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Wow, thanks for the super detailed reply!

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I also can get bad motion sickness - I'm glad this one was OK for you. I think the plane obstructing so much of the view helps (or at least it helped me as I worked on it - the first day was just flying an empty platform ;-)), it kind of acts like a natural vignette. I also tried to make sure the controls only let you do "safe" things, so you can't roll the plane or dive too deeply. Anyway, I put a lot of thought in this aspect, so I'm glad that it had some success. :-)

Whaat?! Very impressive technically. However, I tried to Google "vapor" (you know, to fit the theme) but couldn't manage to pull it. It was very hard to press a key only once, and I'd always hit one way too many times (including the backspace key in order to try and fix my mistake). Still, pretty cool :-)

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Nice work! I love everything about the guns: the model, the sound, the bloomy muzzle flash, the beam. Perfection! Overall, the visual style is great, and music meshed well with it.

I love the cockpit and the "diagetic" controls in there. Fantastic! Especially the glass you look through to see the altitude lines. Great job!

Only I'm absolutely terrible at it, and could never manage to live long :-)

(Like someone else below, it always spawned me below the plane. I'm glad I looked in the comments here and found out how to recenter!)

Nice work! I love the Ancient Greek / "Thor-ish" (who isn't Greek :-))  concept. I was pretty terrible at flying, though, I never quite got the hang of it.

Super cool concepts, and great implementation! You've got both destructible "terrain" and flowing gases. Just felt so good to break the ice, the combination of the motion, the destruction, sound and hapics. Great job!

Loved it! I wouldn't have thought to do a game like "I Expect You To Die" - the music was the best reference to it :-) I didn't manage to solve the puzzle, though. When do we get the YouTube video showing the best deaths and the solution? ;-)

Cool concept! I liked using the flags as a UI element, and all the other little details. :-)

Great game! I loved the concept and the visuals. (And it was one of the few games that I was able to "beat". :-))

Out of curiosity, how did you do the fog? With just the fog setting (which I think doesn't work with the compatibility renderer) or some other way?

Such a cool idea! It's just fun to play with particles. :-) However, like Bastiaan below, I had some trouble with the spheres in the 2nd level. I very nearly managed to finish that puzzle but not quite

I love it! So atmospheric and art looks beautiful. I'm actually curious how you achieved that "Quest art style", ie the sort of flat cartoony look that many Quest games have?

Thanks! Yeah, when I was doing my final testing on all platforms, I also had issues that would have been helped by having a way to recenter. Something to make sure to include next time!

Really cool concept! I was pretty terrible at it though. It almost felt like an accident every time I got the coal in :-)

Amazingly simple concept, although, I'm sure it wasn't simple at all to implement. :-) Looked and felt really polished. I loved the cloth physics and wrinkles disappearing.

I was pretty terrible at it, though.  I only did two items, and it felt like it took me forever (which I guess simulates using a really steamer :-))

Great game! I only starting to get a hang of the flying by the time the game ended. I could definitely see this as a full game :-)

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Yep, there's haptic feedback when shooting the gun. I'd be curious if there is in fact an issue on the Index or if you just didn't notice it? Perhaps it was too subtle?

In case it's helpful, here's what these characters looks like in the pixel font that I'm currently using for Ukrainian:

In my personal (non-expert) opinion, these look pretty good!

(BTW, my goal is to switch from needing separate fonts for different languages to having just one.)


There are some letters that are missing for Ukrainian. Here's a marked up image from the Wikipedia article, highlighting which are missing:

Here are the codes for each of the letters, as looked up on

  • Ґ = U+0490
  • ґ = U+0491
  • Є = U+0404
  • є = U+0454
  • І = U+0406
  • і = U+0456
  • Ї = U+0407
  • ї = U+0457

Please let me know if you need any more information!

Thanks :-)

Sure, I can try! I'm typing the Polish characters on my keyboard with a Polish layout, so I'm not sure the best way to look them up, but I found this website where I can just type them into the search bar:

For the 3 characters mentioned above:

  1. Capital "Ó" = U+00D3
  2. Lower-case "ę" = U+0119
  3. Lower-case "ó" = U+00F3

If you know a better way to look up the codes, please let me know!

