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Excellently made, I really like the screen shake when you jump. It was a little on the easy side, but good starting levels

Fun game once I realized I had a gun lol. Really hard before I noticed that Hi, try my game here.

Nice graphics and animations! The grid was a little confusing at first, but quickly was undertandable

I'll play it now, here's mine

Nice game, I like how you are open to multiple routes per level and part of the puzzle is deciding what the best route to take is

Hi I'll play your game now, please play mine

Try my game about rewinding VHS

Played and rated!

Nice idea, pretty unique. Trying to predict the timing of teleports is pretty challenging. Good game

PLaying now its ok

Levels were a bit easy, but I like the overall idea. I think not changing the environment when you rewind is a good thing. Maybe for later levels you could have a mixture of things that do rewind and things that don't rewind to make it more complicated

I'm terrible at bullet hell games but it seemed good. I think it would have been better to move faster so its easier, but maybe its supposed to be really hard. Hi, please play my game

The rewind mechanic works well. Nice short game

Interesting mechanic, I don't think I've seen another one where you have to kill enemies to get more time. The killing from a specific position was a little weird, it seemed hard to know where to be to get the time to go back up. good game overall though

I'll try yours

It was really hard to time the cactus jumps. I think that needs to be a little easier. Good job on the game Hi I'll play your game now

played and rated

Nice job on the procedural generation. It could be sped up, you walk too slow. I like the idea of mixing a procedural dungeon game with turn based combat

Multiple people have said that now about mouse sensitivity. I wonder if its a mouse specific thing, cause I had to turn it way up for me. Next time I'll put a mouse sensitivity slider Hello I'll play it now

Well polished, no jank, thought the graphics and audio messed well. I think it could do with checkpoints, some of the levels were pretty long to lose and go all the way back

I really struggled on the first level, but after that the levels were really smooth. The graphics and effects were great. The yellow was a little hard to see contrasted against the white walls, I would make it a little darker maybe Hello please play my game, I'll play yours now

Great game. Not sure if I got to the end or it got glitched. I got to the end of a level and my character disappeared and nothing happened afterwards

Hi i'll play your game now. Here is mine

Hi I'll play it now. Here's mine