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Your first game.

A topic by LebbyFoxx created Dec 31, 2019 Views: 2,109 Replies: 42
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Hello again developers of Itch!

I was just thinking about this question. What was the first game you ever made? My first game was made years ago when I was first introduced to game maker. I don't have the game anymore, but I can still remember some of the gameplay. It was very, very basic, and I didn't know anything about game development at that time. My first proper dive into game development was last year, where I uploaded my first Itch game known as 'Pebblet'. So again I am wondering, what was your first experience with game development? And what was your first game? I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Thank you for your time fellow devs.

-Caleb (LebbyFoxx)


My first game written from scratch was a Reversi program written in BASIC on an Apple II. I found out it was published in a pirated way when someone gave me floppy disk full of games and mine was on it! I was hoping it would show up on some Apple II internet archive but haven't seen it.

But my first real game industry game was working on HyperBowl for a studio back in 2001, and now I have my own remade licensed version on!


My first game was a silly app I made with Corona SDK (it's still up on Apple Store: Vincent's Amazing World of Scary Human Heads), back when I was still in high school. I was taking an introductory mobile app development back then, and I was getiing a litte bit too bored after I was done with my college application. So I thought to myself, why not give game development a try, since I also happen to make art as my hobby?

Nevertheless, it was meant to a fun little project for myself, and I never had the intention of updating it or taking game development seriously. The first game that I take the development seriously is Vincent: The Secret of Myers, which is still a demo and is available here on I am hoping that it will serve as a stepping stone for me to take game development more seriously, and the first step for me to become truly an independent game developer.


Aside from a few group projects at university, the first game I actually designed and made (but never got round to actually finishing or releasing) was a Geometry Wars-esque twin-stick shooter called Obelisk. It looks crude to me now, but I still think there's something in the idea; maybe I'll revive it one day. 


I started developing 4 years ago and my first game was The Mystery of the Blood Fountains (still on itch) made with Game Maker 8.1 (version obsolete now). I absolutely loved Game Maker, but I wanted to make an RPG and didn't know enough to program text, so I changed to RPG Maker VS Ace. I know that this program has a bad reputation with players, due to many bad games made with it, but I still think it's an excellent tool to start and learn, and nothing prevents you to making a good game with it :). After two games with RPG Maker (both on itch) I'm now learning to program in Unity for the new 3d game I'm working on. Pretty steep learning curve, but also a lot of fun! Hopefully I can show you something playable this coming summer. For now a screenshot, and have fun developing good games!


My first game ever huh...

I've been making games since about 2012 or something like that (2013 at the latest)

I used Sploder at the time though none of my games where released. I have long forgotten my password,hell i don't eve think my account exists anymore 0_0

I think my first game i ever worked on was Black Diamond but i soon dropped it for some reason (I think it was because there where a lot of sonic fangames on there and back then i was deadly afraid of sonic XD, boy was I strange )

Back in 2014 I began creating games on Multimedia Fusion 2 (Now known as Clickteam Fusion 2.5) the first game i actually finished  was called "Seth And The World To Come" 

I thought it was a nice name ( heh ) anyway, I spent countless hours enjoying what i was making. Even though all of its assets where taken from the engine i was using, i was getting to know how games worked and letting myself finally create levels rather then just imagining  them. It was a really difficult platformer (plus everytime you die you have to reset the game, boy was I mean )

I would gladly show you however, I never published it and the computer i used to make it was trashed a year later. My old works maybe gone but my knowledge is still with me. If you saw my old games you would go "What in the name that is holy is this pitiful piss take" 

Since then i have made about 20 games, used 30+ game engines and over 100 tools.

