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Appreciate the video and review, thanks for playing! Please let me know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions, I welcome any feedback I can use to improve the game!

Good idea, done. Thanks!

No promises but I'll see what I can do!

Sorry to hear that! Are you using DS4Windows? Both my PS4 & PS5 controllers work with that, but I have not tested the game without DS4Windows yet, so I'll have to do some testing to see if I can replicate the issue. Appreciate you letting me know & thanks for giving it a go!

Sweet, let me know what you think!

Honestly I have no idea if it will run with integrated graphics so that would be good to know. The tutorial level is the least complex so it should perform better, LATC is very unoptimized as it's still very WIP currently. Interested to hear your experience!

Thank you; can't wait to hear what you think!

Finally got a chance to play it this morning. As I mentioned I already watched the postmortem but I was more listening instead of watching the gameplay. Gotta say it's pretty fun!

I like the assets you chose, specifically the music; I enjoyed it and it didn't get old during gameplay.  I also really like the general idea of solving puzzles with your followers and love how you fit that into the theme about escaping as free monsters.

The gameplay was solid for the most part - the only small frustrations were when my followers kept bumping into me/blocking me and when they would sort of go backwards if I lost any of them. Otherwise they were good at combat (not overpowered) but dumb and it kind of strikes a nice balance lol. The spikes seemed fine for me.

Great submission!

Side note: the web version doesn't work with a gamepad (DS4 using DS4Windows in Firefox) FYI, but downloaded version does.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to play and give me feedback! Means a lot to me to get actual feedback during a game jam that somebody played my game and not just a rating (especially knowing it's VR and has a limited audience).

Great feedback on the controls, I'll add a task to ensure those are standardized across controller configurations. I think I can test this using SteamVR's button remapping tool? Either way I'll figure it out and make sure the teleportation works. It's funny you mention the motion sickness, I experienced what I think was that for the first time testing this game (probably should've taken that as a hint) and I think it's due to the smooth teleportation! The vignette (per the docs) was supposed to help that feeling but I don't think it eliminates it. I think I'll remove that option/have it a toggle in settings.

Appreciate the kind comments!

Devlog update here:

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I can definitely try and cut a Quest/Android build to see if it works. I'm not sure how good performance will be (using GLES3 and the spray paint code is terribly optimized right now). Give me a few minutes and I can get that done.

EDIT: Just looked at all the documentation and it's a whole different plugin with stuff to setup. I want to try and get it running but won't be today or before the end of the jam probably. Sorry! Hope you get a chance to check it out anyways.

Just going to also tack on that it would be nice to be able to delete sales.

Love the main character sprite and the gore. Would've been really interesting to see how you leaned further into the story and printer mechanics if you had more time.

Love this! The aesthetic is crazy weird and I really love the mechanic combined with the background. Well done!

I really want to try this but honestly the first level is stupidly difficult for me. I can get jump over the second set of spikes about 1/10 tries, and when I finally get over them and get to the box, I end up dropping it and dying immediately because I jump after it and there are spikes on the edge. The one time I got it down and jumped down it landed on the spikes, so I tried to jump on top of it to grab it and then died when it moved to my side.

I'd really like to go further than that level given the mysterious game art and audio but it's too difficult for me to get past the first part and I quit out of frustration.

Favorite of the jam so far, really enjoyed this! The mechanics are simple and interesting, I like the art style, and the atmosphere setup with the lights and sounds was really well done. Given more time would've loved to see more mechanics/levels.

Only complaint is the character moves a little bit too fast for me.

As said this doesn't appear to be a Godot game, but I also tried to open the `index.html` file and the game is broken. `ReferenceError: gdjs is not defined` in the console.

Not sure, but I would love to know if you get a chance to try! I've only tested it on my HTC Vive as that's all I have currently.

Haha no worries, I was wondering about that - I just updated the page (and jam info) because it wasn't really clear that it was a VR title. Thanks for checking it out at least!

Thanks for letting me know. Which VR headset are you using?

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Thanks for letting me know - I wasn't able to test out the Linux or Mac builds last night, I'll do that today.

Which VR headset are you using? I just updated the page (and jam info) because it wasn't really clear that it was a VR title - sorry for any confusion!

This might be helpful:

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Appreciate the kind words. There's not much tie to the theme, I started it for another jam that was in the same window and just wanted to make a VR game so didn't follow the theme in either!

Lol thanks, I appreciate it!

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Tried this on my HTC Vive with SteamVR.

Really loved the environment and different floors. I wasn't sure exactly what I was supposed to do. Some of the audio recordings in the beginning started playing over each other after I navigated around so I just explored the environment and listened to the devlogs.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and story the recordings were weaving together. The different floors with different machines and stations were really cool and scaled well.It would be really nice if the elevator buttons had up/down arrows on them!

Had a few issues:

  • Audio fades in/out during teleport
  • Teleporting using left trigger is a bit annoying since the right controls placement
    • Additionally it would be nice to have the left pad be used for camera locomotion so I don't have to physically turn around so much.
  • Couldn't seem to pick up anything with my Vive controllers (buttons worked)
    • AFAIK the only buttons working were the telport buttons.
  • In addition to the voices playing over each other the volume was pretty low on some of the recordings, specifically the female voice in the cafeteria level

Overall nice work, if you get Vive support working I'll check it out again!


