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Monster RevolutionView game page

Free the other monsters and get your revenge!
Submitted by David Snopek (@snopekgames) — 21 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
You're monster in a prison guarded by wizards. You escaped your cell, and now you have to free your fellow monsters, fight the wizards (commanding your followers indirectly) and leave the dungeon

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Participation Level (GWJ)
Frst time in GWJ

Jam Time
Maybe my 6th jam?

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I followed this game with your vids and was looking forward to play it, and it is as good as it looked ; the bouncy animation looks great, the controls are effective and the game is fun ! Even if a minion killed himself when he was supposed to stay but I guess he deserved it.

Very interesting game, I love the art style :] keep up the good work mate


This is a great entry, well done! I especially appreciate the inclusion of AI in jam games, it's a lot of "behind the scenes" work.


Solving puzzles and going through obstacles was fun. The controls felt good as I felt in control of my character. I enjoyed sending my comrades to attack. Overall, the gameplay was fun.

The issue I had was when my comrades did not let me pass. They are stubborn like a brick wall.


Thanks for playing and the feedback!

> The issue I had was when my comrades did not let me pass. They are stubborn like a brick wall.

Yeah, you can push them, but I think I didn't tune the push speed that well. It's set at 50% your movement speed, and maybe it should have been more like 75%? On my TODO for after the game jam (if I continue this game), I'd like to just have them try to move out of your (and each other's) way.


Finally got a chance to play it this morning. As I mentioned I already watched the postmortem but I was more listening instead of watching the gameplay. Gotta say it's pretty fun!

I like the assets you chose, specifically the music; I enjoyed it and it didn't get old during gameplay.  I also really like the general idea of solving puzzles with your followers and love how you fit that into the theme about escaping as free monsters.

The gameplay was solid for the most part - the only small frustrations were when my followers kept bumping into me/blocking me and when they would sort of go backwards if I lost any of them. Otherwise they were good at combat (not overpowered) but dumb and it kind of strikes a nice balance lol. The spikes seemed fine for me.

Great submission!

Side note: the web version doesn't work with a gamepad (DS4 using DS4Windows in Firefox) FYI, but downloaded version does.


Thanks for playing and the feedback!

I'll have to test the gamepad in the browser on Windows and/or with a DS4 and see what's going on there. I've only tested on Linux browsers (Chrome and Firefox), but not with a DS4 controller (although, I have one)...


I liked the concept and execution, the only thing that bothered me where the alternating spikes that were a little too fast and pushed the player too much.

I wonder how this game could be expanded, it has potencial. Like, different types of monsters with different attacks, different enemies, or some puzzles that require to command the monsters in certain ways, really interesthing game.


Thanks! Yeah, the spikes could probably be tuned to be a little more forgiving. :-) Not sure if I'll keep going with it, but those are great suggestions!


Really loved the look and feel of this game! Kudos!

(1 edit) (+1)

A really good game and you did a greate job in designing and programming it in whole, including the level design (which introduces you into the mechanics step-by-step) and other things. Athough, control is still a bit hard when it comes for your teammates to pathfind and as I've already mentioned in DC - pushing through your teammates. But I don't consider it a big drawback for a Jam game. Nevertheless, for this same reason I can't put 5s for audio and graphics, unfortunately, since they are external assets. But GJ anyway!



> I can't put 5s for audio and graphics, unfortunately, since they are external assets

Yeah, maybe next time I can get an artist to join me, and maybe find time to make some original music.

> and as I've already mentioned in DC - pushing through your teammates

I actually added the ability to push your teammates on Sunday! It's in the version of the game that got submitted, but was after you play tested on Discord. BTW, thanks again for play testing, it really made me realize that this was an important feature to add. :-)


Great job! It's all very slick and polished with a nice tune to go along with it.


I like the premise :) Music's lovely and it controls well on keyboard despite being designed for a game controller. It's pretty tricky, though. Perhaps that's the point. Well done either way!



Very tight and polished for a jam game. I could see something like this being expanded on too. Excellent work


I really enjoyed this game. I can't believe you made it in a week! Well done. 



