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Top-down Stealth Revolution in a world with cats and rats
Submitted by Godoobs, Oskar van Velden (@skar) — 24 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version


Game Description
A top-down stealth game where you try to gather followers for your revolution (by doing fetch-quests ^^)

Discord Username
Skar_NL #9096, Quill #6099, Indrek #8464, NeonAfroSloth #8853, Tolbajoob #9158, Randomcode #1370

Participation Level (GWJ)
First time for all team-members

Jam Time
Skar: first time, some other people have joined some jams before

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Really liked the dialogue system, and quests. Was a bit lost on what to do, but figured it out after exploring for a while.


Thanks for your feedback, Jonas.

Creating the quests and dialog-system was really awesome to do - so glad you enjoyed it. And yes, the overall game-flow could've been a bit better explained / tweaked. But mostly due to the time we didn't had much time playtesting.

Submitted (1 edit)

Death Stranding - Rat Edition, well done with the plot generation! The F2F animated title screen got me & would like to see more! LIKE!


Thanks for your feedback. The writer really had lots of fun writing the different quest-lines. And glad you liked the animated title screen.


The unthinkable has been achieved! I really enjoyed this game, although, I had to redo that first stage a whole bunch of times because I didn't see that white cat on the white background until it was too late. :-)

This game fit the theme perfectly. The music was terrifying and definitely got the secretly-planning-a-revolution vibe. The art was great, although there was a pretty dramatic style change between the title screen (which is beautiful!) and the playable game (which also looked very nice). Interesting writing too. I really dug it!


Thanks for your feedback, David.

It's a pleasure to read you enjoyed our game this much. I agree, we didn't consider the white cat on the snow-background ... but to be fair, we didn't had time to playtest all that much to begin with. We were just too busy trying to fit everything in there.


Not a bad game. I felt like I was lost a lot though.


Thanks for the feedback!

The first level is a bit too big, I agree. I tried to make it easier to navigate by having the roads all go to the different houses. But it's hard to test it, if you build the level yourself.

The other levels are more condenced and probably easier to navigate.


Not bad! I liked the little quests given by the other rats. The audio was a bit jarring though. Like, I like the suspense, but the volume was a tad high. Maybe reduce the DB in audacity a bit? Overall, nicely done.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the quest-lines. Our writer certainly had fun writing them.

And sorry the music was too loud - we only added it on the last day and didn't had any playtesting.


Great cover picture.

Very good game except for the floor tileset which often makes you think that this is an obstacle but you can just walk over it and the invisible wall I think a fence with the factory setting would have worked better here.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for your feedback!

The invisible wall was a bit cheating, you are right. But it also felt stupid to just add a huge row of bushes to restrict the player. 
At the factory-level we could've made it a fench, that's right.


Well done, nice game. I've read through the below comments and also don't have much to add. Other then to reiterate the tile map was a bit busy, over all the art for the game was great. Starting over after completing two levels kind of stunk and made me actually quit. So for replayability I would think about having a level select system if you revisit this or for future games.

Well done, solid submission!


Restarting the whole game was intentional - but we realised too late that the cats needed some visual indication they spotted you or something. Now it's just almost instant-caught ... unless you walk slowly.

I can imagine it's no fun to restart after having completed the first 2 levels. Sorry about that, mate


I don't have a lot to add to what others already said. The game is very pretty and original, great job on the dialogue system. I enjoyed the witty writing the most, the simple gameplay served it well I think. Sound design also did a good job setting the atmosphere.

Pixel art portraits look amazing! The only consideration I have on the graphics is that tilesets are often a bit high on contrast (probably just a matter of taste) and NPC rats being half the pixel size look a bit off.

Congratulations to the whole team, very good entry. Well done!

Nitpicking time: there was a rogue '\n' left somewhere but I forgot to take a screenshot (I think it was in one of cheese or baguette rat dialogues).


Thanks for your lovely comments. And the dialog-system was (technically) also something I was proud off. It worked out as intended, the writer could easily just fill in JSON-files and the branching and conditional dialogs worked.

But yeah - due to time constraints we could actually only put in the dialogs just before submitting, so some texts were too long or had some line-break characters in them. I noticed them as well ... but it was past the deadline, so wasn't allowed to fix it anymore :D

BTW, the NPCs being half the size was probably a mistake of my side. I think the pixel arts did made them the right size, but I guess I scaled them at some point and didn't notice until it was too late (after submission) :(

Submitted (2 edits)

Good luck Com-rats! Future Clock OP.

Seeing such a team work on a game jam is something is lovely! Well done to all!

Really nice music all around. The intro animations where captivating and the character portraits as well as the items were fantastic! The dialogues were funny and personal, building character and mood.

People have commented on the tilemaps, and it is a game jam, so after getting caught by cats twice, I managed to understand the gameplay and do much better.

Well done and congRATulations again!

(PS: I felt a lot better navigating at closed spaces due to the way as a player you are familiar on how they work and where their barriers are. If you are aiming of revisiting the game maybe having more of these levels with inside rooms help a lot. Perhaps having the first level be inside a house might help the players orient and understand the world. )


Thanks com-rat!

Judging by your comments about the clock, you at least played it until the second level ^^

Glad you enjoyed the music, animations and portraits.

We only build the levels the last day, so in hindsight we should've made a playable version way earlier to actually test out the tilemaps and how the enemies (cats) should be more clear when they notice you and such.

And I agree - when you finally understand how the cats-AI works, it's pretty easy to bypass them :P


Spooky :) All the rats having different stereotypical personalities was fun, and the music really set a fantastic mood.


Thanks. The artists and writers had fun coming up with the lore and different personalities for sure


Original 100000


Thanks ^^


An original game with a real lore, however, the tilemap was not really readable.


Thanks for your feedback. And yes, due to the time we didn't had the time to tweak the tilemap further to make it more readable


I really like the design of the characters, but in my opinion the background was in some places way too messy and not really coherent, other than being a bit too much flat.  I didn't appreaciate that the guards could see you before you could see them, and (maybe it was intended) but when you get a game over you start back from the first region, but you retain all the objects that you've found. Maybe it would be better to directly start from the region you were in when you were caught.
Overall I really appreciated the whole worldbuilding, it would be nice to see it expanded and polished, great work! 


Thank you for your feedback, Sanjuro

I totally agree with the background being too messy and/or not really coherent on some spots. It's mostly due to time (and one of our developers dropping out mid-jam) that we could only make the levels work in the last couple of days. The levels are actually all build the last day before the deadline ^^

And it's by design that you will restart the whole game ... but it's a bug that you keep the gathered items. They should've been reset properly. Will fix that in a new version.


Awesome, the dialogue was pretty good and the lore is actually very good too


Thanks for your feedback. We were also very pleased with how the artwork and dialogs turned out.


The dialogue and the art were great!


Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it all