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Do you have what it takes to avoid shrinking into oblivion?
Submitted by outcasts — 15 minutes, 23 seconds before the deadline
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Wonderful looking game, and with some groovy music too! I felt like the player should've had more control over their size, as without it I found the game too difficult. I think you could've removed the constantly-shrinking-until-you-die since the red bars/bullets/lines pose enough of a threat to the player. Instead I would personally have given the player to both grow and shrink.


A fun simple game! I feel some of the reds placement was a tad unfair, with lasers or balls coming out of nowhere with almost no time to react. The music and aesthetic were nice though, and the mechanic where you had to be bigger than the diamond to consume it added a nice amount of depth. Well done overall!


I really enjoyed this game. It's fun to play, it has good graphics and nice music. Well done :)


Great graphics, I especially love the background.
The movement is a bit to fast for me and it really sucks that the edges of the screen kill you.

Overall awesome game. I had fun with it got 11 as my high score :)


Very enjoyable, though I wish the camera was slightly zoomed out. Regardless, it was fun to get a score grand total of (DRUM ROLLLLLLL) 3...


Reminds me a bit of flappy bird, don't know why but like 20x better. Super nice interpretation of like size. :D


Thanks! Our original idea for this jam was flappy bird but with a different gimmick, so you're spot on!


Oh nice, my brain huge :D


The art and effects are well done. The game is challenging but easy to understand. I was able to get a high score of 10. Thanks for sharing!


I absolutely love the aesthetic of this game! The mechanics are easy to understand but difficult to get good at. Had fun playing, good work!


The art was really clean and made the game look really nice


The graphics are really cool. Although this game is kinda simple, it's confusing, maybe because the shrinking goes too quick at the beginning, so I couldn't enjoy it too much as it starts too difficult. I know how difficult it is to figure out a good level in that short amount of time, but if you're intending to keep developing this game, please make it start easier, and change the name "jump", it's misleading, try something like "expand", "grow", "inflate" or something like that. Congrats for the original idea though!


Thanks for your comments! Those points that you bring up are very valid and things that we found we struggled with most in development, so I find your suggestions very helpful. Definitely will be keeping that in mind for further updates.


Cool graphics and original idea, found the game difficult though, and the strategy and decision making behind when I should grow was tough for me! Nice work!


The game looks really good. Though the game is to hard and I couldn't figure out how to grow in size!


I couldn't get that far in this game, but I really liked it! Everything is super smooth and well designed.