guess is that you are trying to import the files into the space where you are supposed to make your page? I know little about Itch but I kno that HTMl5 has nothing to do with games and is there for websites, you must be doing something badly in itch io buddy.

Ok, so like half a day I was working on dialogues and then few hours on the pixel art, It´s still really bad and given that it´s  a story driven game I have a lot of things to do for improvement. I am hoping that once I learn the ropes I can just snowball it to the end but hey, it never woks like that does it?

yeah, I thought I got the grasp of it but no actually, the walking cycles are horrible and me deciding to have TWO NICE MANSIONS in pixel art/any graphics really was a horrible idea :D

The game lied to you about being polished, it´s not a bug, it´s a feature!

"You can use fonts from the internet, as long as you have the correct license for it."

you just have to read the website

not that it matters really but colors can actually be owned. For example Fedex has its blue and few other comapnies have too

yeah, there is already a Half Life 3 game in which you press the play button and you get rickrolled

Hey, so I created this pre game cutscene with basically just sounds in it but then it struck me, you were talking about assets and code but not really sounds so it didn´t click but can we use them? I really can´t get the sounds I need. Music will be made by me just like everything else but the sounds is what I have a problem with, I would like to use them but IDK if it´s ok.

You can´t ask a question but not tell us the question...

Well it looks amazing and this exact category of games is one I love the most, I even tried creating a similliar game already, for the twist there could be a storyline in which you would uncover that you´ r father was actually the lord of the land but got murdered when you were young, you could then open rebellion on him or try to perusae him to get the country back. The lie would be that you would think that he is the lord while you were the lord all along

Oh boy, it´s not E is it? :D

Is this a strategy? Please tell me it´s some management strategy! This looks so good!!!

I must say it´s pretty scummy to say to give the developers 5/7 score and how cool they are when in reality the developer is you!

I have finished my script (the story one not he coding one sadly), havent done a proper game really so it´s a story one, for now I only have somewhat of a script and now I will do a little cutscene

I bet it´s like when you run it there is a screen saying, "There is no game, It´s just a lie!"

My first game :D