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I love it when you call me Pig Poppa
Submitted by elocnat (@elocnat) — 9 minutes, 41 seconds before the deadline
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A VR grafitti game where you shoot pigs!

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Made a few jam games

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You don't happen to have an Oculus Quest build? :-) I see that this is using OpenVR, which I could use with Oculus Link, but then I have to get on Windows (I use Linux normally). I may have time to do that, but no promises...

Developer (2 edits)

I can definitely try and cut a Quest/Android build to see if it works. I'm not sure how good performance will be (using GLES3 and the spray paint code is terribly optimized right now). Give me a few minutes and I can get that done.

EDIT: Just looked at all the documentation and it's a whole different plugin with stuff to setup. I want to try and get it running but won't be today or before the end of the jam probably. Sorry! Hope you get a chance to check it out anyways.


Yeah, no worries! I did manage to boot up Windows and try it over Oculus Link and it seemed to work OK over Link. Although, I couldn't seem to figure out how to enable teleport, which I usually use due to VR sickness, but the smooth motion worked, so I was able to check it out for a short bit. Also, pressing the grip button seemed to also move me forward which was weird, so every time I picked something up I also moved a bit, so I had to make sure to just press it quickly. I'm sure both things are related to running this through Oculus Link.

I liked the art style and the music! The idea seems really cool. I appreciated the memorial wall and BLM connection - I think that, combined with making the police be actual pigs, is a nice tone for a game like this. I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks so much for taking the time to play and give me feedback! Means a lot to me to get actual feedback during a game jam that somebody played my game and not just a rating (especially knowing it's VR and has a limited audience).

Great feedback on the controls, I'll add a task to ensure those are standardized across controller configurations. I think I can test this using SteamVR's button remapping tool? Either way I'll figure it out and make sure the teleportation works. It's funny you mention the motion sickness, I experienced what I think was that for the first time testing this game (probably should've taken that as a hint) and I think it's due to the smooth teleportation! The vignette (per the docs) was supposed to help that feeling but I don't think it eliminates it. I think I'll remove that option/have it a toggle in settings.

Appreciate the kind comments!

Devlog update here:

Submitted (3 edits)

Can I play with my dust-covered Oculus Rift DK2?


Not sure, but I would love to know if you get a chance to try! I've only tested it on my HTC Vive as that's all I have currently.

Submitted (1 edit)

I Like Oskar says, I can't use the menu on Windows. I like the music though!

This might be because I wasn't using a VR headset :P my bad


Thanks for letting me know. Which VR headset are you using?


Oh dear... I didn't click through to the main page and didn't notice that it required a headset D: my mistake!


Haha no worries, I was wondering about that - I just updated the page (and jam info) because it wasn't really clear that it was a VR title. Thanks for checking it out at least!


Love the aesthetics, but can't interact with the menu on OSX

Will give it a try on Windows later

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for letting me know - I wasn't able to test out the Linux or Mac builds last night, I'll do that today.

Which VR headset are you using? I just updated the page (and jam info) because it wasn't really clear that it was a VR title - sorry for any confusion!


Oh LOL - I wasn't aware it was VR-only. So then I can't play at all... maybe that's causing I can't interact. It did run, I did see something and heard music playing