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Submitted by Thiago L., Innominatum Digital (@InnominatumD), Rudieri (@rudieribauer) — 9 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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As many have said before, the art style is lovely, but the camera and controls could use some work. I particularly think it's important to be able to look behind you. This has quite a bit of potential, but is a little rough around the edges. Nice job and keep it up!


Cute game, love the use of 2d sprites in a 3d environment. 

Some gripes tho:

1. Camera rotates around the player weird so its hard to keep track of the rotation of my aim

2. The shooting itself is solid, but aiming is hard, its an interesting design choice to have the cursor rotate around the player instead of just rotating the camera and player to face the crosshair directly, but in a game like this, it's best to have it play more similar to a 3rd person shooter rather than like a tank game

3. UI could use some work, but thats just a small nitpick

I can see alot of potential in this game and looking forward to see what you do with this game.


I like the combiniation of 2d and 3d but the camera made it hard to see the text at times but it was fun to play :)


Graphic style was great, but as for the gameplay it was way too hard. Enemies moved much faster than you which meant you couldn't outrun them, but trying to shoot them was too difficult and they took too many hits, so I barely got far. I personally think nerf the enemies and make your attacks have a larger range so the enemies are easier to hit, then your game will not only be easier but more enjoyable and I would definitely want to play it more because I can see that there is more to this game that right now I cannot reach. Great job with the art!

Thanks for the feedback, we are very happy with your compliments. As for the difficulty of the game, we are aware that it ended up being exaggerated, with the submission deadline ending, we were unable to test the proper chest and the enemies ended up with many life points... how much the speed of the enemies it varies according to the type of enemy, in some cases being intentionally greater so that the player concentrates on dodging his tackles (After the tackle the acceleration time leaves the enemies exposed). We hope you will start playing again sometime after the review of the difficulty (which is being made) that will be posted after the voting closes.

Cool mix between pixel art and 3d


cool 2,5 d game^^


Nice art style, good mix of 2d and 3d. Agree with the others that it was hard to see where you were aiming. Was there a way to get more slime? I died too fast


Thanks for the feedback, the enemies drop slime when defeated and are a couple of slime balls in the scenario.

Deleted 1 year ago

I really like the graphic style. I don't know if the control method is intended, but I was a little confused while playing. Either way, it was fun to play.


I really enjoy the art style you went with for this, I personally struggled with the shooting controls & felt it hard to keep track of where my actual cursor was. Maybe if you guys had cursor aim instead of locking it in the slime radius it would have been more enjoyable. But that being said, you guys did a fantastic job on the overall design! I loved the art style you guys went with! 


Thank you, we are very happy to know that you enjoyed our work


Your idea of mixing 2D art in a 3D game was really interesting!


Thanks, we appreciate your feedback


WHY is this game so underrated, i love love love the art. gameplay is simple but very satisfying and fun i just don't understand why nobody is rating this even my shitty game got a couple of ratings and this is way more creative and fun. fantastic job lads, followed and can't wait to see more


I'm very happy that you liked it, and thanked you for your feedback. We made this game so that as many people could have fun with it, so if you want to share it with friends there, we would love to see feedbacks


no problemo,  i'm on it