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Secret SquirrelView game page

Get the acorns before the other squirrels do.
Submitted by Keirron Stach — 12 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#6582.1823.333

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Hey, I thought I make a stop at some games with low ratings and provide some feedback, because a game jam is about learning something and getting feedback. So, here is my feedback.

First of all, your music is really nice and chill. I like it a lot. The graphics are quite good. I love the little detail with the dust when running.

Now to some parts which could need some improvement:

  • You made two crucial mistakes for a game jam game. Number 1 is that your game is multiplayer only. Most people don't have somebody else to play with locally. So this decreases the amount of people who will play and rate your game. My solution for this problem would be allowing to play against AI, but programming an AI is not easy and takes a lot of time. Two things that doesn't get along well during a game jam :D
  • The second mistake being that your game is controller only, which makes number 1 even worse, because some people don't have a gamepad at home and if they have one, they only have ONE. I had two, but right now nobody to play with. So the second squirrel was not doing much :D 
    My solution for this problem would be allowing keyboard control. You might know the game "Curve Fever" where the first version back then allowed to let up to 6 people play on one keyboard because everbody only needed 2 keys. That was so much fun :D In your case it gets a little trickier because everybody needs 4 keys, but I think you still could have managed it with one keyboard:
    Player 1: WASD
    Player 2: IJKL
    Player 3: Arrow keys
    Player 4: 8456 on the numpad (not perfect because not every keyboard has a numpad)
  • Ok, now to some other topics. Your squirrel is not having an animation when it is running straight up or down. This is only visible when you use the Dpad. Most people will use the analoge stick, but if you change the game to keyboard control, then you have to fix this issue ;)
  • Either I did not understand the game, but only player 1 is getting points. If I put the acorn with player one into one of the trees (left or right), he gets a points. If player 2 does the same again player 1 gets the point. I think you messed up something in the code there.
  • For the message in the middle, I think you should make it more simple by just showing the acorn that the text is referencing to and make a green or red circle around it to indicate if it is good to eat or not. Or maybe a green check mark and red cross. Reading the text is very distracting. And maybe you could make the different acorns stand out a little more. Like the chilly acorn has some flames, the dry one has some cracks and so on.

I hope my feedback helps you.

I would appreciate it if you could checkout our game ;)


Thank you very much for your reply. We did realise it was not the best for a game jam to do a multiplayer only game. I would of loved to do an ai but as you mentioned it is a game jam. 

I know it wasn't best for ratings but this is what we were excited to make. If I was to turn this into a full game I'd love to make a fun single player mode.

Your suggestion for the popup is really good and I wish I thought of it. Hindsight is 20 20

Lastly definitely going to look at your game tonight. I look forward to it. Thanks again for checking out Secret Squirrel


I couldn't start the game :(


Did you use an XBox One/PS4 controller? It's controller only.


yes it's 2 to 4 players with game pads only.


Oh. Yeah... I didn't use one.

Unfortunately I don't have a controller around here. :(

Maybe next time.


It's no problem, thanks for trying.