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I am really glad you liked it! :D

That totally depends on the libraries you use to develop your game.

For example, if you use SDL2, you need to ship SDL2.dll with your game for the players.

If you release the game to Steam, you need steam_api64.dll.

And the list goes on...

For this small game, I used no dynamic libraries at all (no dlls), so I could just distribute the .exe!

But for bigger games, it is inevitable. If you open some of your favorite games' directories, you will most certainly see tons of dll's there.

So the best you can do is to create a .zip file with all the dependencies (which will probably also include assets such as .pngs, .wavs, etc) and distribute the .zip for players.

In itch, you can use the 'butler' build tool to send the folder directly, just like with Steam's Content Builder tool, but the idea is the same: pack all the necessary files in a .zip for players.


Hi Sypder!

When you build the project, there should be a "Release" or "Debug" folder inside the project folder (depending if you built it debug or release).

The .exe file inside this folder should be all your need to distribute your game!

Did the error occur when you tried opening this specific file? If so, what error appeared?

Awesome!! :D

I'm super glad you liked it.

Thanks so much for your kind comment, Noel! :D

What if Breakout was the only arcade game people could make? An open-source game, written entirely on a live stream.

It's been quite a journey everyone, but now we have reached the end!

About two months ago, I started developing a game from scratch in C with the extra challenge of live streaming the entire process. I have been super happy with the reception of the live streams on Twitch, the recordings on Youtube and the project on the Handmade Network.

What started out as a small game just to have fun, learn and teach, ended as a full release on Steam! I could not be happier with the way it turned out.

To celebrate it, I shared the source code for the game as a FREE download. The source code is dual licensed: public domain and a "do-whatever-you-want-with-it" license, so you can use it to learn, modify, create your own commercial games, anything at all!

And since the game was entirely created on a live stream, you can watch the ENTIRE development, from the very first line of code all the way to the Steam release! Check out the first livestream!

Here is the entire playlist!

I really hope you enjoy the game and the source code, and maybe it will even help you in your game development journey! I'll see you next time.

Thanks, Dan Zaidan

Thanks so much!

It's easier than it looks... hahaha

If you want to give a try to making a game with no engines, check out my youtube channel for tutorials! :D

Here is mine! :)

Thanks so much for your comment and your feedback!

Thanks! :D

Yeah I took an extra challenge of making it in C with no engines :P

I talk to it a bit more on the Making Of video! :D

That's great to hear!! I started two months ago and I have awesome plans to help spread the loe level love. :)

But I warn you, once you start programming in C/C++ you will never want to program on anything else again. Hahahah

That's really awesome to hear! Thanks a lot!!

You can see in the making of that I spent effort getting it running nicely! :D I'm super glad you liked it!

Hahaha Thanks! It wasn't easy! :P

Really cool!

You nailed the atmosphere perfectly!

I thought the lava level was a bit too visually confusing though, because every wall was the same (and add to that the mechanics twits).

Anyways, congrats for making it! :D

That's awesome!!

Thanks so much for your kind comment.

All we have to do is keep improving, game after game. ;)

Really polished game!

The music was simple was chilling and the visuals were super pleasant.

It could have been nice to add more tips (or lies) about the spike traps, though.


Thanks for your comment! I just played your game and left a comment there. ;)

Thanks for your comment! :D

Thanks so much!

Oh. Yeah... I didn't use one.

Unfortunately I don't have a controller around here. :(

Maybe next time.

I'm sorry it didn't work for you. In the next game, I'll try making the audio system better.

If it's any good, you can download the music on and check it out if you want. :)

Super well done!

You nailed the atmosphere 100%!

I would only suggest that you made the hidden-viewing area a bit larger to I don't have to keep tapping the move button just so I don't fall off a pit. :P

More frequet checkpoints would also be cool.

The music was awesome - but it stopped playing when I got the hammer :(

Anyways, congrats for making the game!

Yeah it's built for 64-bit Windows.

I tried targeting x86 but I couldn't get OpenGL to load. I'm sorry. :(

Thanks so much for dropping by! :D

Thanks so much for your feedback! It was super valuable information.

Your comment made my day! :)

Awesome idea!

I really enjoyed the game! (Although when I reached the house and it started raining money from it, nothing happened :P )

Not sure why you chose that camera angle for the driving and the movement could use some tweaking, but you management to make if look really nice and polished.

Anyway, congrats for making this game! If you have some time, I'd love if you could check out my game as well. ;)

Very nice idea and execution. Congrats!

That was so unexpected and well done!

You are super talented.

Congrats for making this game! If you have some time, I'd love if you could check out my game as well. ;)

That was really fun! And super polished as well!

Congrats! If you have some time, I'd love if you could check out my game as well. ;)

Great idea, great game!

If only the moment was better, this would have been perfect!

The gravity was really strong and that made the character fall of really easily (especially when the player can't see everything).

Anyway, congrats for making this game! If you have some time, I'd love if you could check out my game as well. ;)

Really well done.

I jumped off my chain when I first attacked with the sword! :D

Congrats! If you have some time, i'd love if you could check out my game as well! :)

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That's ok! :D

A few nasty bugs also crawled into my game. hahaha

No problem! ;)

Awesome! Thanks so much! :D

Thanks for your comment! You might enjoy watching my making of video! It shows all the ups and downs of the process :D

Thanks for your awesome comment! :D

Nicely done!

The voice was super fun and well written! :D

Really fun simple game!

I managed to survive to 155! :D

The music was a bit disorienting, though. I think there was too much going on there.

Anyway, congrats for making the game! If you have some time, could you check out my game as well? :)

I couldn't start the game :(