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Tower defence survival
Submitted by WuzzyWizard (@wuzzywizard) — 11 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Good for half an hour


like i said on the actual game. It's an awesome game. Theres a few ideas here and there that would make it better but for a quick jam its amazing


Thank u very much

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not really that good,but still a bit fun to play

(1 edit) (+2)

This game has so much potential no cap.

excuse me for my bad english-Im german xD

Some Update that would be nice to have are:

    -less stronger enemies (especially the axe guys at night 4 and over; they're waaaay too strong)

    -less shakier screen when the ballista hits enemies

    -sth like a mini map or some way to mark your base (maybe an extra building that shows a point on the map)

    -less stronger start weapons and a working anvil system with many options to level up ur sword (Maybe enemies could drop sth and the                player could craft weapons or gear with it)

    -more informations(about the enemie types; the thing that is in the I think left upper corner I dont even know what this thing is rn )

    -more animals and sth like a fence and/or a petting system

    -more textures (idk what to call these) like grass to farm and gather ressorces like seeds or sth to breed anmals like in minecraft

    -stronger walls/walls reinforced with iron or stone

    -heavy and light ballistas so you can be more prepared for stronger enemies

    -better ballista aim

I'd love to have some Updates in the next days/weeks/months :)


there will be more updates, the game was subbmitted to a competion so im not allwoad to update it yet

(2 edits) (+1)

Aaaaah I didnt know that there was a competition haha

How long will this competition last and when are you allowed to update it?

(I added suggestions in my first comment so you could get some ideas if you need to)

Good luck m8


the competition was three days and the voting period is 2 weeks so next monday i think i can start updating i, thank u very much for ur support

Not entirely sure how to judge originality since it's mashing up two already made games, but it's a great and fun game and I can definitely see the Minecraft element. I'm not entirely sure what the other game is, but I don't play a lot of video games so idk. Voted 4 stars for audio because I wasn't listening (either it didn't have any or I muted it somehow idk) but I don't really care and they wouldn't let me leave it blank.


the theme was size matters it didnt have anything to do with mashup thats the creators name lol


Oh I'm DUMB dumb lol


haha ^^


Amazing game!

After watching your devlog as well, I can say that I'm so, so happy that you'll make this into a full game. 

From my 1h playing it, features and changes that would improve the game could be:

  • allow the UI to open using a click of a button
  • and less screen shake. It's ok when the player hurts the enemy to do a screen shake, or when the player gets hurt, but it's too much screen shake when the ballista's hit the enemy. I can't even see them and I get screen shaking
  • Enemy Knockback! I can't stress out enough how important it is to the game feel for this type of games to have enemy knockback. It's annoying that you have to retreat and attack at the same time

im really happy u enjoyed it and thank u for the feedback and yes the game need a bit less screenshake , i will check out some ideas for knockback

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I was having a blast with this game building up my base. However, that fun was swiftly ended at night five. I was suddenly swapped with powerful enemies I never saw on the previous nights. There was no warning that that night would be more dangerous. Additionally, as I had earlier mentioned, these enemies were never shown. I felt unfairly killed when this happened. This game we very well made, but this sudden death hurt my final opinion of the game. And finally, I don't feel the them was truely utilized when making this game.


im glad u liked it yea i should make the stronger enimes come fewer and have them introduced better^^


this game is a drug, supper addictive and cool, with a lot of potential to become something bigger. Really like the focus on the "tower defense" aspect. The game graphics, controls and feel are perfect.

One of the weak points of the game is the UI, every building looks available to build, even when you don't have enough resources. Also some UI elements and font don't match the excellent quality of the rest of the game. Another weak point is the game's theme, i don't think it really does much with the "size" aspect.

Overall a fantastic game that has a polish and presentation unlike any other 72 hour made game


Thank you so much and yea i hate making ui with my whole heart so that why hehe^^

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

A fantastic game! The graphics are simply the best I have seen in the jam so far, and I got really invested in it for a bit there. Really fun, very creative, the only critiques I have are that the theme isn't super prevalent., and the sword seems to do the same damage as the pickax. It reminds me of a game called Forager. Overall, top quality stuff, nice work!

P.S: You can't just throw those axe skeletons at me like that. I was just chillin' in my base when those guys charged in! About gave me a heart attack! :)


Im really glad u liked it yea i think im gonna add text for weapon dmg right now the sword does 3 and pickaxe 2, where the axe guys fast? haha damn guess they do be cheating


A really well made game, the overall mechanics and design are really well thought-out. The art was simple but effective, especially given the gameplay. The hits give enough oomf that it feels impactful. Resources were never scarce but still had to micromanage your inventory. 

I really liked this one.


Thank u very much im really happy that u enjoye my game


Nice game! I enjoyed the style you choose and the idea was cool. Gameplay awesome, but I don't understand , what is with the themee?


Thank u im glad u liked it. The bigger base u build the greater ur chance of survival is there for size matters^^


Nice game! A bit frustrating for me because the only way i could survive the night is running round and round the map🤣. I can't do survival games so maybe im just bad at this. 😆Nice graphics too!


haha rip^^ i dont know if u read the description but u can build using the Q key


Wow! Very cool! I played a lot of similar games to this so this felt right at home for me. Right now though, it's still kinda bare bones but that's very much understandable for a game jam. Heck, I cut some corners in my game :P   That said, it has a lot of potential to be a great game so keep it up!


Thank u very much ^^


Good game here. Liked the art style, reminded me of Forager. You say that building a bigger base is meeting the theme but to be honest I don't see how a bigger base makes much difference from a smaller base. Though that's probably because after the second day I felt like I had done it all. Personally wished you had focused more on the base building part to really play into the theme, but overall I had fun playing this one. Good job!


every day more and more skeleton comes so i u dont expand u vill lose and also on day foyr big skeleton comes aswell 


Fun game , love the graphics :D


thanks man ^^

Submitted (1 edit)

Very good game. it didn't fit the theme that much but I like it a lot. 


Thank u im glad u liked it. The bigger base u build the greater ur chance of survival is there for size matters^^


The animations when hitting things are so interesting!




Really enjoyed it!  I especially like how juicy the controls feel


Thanks man im really happy u enjoyed it

great game I would defintly play this game if it got relsease for steam or io with more content i can see alot of potential with a base building tower defense survival game

this is also has alot of polish for a game jam


Thank u very much, yea im think that i will work on it more and add alot of content

I love the simple aesthetic and the gameplay loop was easy to understand.

However, I can't see much of the theme here aside from "Big tools" and that's about it. The screenshake also got a little nauseating after a bit of time playing. Overall though, it was fun playing. Cool game!


Im glad that u loved the aesthetict thanks for playing it. The bigger base u build the greater ur chance of survival is there for size matters^^

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