I recorded regular devlogs as I made the game, so if you're curious about the "trials and tribulations" of getting it done in one week, you can see it all on YouTube :-)


sweet, I'll do that.


Plays really well, a nice idea how the theme has been implemented.

I really like the game mechanic and also the music is good.


Really awesome art! Also, apart from the monsters running wild when they are supposed to stay, the game is pretty straightforward and fun to play! I would like to play more of it :)

Congrats on a really well executed game :)


The main plot of our game is basically the same, but we carried it out in two radically different ways, that's really interesting. The only complain that I have, as others have already said, is that the monster do not really "STAY". Excellent job!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I cannot tell the monsters to NOT touch the spikes. That's the only con I could think of of this game. "Monster Revolution" is a greatly executed game I could wish to see it being published on Steam.



> I cannot tell the monsters to NOT touch the spikes.

Yeah, you don't get perfect control of them. :-) The intention is that you use FOLLOW to lead them far enough away from the spikes, then tell them to STAY. But they wander around a bit where ever you leave them - they're monsters! Maybe I should have called the STAY behavior NONE or something like that?

Anyway, thanks again, I really appreciate the feedback :-)

Submitted (1 edit)

I see, they're monsters, ur right! Now I understand your intention.  Graphics 5/5!

Submitted (10 edits)

Thinking back, the monster wandering habits to your stay command is sort of a human act - some children are active, some are quiet, some are always hyped up over new things, some are cautious to potential dangers ahead. Some are fat, some are thin

Then, I could imagine different monster wandering behaviors would gift them different skills and reactions you are able to assign or even procedurally generate e.g. A difference of movement speed, maximum hitpoints and Aggressiveness between each monster, that would determine how likely the monster is prone to hitting spikes when chasing a nearby enemy

more like The sims: Monster edition 😂 Low IQ SIMS are prone to electrocuting themselves by bathing  as well 


> Then, I could imagine different monster wandering behaviors would gift them different skills and reactions you are able to assign or even procedurally generate

That would be sooo cool! If I continue to work on, this, I'd love to give the monsters some more personality like you described :-)

Submitted (4 edits)

and damn I must mention this game:

This game has the same music as yours

And this game is in fact the root inspiration of my game! This is the first roguelike game I’ve ever played. They even share the same issue - the level exits may spawn just 2 squares away from my starting point 😂 thus allowing me to break my speedrun records


Wow, that's crazy! They used the same asset pack for music, and one of the same asset packs for sound effects (the one from artisticdude) that I used. As far as I know, those asset packs aren't related in any way, except both being available on I guess it's a small world when you're only considering CC0 assets. :-)

I played the game a little. It's a nice mix of classic roguelike, but adding some nice graphics and animations. Pretty cool! I'll try to check it out more later.

Thanks for sharing!


Love the aesthetic combined with the music. And really love the original twist with the monsters who follow you and who you can give commands to.

Well done!


Loved it! The mechanics were clear and there is a gradual difficulty, as well as the locked away content.

Your aesthetic was even more supported with the lovely visuals, the music and the environmental story telling. The player and follower sprites speak volumes. I liked how even though you give them instructions, they tend to do what they wish at times, which is conceptually supported by the fact they are actually monsters. So "it makes sense" for them to act this way!

I was aiming to do something similar, but could never reach your level of gameplay! 


Thanks for playing and the kind words!

> ...  but could never reach your level of gameplay!

The game play is really a lot of "smoke and mirrors", ie. the game probably isn't as clever as you think it is. The trick is ending up with a balance of things that feels good, even if it's all kind of faked. :-) The source code is on GitLab if you want to check it out.


Nice game, didn't get to the extra content, agree with kcaze that some kind of health regen would be nice. Also could do with some kind of indication that the other monsters are following you, maybe something like they have a banner or something... not sure but, it was difficult to tell when I had gotten a monster to join me. I'll be coming back to play this one again for sure.


Thanks for playing and the feedback!

I responded to kcaze a little bit more about the design thinking around health regen. I agree with you both that it'd be necessary to make this into a longer experience.

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