Most of which failed (^^) 


Hello! JPStudio- An indie studio, currently supported by 1 person, my name is Eugene. I am 17 years old. I have only 1 game that I’ve been working on for 1.5 years, and it’s called Out of Zone , it’s a 3D shooter, it has a multiplayer game for 20 players + PVE, which will be replenished soon, many will say that There are many mistakes in the game, etc., BUT, what was your first game? Now one of my best projects is being prepared, which I plan to upload to Google Play, at the moment a new game, or rather the prototype does not have a name, but after 1-2 months the game will be in Google Play + it will be free. Now I can’t tell anything about her because I don’t want to spoil the intrigue, but I know that this is also a 3D game with a top view.) Here is a link to the game: 


My technical first game ever was actually a test project I made in Ren'Py. It had only two endings and a choice menu, as I was testing the basics for the program. I was using version 6.12.2 at the time. Sadly I no longer have this test project. Wish I did, as it's fun to look back at how I scripted things (and remember the frusration of getting an image where I wanted it and all the indent mismatches lol). As far as first completed, released game, it was for a challenge to make a bad visual novel, an atrocious piece called "My Magical Girl Romance" which is still available today lol.


I think we all look back on are first games and go "Wow, that was awful. Could have done better" 

(I know I do :3 )


My first game would have been Crazy Warehouse, but since it´s only one Level i don´t know if it really counts. The game that i consider as my first is Mr.Potato in Potatoland. It has a beginning, four levels and an  end and such it was the first time i really finished something  game design related.


You really wanna know my first game? It was a shooting game, based on text based screens. Guess the number of positions and shoot at the block that way. Remember I began coding when I was 8 or 9 or so, and that must have been in 1983-1985 or so that I coded that game on a computer that you'll only find in a museum now, and I doubt you've even heard of it.
In my Star Story game I've included the game as a mini-game. If you can be bothered to do the sidequests the game will eventually be added in the terminal in the Hawk that you can use to save your game. 

I guess I'm old!


First solo project hmmm…. It was probably a basic visual novel from like ten years ago (title: “kolderka” – for reference). Pretty huge leap forward  considering the fact that right now I’m working on RPG with very own stylish pixel-art graphics, music and multilayer cake-like plot (Oddventure - also for reference).


Worked on really simple jump and runs... of which I thought they were totally awesome at that time.


Oh gee, this thread brings up many embarassing memories

my first game is called Tiska Buska, completely random name by the way, it's a mix between racing and action game and i used an ancient engine called 3DRAD to create it, which resulted in long loading times and awful performance

looking back the whole thing was a complete disaster, the first level ends with a victory even if you technically lose, the last one is straight up impossible and some of the ones in between can be finished without literally touching the keyboard

i always wanted to patch it since the fixes would generally not even take that long but i threw the whole thing in the bin the second i finished it because i assumed it was perfect already

on top of that, the game wasn't even free, god...

i still use 3RDAD occasionally for creating games because it's cozy and quick but no way this stuff would be worth anyone's money 


The first game I ever made was a crappy Pac-Man test thing I made in high school using Flash. Couldn't figure out how to get collision working, so Pac-Man and the ghosts just went randomly across the screen. Tried to make a visual novel after that that went nowhere.

I tried again recently  to make a visual novel, but that didn't work either. I had this neat idea to make a non-fiction video game, featuring several perspectives during World War I. It was too ambitious for someone with basically zero experience though, and it flamed out after a couple of weeks. Would love to try it again sometime though.


Probably something in Game Maker in 2006 or 2007.... or 2008, can't remember.  It was something about moving a bear around (which then got 3 sequels).
Most of those games were short and simple, only having a weekend of development time. For resources, I used evything that Game Maker offered (I really liked the explosion animation) and what I had collected from the internet. I suppose these games are in a CD somewhere... Waiting to be remade...

For other earlier games I used  a programming language/engine named "CoolBasic". Made couple games with it until I moved to more modern/advanced tools. It was a nice way to learn more programming, but as a game engine, it's kinda outdated. But you should try it anyways!


I made my first game in a video editing program called 'Studio 9'. It uses the arrow keys to cycle between images in the video and it had the ability to create menus. Using these two things I created a "legend of zelda" type game but way way worse. I made over 10000 images in paint for it and the gameplay ended up being over 10 hours. I sadly lost the project but it was really cool to work on.


real bottle shooting was my first game. i have made more games as well but this one was my first game. 


