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Word on the street is that PolyMars is a fool...

Just pushed update v1.2. Should make stuff a little better

The game doesn't currently have a framerate cap, on Sunday (when the jam ends) I'll push a build to fix that. So if your GPU usage is high it's due to that. One temporary fix it is to cap your framerate using shadowplay/Radeon :)

Fair criticism. I definitely think that the arrow physics could be much better. Keep in mind the game is supposed to be difficult and more of a practice makes perfect kind of experience which is why the player is punished so harshly for missing a shot (Probably not the greatest ethos for a game jam game but hey ho). I really appreciate your feedback :)

Fair feedback! I had a lot of trouble getting the bow to play nice, thank you for checking out the game :)

Well there's an unpopular opinion! Cheers for the feedback

Lmao Imagine being this bad at making games

I have a Patreon, You can find it by just searching Barji on there :)



Try it! If your pc blows up I'm not liable.

it’s much more useful for the later levels. Thanks for the feedback, I hope you enjoyed anyway.

 can’t wait for the butwhylevin speedrun.

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I apologise!

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Grab and drop kids with space

This game means alot to me. It taught me what really matters.

The game had nice art but it was very short

I like the combiniation of 2d and 3d but the camera made it hard to see the text at times but it was fun to play :)

I'm glad you added a restart button because i made myself smaller again and it shot me through the floor of the world XD. The jump sound effect was a nice touch though.

This game was fun to play. The only problem i had with it was that the music got a bit repetetive.

I really enjoyed this game. It's fun to play, it has good graphics and nice music. Well done :)

This was a nice idea. I was a bit deterred at first by the graphics but after playing i realised it is a cool concept :) 

Thanks Cameron pal :)

Game was cool i liked the BTP art style. The gameplay got a bit repetitive though if i am honest.

Thanks ollie! We added the fans too to allow for the small ball to add an impact and also the bigger the ball the sturdier the shot. I agree on what you are saying though. I think we should of spent more time playing with existing features than cramming in more. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks man :)

Keep at it man, This game and especially artstyle are just beautiful!

makes sense! Would you mind giving my game a go? 

Little bit difficult but the artwork was beautiful!

I failed to mention stealing your local stores supply of monster energy before the jam. 16 should do it.

Sfx were awesome lol

I enjoyed the game! The art was gorgeous! Good Job!

It was a cool concept! I'm kinda annoyed i was asked to optionally PAY  for a game that was made in 3 days but other than that the concept was neat and art was executed nicely!

Cool game! You should check out TextMeshPRO if you haven't already though lol. Awesome job :)

The movement felt a bit too slide-y I really liked the UI design. Good Job!

The concept is definitely one of the better ones of the jam however my character kept flipping which was kind of annoying. Keep at it man!