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Procedural Generation WIP
Submitted by spoonsweet (@spoonsweet1) — 7 minutes, 31 seconds before the deadline
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I do not know how to

Game Description
Sill a WIP unfortunately! Thank you for trying it!

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Participation Level (GWJ)
This is my third GWJ

Jam Time
5 I think. Not all had results however :)

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Nice game .


Good job making the procedural generation :D 


A promising WIP. Always impressive to see working procedural world generation!


Nice to see you again spoonsweet! Keep up the good work!


I'm glad you submitted one way or another, looks like you've got the start of a good game here. The music is pretty jarring, though. Best of luck continuing it after the jam :)


Thanks for the encouragement!

(By jarring you mean it could use a bit of fixing, correct? hehe)


Heheh, yes :) I'm no audio wiz but something about it just feels a little out of sorts.


Awesome! I have to find some tutorials or study a bit more about game music to try and create something better. Is it all that is messy, or some parts more than others? Thanks!


I think the biggest thing is the initial chords in the first instrument are off. They give the whole piece a bit of an otherworldly, unsettling vibe.


Looks like it could be good! Did you use KidsCanCode's algorithm for the dungeon? If so, I have a version of it that uses autotiling, so you can get a better look and feel. Let me know if you want to see it! Overall, you could actually turn this into something. I liked the feel.


Wow thank you! I did use his tutorials! I really appreciate your support and your offer! I am not really familiar with messaging system, let me know how I can help! Really looking forward to it!


Procedual generation well done! 


it pales in front of your work, but thank you for the comment and for playing!


It seems to be a solid base for what will hopefully be a great game, nice job!


Thank you so much for checking it out, and for your support! I really liked the procedural generation in your levels too. How did you pull that off?


Thank you! I couldn't find anything about procedurally generating rooms, only algorithms to form entire dungeons. So I went with a really simple approach: I start with a plain rectangular room, I randomly erode the angles of the room and then select 0 to 4 midpoints of the four walls and erode around  them too. Lastly I put randomly some inner walls and objects inside the room and the enemies in random points in the right side of the room. It's probably not really efficient and way too random for now, but it got its job done, ahahah.


The art, music and concept are pretty cool. Good job getting procedural generation in! That's a tricky thing to pull off. I don't know if you're planning to continue with it, but you don't have to add that much more to flesh it out as a proper game. :-)


Thank you so much for the support and for dropping by! After submitting I did feel a bit down, thinking I made a "hole in water", but with everyone's support, I will probably keep at it! Thank you!


Nice WIP. Procedural generation is difficult to implement and it looks like you had a really go start to it. I like your character sprites and the over all feel of what you put together. I enjoyed breaking it by spawning in like 50+ enemies lol

Would have been cool to see what you ended up with, this is a great start and I'm sure you'll be able to take what you learned from it to enhance future games.

Glad you posted what you had, rather then giving up. 


Thank you so much! And I am really happy you enjoyed spamming and breaking it as much as I do!

I will try my best to continue with this, seeing everyone's support!