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thanks Paulsen!

this game controls are really fluid, just jumping around around the level feels awesome, and the ninja cyberpunk style fits the game really well. After the first boss the difficulty curve is insanely steep, i think the gameplay works best when dealing with a lot of small enemies rather than with a few bullet sponges. Great entry, with some gameplay refinements this could be a really cool sidecrolling hack n slash game

Thanks! thinking of adding a laser pointer to help with the aiming

Thanks EliteOne! yes, showing enemyHealth is a must going forward with the game


Thanks! yep some skulls are just impossible to kill :P

As a fan(an addict) of vaporwave, i love the game artstyle, the windows 95 UI is really cool. It shows a lot of potential, but being a jam games it lacks polish. Some actions don't show any feedback(like picking up weapons), enemies shoot throu the walls and the scenery looks empty. The character art and the weapons are great. The story, ideas and style are so cool that i think improving this game after the jam could be a great idea

i'm a weird guy, i like joke games that intentionally make me suffer and question my life decisions, such as this one. Pretty and polished, gets the concept across in a good way. Great entry

the game has a really cool and innovative idea, and it's super ambitious, the fact that there are that many stats and bosses in impressive. But that ambition is also what holds back many jam games: the controls need improving(wall sliding and jumping feel awkward and weird), you can get stuck in the lobby if you are out of money & while there is a tutorial on the movement and shooting mechanics, there is none on the stats and money system. The boss fights are cool, an overall great entry that needs a general polish

visually looks cool and original, same with the animations, but the gameplay has problems. The hit feels weak and there's no noticeable feedback when damaging opponents. Also, i think the overall presentation and UI need work and polish

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Thanks! in an eventual update, the skulls are going to be weaker that's for sure :P

thanks! yeah i took the theme in a more abstract way, linking it to "minimalism", no so much in a literal way

i really like the idea, has a lot of potential, but overall the game is a bit barebones. Adding a timer and a goal can make the game a lot more engaging. Great entry

really liked this game, minimalist roguelikes are always awesome, it even has the potential to be a full fledged "endless" game. The graphics have a lot of charm

pretty game with great polish. i think the game should display how many days the whole process took, making the player seek a better score the second time. Great entry overall

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brutal punishing but fun game, makes you come back for more. The combat is surprisingly deep for a jam game, but i think it needs a less step difficulty curve

impressive how many different mechanics and challenged the game has. Simple and to the point, love it

Thanks! thinking on adding a "laser pointer" of sorts to make aiming easier when the jam ends :P


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nice simple game, but it needs a way to see how many "lives" you have, how many more coins you have to pick

lovely minimalist visuals, and i liked the different color palettes, gives you a reason to keep going. I think it needs some extra mechanic to shake things up a bit

when opening web games from the desktop, most browsers show a message along the lines of

"It seems your browser does not support running Unity WebGL content from file:// urls. Please upload it to an http server, or try a different browser." .

You can upload the game as a browser game to play it inside itch .io . Most people can't launch browser games otherwise

got a 6700 score, really close to clearing the screen. Great game, has a great polish: sprites, music, sound, it's all super pretty. The tutorial is really well designed! having to move the pieces instead of just reading stuff is nice way to learn the mechanics

the game is so funny and pretty, loved the story. I only wished that there was more to it than walking forward and talking

really like the artstyle and general vibe, the cutscenes give the game a lot of charm. Not a fan of the enemies thou, they are too fast and don't have any special mechanic to shake things around, they just run towards you. The kart part is brutal, harder than the famous Battletoads bike level hehe. in short, this game has a wonderful style and vibe but it's hold back by some game design decisions

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nice platformer with an upbeat feel. The graphics and animations work well with the game. Not a fan of some sections where you have to fly against the ceiling for a while to get past the spikes, also it's common to get stuck in some parts of the scenery. It's great to have the extra endless mode


YES! i have make everything "endless" and add some kind of progression, but it could be an awesome idea

Found all the banana trees! great entry, the tiny graphics and background just work so well, and the music give the game a great vibe. Also the game is long, with a lot of different themes. The polish is also great


love the simplicity of the graphics, everything is so easy to read and understand, and every frame looks like vector art. Gameplay is really fun and polished, a solid entry

really cool experimental game

got hooked with 1 bit aesthetic, the cool UI and animations, but the game is very broken. Player character moves extremely fast and goes into flying mode the moment it touches a roof, it was somewhat confusing to play. Also the background tiles get mixed for the foreground frequently. Looks like a game with a big potential but not on a playable state at the moment

Thanks for the feedback! yes, i totally forgot about the restart button at the end haha


FracFu community · Created a new topic Neon Cemetery

Neon Cemetery

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love the minimalist elegant style. Great entry

great entry, the gameplay is solid and has a nice enemy variety. I have mixed feeling about the graphics, every sprite is well made, but the game is full of visual noise(like the web background) and that hold the visual aspect back

nice game, the unique visual style fits the game well, the trippy background are great. I would make the game a bit faster thou, and amp up a bit the firerate making the difference between moving and saying still more noticiable. Also the movement is a bit weird and the camera should be centered at all times. Overall a great entry with a nice presentation