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Excelente juego. Me lo recomendó el mismísimo Jorge Muños

Its all thanks to the magic of shaders

Thanks!  I came across the effect as an accident, I'm actually surprised you where able to tell that by  just looking at the game!

Really cool! The music and physics where definitely my favorite part

Yeah, no audio. I was going to do it last and never came around to do it.

The spell mechanic is super op but also very fun and easy to use. With a little balance it could be really great.

I think I fixed it

Pretty clever game! I thought the stasis mechanic would be too OP, but you managed to make some pretty tough levels with it

Yes they are! It generates levels using the same method Derek Yu used on Spelunky. If I ever come back to this project I think my first priority will be adding a fun use for the gold.

I basically do it backwards. I place an initial random piece, then I pick one of three types of pieces (knight, rook or bishop) and place it somewhere where I'm sure it can capture the previous piece, and I repeat that process until it reaches a certain number of total pieces.

It felt like regular snake with the occasional change, maybe it was supposed to be that. Either way, I think it would be really good if something happened every time you picked up an apple and if the effects were a bit wilder. On another note, cool death animation!

Good meal > healthy hands

Thanks man! I think the mechanic has potencial, but I'm struggling to make it more beginner friendly. It's just so hard!

The best game I played on the jam yet. Super good intro, really cool lighting and it even has a boss fight!

Really fun game. The main mechanic is very intuitive and fun, plus all the explosions and game feel make it that much better. Good job!

Cool idea! The game is surprisingly hard,  and the door/key/shop system is a little bit annoying. Still, the visuals are charming and I think the game definitely SLAPS.

Very nice game! I really like the music and the sense of humor. I think a big improvement would be to somehow show which abilities (doble jump or dash) are currently active.

Thanks! I actually suck at chess, so I'm glad to see that a fan enjoys it.

I don't think I'll be making an update for it (the code is a mess) but if I do I'l let you know.

Cool game! I think it would have been even better if you added more varied weapons, but still a very solid entry

True, I guess I got too caught up on the generation thing, hand crafted leves would have been more enjoyable.

Cool, thanks!

Very cool experience, not much in terms of gameplay but the atmosphere you create more than makes up for it. I especially like the the dithering effect you use, how did you do it? Is it a shader?

Cool game! The only concern I have is that the paddle shrinks incredibly slowly, I actually didn't notice it until I read the instructions on the side.

Yeah, there's some inspiration from those games and I completely agree that the controls came out a bit disorienting. Thanks for playing!

Might actually have been the ending. There's supposed to be a little dialog in the end, but it's very easy to miss.

Cool mix between pixel art and 3d

The physics are a bit clunky. I don't know if it was on purpose, but i realized the sheep roll around when colliding with something and the elephants seem to be able to jump infinitely.  Still a pretty good game on its own right

haha, thanks! It was definitely easier to program.


Very clever use of the highscore as an incentive for playing harder

The concept was pretty original, but it gets repetitive after a while. Everything else looks pretty good!

Really enjoyed it!  I especially like how juicy the controls feel

It wasn't originally intended, but I think it fits well with "Big gun" theme

Good level design and the controls are shown in a very intuitive way

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Lights aren't working properly in browser build. If you want to play with the original version you must download the game.