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Hi are you still looking for a team to work with?

One of our modellers fell off the project and we are in need of another to help.

My discord is M.A.T.E.#9413

lemme know if interested ^_^

Accepted ^_^

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Hi, would you be interested in joining my team. We're 2 programmers and 1 composer, we are planning on doing a 3d game for this jam.

An environment modeler would be of great help ^_^

My discord is M.A.T.E.#9413 

DM if you're down  (≧▽≦)/

My portfolio:

Hi, just wondering if you're still available to do 3d models. 

My discord is M.A.T.E.#9413 if you're still down for it. Currently it's me and one other programmer, we will both be coding in Unity C#.

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Local weeb and game dev here looking for a 3D modeler (or maybe two) with some experience to join our team for this jam. Rigging experience not required but would maybe help.  Currently it's me and one other programmer. Oh yeah, we're both programmers and we will be using Unity and coding in C#.

I live in California, USA, Pacific Standard Timezone

I work during the week from 8am to 5pm, hopefully that won't be an inconvenience for any ;-;

I'll try to dedicate as much time as I can after work for this jam.

Hmu on discord or reply here if interested ^_^

**pwease join my team**


My portfolio:

My Art:

My Discord: M.A.T.E.#9413

Really cute game. I adore the art style and the story is pretty charming. The challenge for the mini games mostly derived from reflex and pattern recognition, not too terribly tough, pretty accessible for an average person. The last mini game, I cheesed by staying in 1 spot and just pressing space bar to the right character. Overall, it is a really cute and condensed package.

This mechanic really lends itself to a lot of interesting puzzles and level designs. Would be neat to see a lot more levels added to this game.
I especially liked the part of using the one player to holster the the other above a pit.

Solid concept, mechanics and presentation, best time I could do is 90 seconds lol

This was a cute game. Really captures the essence that is Amelia.

I don't play much otome games, but I'm an avid VN fan. This was an interesting story. The struggle of pursuing your aspirations while balancing your responsibilities is a theme most people can relate to at its core.

I feel the choices don't have that much weight however, I've replayed a couple of times with different combinations of choices but the story still progresses the same. And by the time I had to choose a boy at the end, it felt so inconsequential with the chosen boy scene only lasting a few sentences. 

Still, it's apparent a lot of love and care went into this game, as seen in the art, dialogue, and music. The character designs in particular were really well done. Was trying to brute force my way for the Gem ending haha. Maybe with more time (without the 3 day limitation) you could have designed specified routes for each of the male characters while still following the core story in parallel. 

Overall, it was a neat experience and can't wait to see you guys improve in future games~

Cute game, good platforming mechanics, very relaxing. Would love to see this game expanded in the future.

Also the smol details like the trailing effects on the cat and the lighting added alot to the charm of the overall experience.

Cute game, smol bean, solid grasp on platforming mechanics. I like the teasing of the shortcut in 2nd level. Music is also pretty catchy.

Like others have said, the controls feel tight and nice, solid art style, and unique atmosphere. But at the end, I was left wondering what was the point in the end. A sort of quick story snippet to contextualize the gameplay would have me more engaged. Then you can use level design to help convey the overall narrative, thus establish the end goal for the players to anticipate for.

Interesting game without a premise.

NOOOOO Don't make me feel bad for roaches ;_;

Art was pretty good, the animations were fine. The overall platforming is solid. I really liked the part with the lighting and hiding under shadows. The slopes were pretty tricky. Also that plot twist near the end :o

Good short game overall.

I was so lost when I first played, then I saw the video then everything made sense. But adding a how-to in the game will help a long way. Also probably put a timer on the orange button to inform the player how long the slow down period is.

Overall, simple food maker game, charming style, and neat music.

What an absolutely adorable game. I love the art, the mechanics were simple, solid platformer shootem up. The levels and bosses were cleverly designed. My only smol gripe was the tomato level, it was hard to predict where they where going to fall and their attacks weren't as telegraphed compared to the cheese and sausage.

Overall, I wished I played during Christmas, such a feel good game, I love it.

I played the PC version. Outside of basic movement, the other controls I had to figure out on my own by button mashing random keys. I figured how to throw and attack, but still didn't know how to sprint (besides using the mouse to tap the sprint icon), so some sort of keyboard instructions would be helpful.

The movement felt great, really well polished. The level design is fine, with what you have, there are plenty of possibilities for variation in levels. The enemy AI worked fine as well, tho the bosses could use a little more creativity. Attacking was a little underwhelming.