Thanks for the great font :-)

Oh, one more thing that isn't incorrect, but it's definitely inconsistent! The "accent" mark (it's not really an accent mark, the letters with marks are unique characters in Polish) on the lower-case "ó" is a pixel higher than the same mark on any of the other lower-case characters like "ć", "ń", "ś" and "ź":

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I'm considering switching to this font for all languages, but found a couple problems for Polish:

  1. The "accent" mark for the capital "Ó" should appear fully above the character, just like with "Ć", "Ń", "Ś" and "Ź"
  2. The lower-case "ę" has a dot on top, rather than a hook underneath. The hook should look similar to the one on "ą"

This image from the Wikipedia may be helpful:


Great art! I love the super low resolution and restricted palette. I'm terrible at puzzle games, but this was much closer to my skill level than most. :-) The music and sound effects were super atmospheric and really "brought you to hell". I didn't have enough time to finish the game (I only made it about half way, I think?) but felt like a very polish and complete experience. Good job! 5/5 :-)

Really great art, and subtley juicy interactions, with lots of polish, feeling like a very complete experience!! However, I'm terrible at puzzle games and it was really hard for me - I only managed to beat 4 levels (and I had to completely give up on one of them, I think level 3?)

I loved the art style! Great atmospheric sound. Everything fit together into a very solid experience. Good job! And congrats on submitting your first game for GWJ :-)

Great game loop - it was super addictive and made me want to keep playing and playing! If this went through full production and got full art and music, and a lot more cards, I think this could be something very special :-)

Such a unique concept and solid experience! I watch Vikfro play it on his stream, but I was really surprised at how great the graphics were when I played it for myself. I can't imagine the work that went into making the actual gem cutting part of the game work. Unbelievable! 5/5 :-)

This game is just so cool and unique! Like I said on stream, I love the constrast between the ASCII art and the juiceyness and the unexpected use of a grappling hook in an ASCII art game. Fabulous!! 5/5 :-)

Lovely art, super unique concept, an altogether solid experience! Great work :-)

Great game! I loved the art, and all the different enemy types. As I talked about on stream, I think the only thing that would be nice to change would be click to attack. Wonderful job! Congrats on your first game for GWJ :-)

A really solid game! Great art (loved the super low resolution), music fit perfectly, an altogether very tight experience. It's suuuper hard, though, I can't last even a full minute :-)

Congrats on submitting your first game for GWJ! A nice little game! The first time I played I didn't realize I was supposed to drop into the pit on the overworld, I thought it was a death pit ala Super Mario - then I saw the bit in the description here about falling into a cave :-) Anyway, great job, keep it up!

Very tight experience! Nice art, I loved the super low resolution. I would have really liked remappable keys, though, because I don't know type on a Qwerty keyboard, so it took a bunch of getting used to. It's quite hard too - I did maybe ~10 runs and never made it past level 2 :-) Overall, though, a very solid game! Congrats on your first submission for GWJ!

Cool concept and a very ambitious game for a jam! The art's great, in particular I like the map. The writing is solid. Great work!

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Amazing art style! So much character, great use of light and decent animations. The sound effects added a lot of atmosphere as well. I couldn't manage to get a handle on the controls, although, or maybe I was doing them wrong? In particular, I had a lot of trouble getting my character to turn and face the enemy, and so I didn't manage to get very far :-)

Congrats on finishing your first GWJ game! Very interesting concept, and I really liked the sound effects - they fit together in a very convincing metro experience :-) Great work!

Really cool concept! Theming minesweeper like that was really clever and the snake animations were great! Overall, a very solid game :-) 

Congrats on finishing your first Godot game! I couldn't get very far in it, though, it's quite hard :-)

This is amaaaazing! Thanks so much! :-)

> i'll add that i'd been meaning to start using git, and found your little series on that from 2020, and it's super helpful! so, thanks for that, too! :)

Awesome! Glad you found it useful :-)