Veehickle is a fast paced third person vehicular combat game set in a redneck universe!

I do see the bar/icons. Loaded it up to get a screenshot and played through the snow level again and this time the lava level popped up. Weird, I completed both of the first levels relatively quick (and got all the crystals).

I didn't see the lava or credits level; when I finished the snow level it took me back to the menu but only the tutorial, grass, and snow levels are visible. Just went back in to verify that I can't see any more. Funnily enough I was actually going to say that a lava level would work well!

Just finished playing both levels, very enjoyable relaxing game! Good atmosphere setup in the beginning and I like the music choices in the levels.

I found the jumping to control mostly fine for me; it was a little difficult keep  a steady jump/landing on the floating platforms that were very lined in a row. The character did clip slightly on the edges of some platforms, specifically when it was slightly hidden from view and I was trying to jump up/around. I like the character; some sound effects or something extra to make it a little more lively would be cool.

I'm using a dual monitor setup and noticed my cursor was going to the second monitor. I also noticed that on the edges the camera seems to jitter a little bit. I think both of these could potentially be fixed by locking the cursor to an (invisible) crosshair during gameplay?

On the optics side: I think your video would benefit from showing one or both of the secondary levels instead of the tutorial first. I was a little hesitant initially when I saw the tutorial level but then saw the grass level! I'd also recommend skipping the intro or audibly reading it over some gameplay for the video - it's great in game but most people will probably turn off the video before they get to the gameplay.

Screenshots would definitely help, here's two 1440p ones if you want to use them. Overall nice submission, enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and comment, can't express how much I appreciate the feedback!

Yeah the manual is really buggy (as is the joystick), I am terrible with physics. Those are on the list to improve for sure.

Really great feedback about the differences, I've been testing it for so long it has become probably too obvious for me and just rewatching the video I can see exactly what you mean. The yellow highlighted body parts in the end are supposed to show the mutations, but I think it's hard to tell side by side. I think one good first fix for this will be playing the replay ghost as a translucent different colored avatar directly in place of the old one so it's easier to tell what happened.

Also the performance is not great right now and that is definitely screwing up the video/gameplay...the recordings are based off the tick and if frames skip then it screws up everything. I think I just thought of a fix for that now actually...!!

Thanks for the kind words and again for the feedback. I'll be playing your submission later today!

No worries, would love any (positive or negative) feedback on the gameplay video if you took a look though!

Cute little platformer. Challenging, glad there are checkpoints. Only small complaint is the art style for the platforms seems kind of at odds with the robot and enemies. I think something more futuristic or industrial focused might be better suited.

Cool submission!

I love 3D browser games. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be doing off the bat. Getting attacked right away was a bit jarring considering all I could see was my character just standing still facing me. I wasn't sure what to do so I just ran up and the character started hitting him; I immediately got attacked then died. I tried a couple more times but died after a two or three fights and couldn't find much to do. The camera control was really difficult to use and clipped through the ground constantly.

There's a good base here but definitely needs a lot of polish. Keep at it!

What a great submission. Sound and atmosphere are great, graphics are crisp and movement is fluid. The game is simple yet challenging and I got lost in it for a while. Really nice work! This would be great on mobile too.

Great concept, simple and fun to play! The bunny dying sound effects are still haunting me.

It did skip frames/run a little slow for me at points (Firefox 1080ti w/ hardware rendering enabled).

Really enjoyed the art style and tone of the cutscenes (would have been nice if they didn't start on a blank screen though!). Some of the text screens during the game disappeared too quickly to read. During the first level I went back to through the graveyard and had to walk all the way back up to the middle and down again -- would be nice to have a run option (even if it's just in the time mode).

Nice submission!

Very well done especially for a first game! I like the mechanic and it's challenging especially with the movement pace.

My one critique is that the art style in the first level (and from the screenshot the lava level) seem pretty incoherent. The rest of the ones feature the same theme/platforms throughout but those two maps seem like just randomly used objects/textures.

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Thanks for putting on the jam! Can't wait to check out the entries, have already seen a lot of eye-catching titles.

Just wanted to heavily encourage all participants to go play, vote, and give constructive feedback on other participants' games. Everybody appreciates getting feedback and confirmation that their game was actually played. Plus it's a great way to solicit feedback for your own submission!

Back in high school I made a GameMaker game based off the book "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka; that's the first full game I remember making. You woke up as a roach and go find your family then got an apple thrown and lodged in your back.

I also made a game for my senior project that was more or less a reskin of a GameMaker platformer example that took me a couple hours including making a case and box art etc. I initially started off attempting to make a first person Frogger type game in whatever version Unreal engine was out at the time but I never got further than blocking it out. I wish I would've continued down that path and completed something real at that age.

I tried to find copies of them around a year ago when I really picked up game dev but I think they got lost with some fried HDDs.

Cool idea, will there be a theme announced or can participants start planning games now?

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Could you potentially ignore the player body while building (just allow grabbing and interaction of parts)? You could have a visual indicator and not allow spawning of a new piece by testing if there's a collision. Perhaps there could be a toggle for a 'drive mode' or contact mode that allows you to continue building while you're on top of a vehicle/structure.

You've probably already done something like this but just figured I'd throw out some ideas. Will be checking back for the update!