Overall, as a first game, you got the overall mechanics nailed down and I hope from this learning experience, you can use it as a foundation to expand your game with more ideas, theres lots of potential here.

Thank you so much for playing my game and  for the feedback. Writing has never been my strong suit, but I appreciate the tips and suggestions. I will take note of them and hope to get better at it moving forward :)

Simple yet effective! I like the altruistic theme of this game. Cactus is very cute. After finishing everything, I was unsure if there was an ending I'm supposed to see. 

Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

Really neat art, interesting story, and the music is pretty solid. 

I really liked how atmospheric it felt. I liked exploring the different options.

Solid mechanics, not a big fan of the button mapping though. Would be easier to control if I had the option to use arrow keys instead. Other than that, the levels clearly had alot of thought put into it. Overall, I enjoyed it.

I really dig the music. It was a simple side scrolling dodging game. The art style was also pretty good. I managed to last 50 seconds as my longest.

Highest I got was 50. Simple yet polished game. Was unsure if there was music or not. Getting the timing of the teleport right also took some practice haha.

Oh ok, thank you for the clarification. That gave me a clearer idea on how to plan my game out

Hi, I would like some clarity in regards to the pre-made assets rule for this jam. Is it specifically meant for asset packs or code/art from our past work, or are we able to include  existing music/SFX like from youtube or code from other projects (like public repos). 

Would making any asset prior to the jam violate this rule and the first one? 

Thank you for the feedback. I'm experimenting with art styles, so thank you for your input. The background was rushed in the end as I was focused on everything else, so it doesn't look as consistent with the other elements. Glad the visual novel aspect works for you, and I understand the runner portion could use some more work. I do hope to incorporate more engaging gameplay in future projects. Again, thank you for playing my game and the constructive criticism.

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I like the use of the masking mechanic to hide the triangles, though probably make it bigger so its easier to scan the area, enough to know where I'm heading isnt a deathtrap at least lol

Also, I think I failed the last level, but my guy still went into the blackhole, might be a glitch or something. And maybe use a variety of shapes instead of triangles, like using bars to form a like maze.

By the end, it was an enjoyable little game.

A really well made game, the overall mechanics and design are really well thought-out. The art was simple but effective, especially given the gameplay. The hits give enough oomf that it feels impactful. Resources were never scarce but still had to micromanage your inventory. 

I really liked this one.

Cute game, love the use of 2d sprites in a 3d environment. 

Some gripes tho:

1. Camera rotates around the player weird so its hard to keep track of the rotation of my aim

2. The shooting itself is solid, but aiming is hard, its an interesting design choice to have the cursor rotate around the player instead of just rotating the camera and player to face the crosshair directly, but in a game like this, it's best to have it play more similar to a 3rd person shooter rather than like a tank game

3. UI could use some work, but thats just a small nitpick

I can see alot of potential in this game and looking forward to see what you do with this game.

Fun and silly concept. The designs were cleverly done. Though, it was kind of annoying when the gun didn't fire when I was pointing it straight to the ground. 

Simple game, solid design. The SFX for breaking the house and breathing fire were kinda annoying. But overall, I enjoyed the game.

I got to 190. Cute and simple game. Though, I find it counter intuitive to have a jump mechanic when height is to your disadvantage. Also maybe have a way to drop like a bad apple to have you shrink, just so you have some longevity and give the player some choice when moving around.

Fun little game. I liked the use of shrinking and growing specific objects to get pass the level. I had to really think hard in the companion shroom level . It was overall a nice package. Sucks I'm forever on the run in the end haha

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Haha I aint no cop. I do want to expand on the gameplay and add in more girls in the future. Also, after the rating period, I will put back the music version. Thanks for playing and glad you liked it.

Thank you for the comment. Yea, my submission was temporarily removed due to the music rule, and I do want to expand on the gameplay more and hopefully add in more characters down the line.

My computer is quite potato so it had a hard time keeping this game up. Still, I like the concept and the gameplay loop is pretty fun. With some polishing, it could turn into something amazing :D

What a fun and silly little game. Oh who am I kidding, after playing this game I suddenly grew a six-pack, massive biceps, and really bulky glutes. Missed opportunity to play Onegai Muscle as your main theme tho.

Cool concept, but it becomes increasingly harder when you have to micromanage multiple planets and your rockets speed. Maybe allow keyboard input to manipulate the speed.

Otherwise, really solid game.