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amazing, it just has so much style and the controls feel great. The unlocks and the end of the stage add a whole layer of complexity

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interesting idea and aesthetics.
I got some grips with the camera, always feel that is too close to the character, making navigation difficult. Also, the default camera configuration is inverted by default, changed it as soon as i started.
Also i think the teleportation system could be symplified by having checkpoints and a button to quickly reset position without accessing the menu.
I think that with some quality of life improvements this game could be really cool, physics based games are a blast once everything fits.

damn i though my pc was possessed when a certain moment from the video triggered the start of the FPS. What kind of witchery stuff is this

This is seriously cool for 3D platformers for some reason :P . So simple and effective

nice progression, throwing nukes was fun. Got to wave 28

equally parts cute and fun. I really like the idea of these "inverse" water levels. I think the tongue mechanic has a lot of potential for cool mechanics

plays so fine...makes a lot with few simple mechanics

Quake has never been cuter

lovely pico 8 platformer, beated it in 13 minutes

super addictive, won in 16 loops. Has that sweet progression of games like loop hero, loved it

great atmosphere, the music sets a vibe. Feels like those cool flash "escape the room" games from back in the day

Thanks Circumpunk! adding your own track sounds awesome, have to figure out sime stuff in unity :P

fast and juicy, dashing and killing enemies feels great


ohh thats great to hear! thanks Acimus!

Thanks AlvinoP!

amazing game, has a "troll" side to it that may be frustrating to some, but once you accept the fact and treat the game as an adventure it becomes super fun. Got to the third tower

i'm a sucker for procedural infinite stuff and stealth games, had a great time with it and reached 22 coins. 
I like how minimal everything is, and yet it has some interesting mechanics, like.. do i sacrifice score just to save my life? do i go to the next level or keep looking for coins? it's great.
Didn't see anything resembling the loop theme thou, but overall a really cool entry

yes, i made the soundtrack :P. Thanks for the feedback! going to add some juice to that death animation

didn't have continuous collision activated! going to update it as soon as the jam ends :P

those creatures are seriously cool, the way they move makes them feel alive and organic and their AI surprised me. The crab one was my favourite.
Also... those tunes, chiptune goth or whatever it is, love it.

super rad visuals, specially liked the boss. Also the gameplay is juicy.
I would shorten the lifespan of the player proyectiles as sometimes the fill the screen and make everything a bit hard to read.

Overall a great entry with a lot of style

thanks Rob!!

woo thanks a lot rthurmed!

thanks MidnightBaker! yeah, making a racing game out of this could be so cool

thanks haha, that guy was going to be the main character before i came up with the car

Thanks for all the feedback AwsApps!
Yes, it's an actual torus without any fancy shader code, just used a little bit of trigonometry to turn the car (sin and cos to calculate the car position and rotation).
Synchronizing the background music to the car speed would be really cool.
Also, one of the plans with the next update is make the jump more "juicy", definitely needs a jump effect and a bounce effect.

unusual and creative entry, resisted 70 seconds and those last seconds were pure adrenaline :P

thanks darngeek!

thanks Spagoodlers!

Thanks !!

thanks! those web games are a blast

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Yes! for example, in Ultratoro, the car doesn't move forward, is the torus shape that rotates, you only avoid stuff that comes to you by going left or right. Also went the faux gravity way, there is no physics simulation.
I think the trick(mostly) is moving the shape itself rather than the player object.

Just beated the game! my strategy was avoid destroying asteroids as the small asteroid pieces can kill your past easily. It also would be nice adding multiple pasts and going crazy with the time paradoxes, really fun

menus, level selection screen, transitions, everything is really polished and cool looking. Also, there are a lot of mechanics is just a few levels

got really interesting when switches and portals appeared, they open a world of possibilities, like switches that rotate portals and other emergent mechanics.
Another mechanic that i don't know if it's intentional, but could also open the door to other possibilities: the arrows can be rotated when the rocket is moving, so there could be some levels where the player must act quickly while the rocket is traveling.
Cool game

thanks ! feel free to ask anything about how anything goes behind the scenes, there are thing that look cool and over complicated but behind the veil it's just a very simple script :P

but not as cool (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

that was some fun and brutal platforming with a nice polish. The idea alone is really cool, and could be expanded in a lot of ways, like moving spikes, enemies, proyectiles, etc. Chaining up bounces and keeping the momentum just feels good.
I managed to beat it even when my stupid brain made me press R to restart a level but ended restarting the whole thing :P

Thanks SuperPupPresent !