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Yeah I saw this becoming an issue, I tried adding like more trees so like there were more ways to go up and down but ah I am not sure it helped. ;-; Glad you liked it though :D

I see, it was laggy for you as well. I will keep that in mind in the future. Glad you liked the story though :D

Thanks for playing :D

Yo this is amazing. How did you even make this in under 48hours. The art style and colours are really nice. The gameplay mechanic is also super interesting and cool. Nice polished game dude good job :D

Controls felt a bit weird and slow, like no acceleration or momentum ;-; Grapple mechanic doesn't have like pop you know, like it doesn't feel impactful, it feels a behaves more like a teleport. The sprinting having a secondary bar felt a bit weird as well cus its the same direction. Other than the controls, the graphics and audio are really really nice. 

The difficulty ramped up so fast. All children are devils. I thought the kids killed each other at first but it said it was just a knockout so thank god. Really nice game. The graphics feel a bit too vibrant though. Super nice game :D

Wow the graphics are amazing. The controls were a bit hard to get used to but other than that it was really nice. :D

This was a really nice story. Damn can't believe you made this in 2 days. Really liked the digital notepad feature :D 

Glad you liked it :D

Swarm Outbreak. Breaking browsers since 11 July. :D Try the downloaded version of you are free. Thanks for playing though :D

Yeah frame rate seems to be a major issue. Have you tried the downloaded versions? I can’t test it out Cus my computer is a beast :D 

Thanks for playing :D Glad you liked the story 

Thanks for playing :D The Grey Goo Apocalypse was more or less the inspiration of this game, didn’t know it’s name until you mentioned it though.

Glad you liked the art style.

I am assuming you mean the case where you have a couple of them left but you can’t move because of reduced sight? I didn’t think of that case actually, I will see what I can do.

Ah, the FPS still drops I see. I thought I reduced it.

The ending was also not done properly, I wanted to make the camera stay still as like the Swarm exploded. But because the camera is tied to the average position of the Swarm things it got complicated and I ran out of time.

Yo I just made a new game called Swarm Outbreak. You should check it out if you are free. :D

Short Interactive Fiction. Roughly 1-7 minutes playtime. Made for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam (Finished early because I need to study)

Why thanks good sir. Glad you liked it :D

Looks cool, but I couldnt finish it. The controls feel a bit weird but other than that the graphics and audio are nice :D

This is a pretty neat minigame. I am not sure but it feels like if you are really unlucky, the enemies can spawn on top of your character. Fun game though :D

Thanks :D Glad you liked it

Yeah damn, didnt manage to fix everything in time. Thanks for playing though. Glad you liked it!

This feels like the controls should have been moving the platform with the mouse position. Really simple concept, other than the rain looking weird and the controls, I like it :D

Yeah definitely needs sound effects. I literally clutched and added screenshake and disco lighting last minute

Ah I think its because I turned on stretching, but didnt scale anything. Haiz the rush was real.


Thanks sir, glad you liked it! What do you mean by viewport btw?

Wow that was a cool video holy. How did you find my game. Super curious :D Glad you liked it hehe 

A short little story-rich game, made for EJam 2020 by IGDA. (But guess who forgot to submit, kinda pissed at myself but yeah well shit hits the fan)

Can I still submit? I had school today so I forgot to submit my game this morning.

Ah I see, I think I made the boss a bit hard ehhe cause my friends kept saying it was easy. Good job though. Thansk for playing :D Glad you had fun

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :D

Good job making the procedural generation :D 

Yeah some of my friends told me that as well, should have maybe had diff shapes for enemies and allies ;- ; Glad you like it tho! Thanks for playing :D

Hehe yes who doesn't like explosions :D Thanks for playing boss, procedural generation is kinda sloppy but glad you liked it :D

I was trying to make the game monochromatic, cus I heard it made things like stand out more. I don't think I did it right though ;-; Thanks for playing anyways! Glad you liked it :D

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :D

Wait how did I not think of this. This is great idea, both the rockets and the shooting to the mouse. Thanks for the idea buddy. Love your feedback. I must have rushed too much and immediately scraped the idea of having the followers shoot. Thankf buddy lova ya. No homo. Will update after my exams. :D

Why thank you kind sir! Yeah the rock paper scissor design I think makes the game really come together, without it it would be far too boring. Glad you liked it! :D

Didn't think there was another similar game haha. Glad you liked it, I have been trying to think of something other than meat shields for a while now but the only thing I can think of was this mechanic from another game where the followers produced the ammo for the player. Other than that thanks for playing!