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can I use it in godot, ue or any other engine?

Thank you sir for having a go and your feedback, yes I totally agree and I am glad I am getting to know where I can improve in my games generally thats amazing and tbh I had a  linux build but I didnt test it and I was like if it didnt work at all it will be a bummer 😅 but next time I will attach linux one as well 😊

Thanks! I wish the same tbh :)

Thank you! yes I will improve hopefully :)

yeah I should have only kept knife in there :D

wow will do :)

nice space shooter :)

Original 100000

loved it :D

super fun and cool tbh :D

the art work was perfect

wow the story and the pixelated characters were really nice 

I didn't take bribe yay B)

Nice one :) turn based mechanics <3

haha I love it <3 tom and jerry got competition 

I loved the graphics and the music <3 just amazing

Man I loved it <3 super cool I just wish I could turn the mouse sensitivity down a bit but over all it was fun

I loved it <3 tbh I can't stop playing it :D super addicting 

wow super cool :O

Wow I love the theme it fits well with the jam's theme :)

oof I love the music <3

super fun aside from controls :P

Super addicting :D 

wow nice theme :O 

Simple yet super fun to play <3

Thanks will work on gameplay more next time ;)

haha yes will improve sir :) thanks!

Thanks! yeah pistol makes it super easy definitely something to keep in mind for the next jam :)