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love the bosses

great driving, customization, presentation and earworm music.

Me encanta el estilo y como todo se va poniendo todo cada vez más oscuro y podrido

Loved the chauvinist voice lines, blood and variety of weapons. Gameplay is juicy as heck

very fun but BRUTAL :P! sabotage mode comes too quickly and ghosts get angry really fast, but the idea of a sabotage mode is great.
It's definitely an adrenaline rush

Brutal but really fun! great music and pixelart

that was a fun adventure

amazing atmosphere

the aesthetics and occult imagery is really cool. It needs some quality of life improvements thou, like hidding the "press E to interact" prompt on things that are no longer interactable. Combat needs a bit of work, enemies don't show any feedback when attacked and don't inflict damage. Also, i consumed all my ammo really fast

Absolutely LOVE the UI and scenery. I want to see more of this demonic world!

just beautiful. Recorded some songs, messed up a computer and had some weird dreams. Love this

JAJAJA gracias man

spawned an army of zombies and killed them with a wall of guns. Love this

so good and intuitive, reached level 5. The concept has a lot of potential

clever mechanics and level design with cozy graphics, love it

simple as it is, the concept has a lot of potential. Like throwing shurikens, having a close ranged attack, etc.
Also i think it needs multiples lives instead of instant death.
The main character design is really cool

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the minimalist design and the ambience are really good. The shove/attack combo is now my favorite method of execution :P

really cool boss battles. Love this so much

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Really fun! super challenging but you develop a rhythm eventually and it gets easier

reached round 8! it gets super addictive

defeated the icon of Goat! this game is just pure adrenaline. Also the UI is wonderful 

great game with beautiful vibes! the slo-mo made me feel like i'm good at bullet hells :P

really fun! Retried level 13 at least 100 times :P

looks awesome and it's fun as hell. The Risk/Reward factor of jumping out is great

that was fun! Everything feels alive, specially when dialogs keep going between characters without the input from the player.
The art is great too.
Got me intrigued for the full game, looking forward to drink some beers with the guy i shot hehe

yeaaah! it's an insane genre just waiting to be explored. So much untapped potential

great game, it's fun to perfect the "star juggling"

The game has really cool vibes and world, i like the open ended areas and ways and navigation, has the potential to a lot of immersive sim gameplay and ways to overcome situations.

Here some feedback on things that could improve in the next version:
- Shooting is too simplistic and can be spammed infinitely without any drawback. I think it needs a reload mechanic. It could also benefit from some dispersion instead of the perfect accuracy it now has.
- Regular shooting enemies only react to your presence when in a really close range and can be killed from far away very easily.
- Never used the secondary melee ability, there are not situations that benefit from getting close and personal with enemies.
- Don't see any reason why the second jump is performed with the melee attack instead of the regular jump.
- Needs the mechanic to jump in water.
- Not a fan of the platforming on the second level.

Can't wait to see whats next in this dystopian post apocalyptic world!

games that take part in non-euclidian spaces are so cool. The shrinking mechanic added another layer of mind screw, it's great

brutal but with a cozy feeling. Love it

really fun shooter with lovely visuals

pure chaotic fun, looking forward for the full release

wonderful metroidvania. The themes of becoming one with nature great

Gracias SpaceCat! estaría bueno, debería hacer un Gatoro 2 algún dia con más niveles y contenido

gorgeous mind bending game

encontré los 3 finales! esta divertido, aunque muchas elecciones sean una ilusión jaja

Con el comienzo se pone todo super mistico. Desbloqueé todos los caminos y llegue al final.
Muy bueno gráficos, los textos y transiciones.

los 3 juegos están buenísimos, la estética gameboy y la música están muy bien logradas. El toque filosófico me gusta mucho. Una cosa que creo que podria hacer el juego incluso mejor, es unir conceptualmente las 3 historias: De las celulas de la primera historia se forma el humano de la segunda historia, este se reproduce, y su tataranieto es un astronauta que busca oxigeno XD.
Muy bueno

gracias Jolumorsan!

buen defender con gran variedad de enemigos. Me gusta el estilo, en especial la actuación de voz tipo unreal tournament jaja.
No entendí mucho los minijuegos, no parecían ser diferentes al modo principal, pero por lo demas esta muy bien

el pixel art y las animaciones están muy muy bien, aunque desentona un poco las barras de vida que no tienen el mismo estilo pixel art. Lo más divertido sin duda es el plataformeo y balancearse con cadenas, el combate sufre un poco ya que aveces el ataque no se registra cuando estamos en movimiento.