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Dan Zaidan

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Hello everyone!

I'm super excited about this jam!

I have a Youtube channel where I teach people how to make games using C and C++.

I have made a video inviting everyone to participate. It'll be great to learn and have fun!

If you want to try and make your game in C or C++ as well, you can check out my tutorials on Youtube.

What engine or frameworks will you use?


In the process of becoming a better programmer, I decided to write a simple game (I chose Pong with a small twist) in C with no libraries! (Not even OpenGL)

I finished it after one week of my spare time and I have just published it.

Here is the link:

You can download the game and its source code for free in that page.

You can do whatever you want with the code: learn, play around with it, etc.

I had a lot of making it and I intend to make more games of increasing complexity.

I hope you like it. :D

If you end up doing something with it (even if it's just learning) I'd love to know about it!


Dan Zaidan

Thanks! Do you feel that there was anything missing from the game?

Thanks so much for your comment!

Yeah, the third level kind of required an "epiphany"... hahaha

Maybe the forth level should come first? (Since it is more evident the diagonal movement? :)

It could be me, but i didn't get the hang of it at all. :P

Very beautiful and well done! Congrats.

Great fun!