You published your first game ?  Waw that is impressive! Did you work on it solo?


The first game I made was on paint ha ha. I drew a dungeon from above and my  mouse was the character. I drew enemies and bonuses and I had to pick them up. Ha ha those are great memories. I was maybe 10 or twelve.

The first game I developed was on processing. It was  space invader kind of thing where you play a vampire. A lot of fun too.


The first game I ever made was a primitive attempt at a command-line text adventure, made during my early days of programming sometime in the mid-2000's. You're in a locked room, find key, unlock door, win. That was it. It barely even qualified as a game.

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A text adventure game written on IBM-XT. You could move and pick up objects in it but it was never finished.


My first fully completed game was just a clone of Galaxian, since I like scrolling shooters. Nearly a decade later, my first fully commercial game, Chuhou Joutai, was complete.

For the Galaxian clone, the computer I made it on is unfortunately gone now, meaning I don't have the data anymore.

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First game that was actually 'completed' for me was a little Myst fangame called 'Sehv T'devokan' (age of peace, translated from the fictional D'ni language) in 2004. That was a small project made with Adventure Maker and it no longer runs on recent versions of Windows. ( 

I came fairly close to making a game of my own design based on a story of my own, Traveler's Enigma, in the same engine (2005-2010) - seen on along with teasers of many other things - but abandoned the project once it was clear that AM and in particular the advanced features of it like panoramas, were broken on anything newer than Windows XP and that the developer of the toolset was no longer actively updating the software.

During the 2000s I was also in college, so did a lot of stuff related to class coursework, mainly video and handcrafted studio art stuff, not game development. My video work though dated back earlier, to 2001, as well as my VFX work, and I was doing a wide range of things that the video department teachers didn't, themselves, understand how to do. One classic memory was in a sculpture class - we were basically assigned to make a 'scene' or miniature diorama in three weeks and I made a three minute stopmotion comedy video called 'Tinyville Disaster' in which a town of stop-motion clay people are terrorized by a normal full sized human who stomps around their city Godzilla-style. The video was played to the class several times and everybody was blown away by how much more I did than what was technically assigned. That was one of many similar situations, though.

My archive of personal video projects is rather pathological, over 7 hours of material, over $6000 in production expenses, and well over 1800 vfx shots. Most of that stuff is still to this day, not available or posted online due to years of bad legal decisions. (A bunch of people never signed talent release forms, paper or digital)

I ended up graduating from University of Houston with a GPA of 3.67, Phi Kappa Phi honors, major in Media Production, minor in Studio Art.

I also did some stuff in GameSalad including a little web minigame called 'Vivid Minigolf' seen on, but the arbitrary 10mb filesize upper limit of the HTML5 output damaged it badly. 

I also made an Android APK (Prodigal, on with the Corona SDK, or at least the graphics and SFX. My dad was the designer and coder on this and I assisted. It came at a time when I was sort of starting to dismiss religion as nonsense and I felt a little weird making a 'faith based' game that did not reflect my own emerging view of the world.

There were other projects - I helped with some stuff with the ineffectively managed but well intentioned 'nonPareil Institute' for about a year after that. I was the only person there who understood how to use Adobe AfterEffects so that was some of what I did, making iterations of a game trailer for 'Lightwire' and organizing a course on the topic of Adobe AE.

 Yes, in answer to he question about how I was on the nP crew, yes, I have autism. I also struggle with OCD and clinical depression.

After it became clear I was not going to be a paid staffer ever at nP, I left,  and proceeded to scrape together project funding very slowly through a mix of freelancing and online sales. I have shops on Etsy and eBay, along with my space here on itch on - I have 387 ratings, 100% positive, on my eBay account and two good reviews on Etsy, but frustratingly none of my now 20-odd customers has yet rated my work on itch and it has kept my asset packs from ever taking off. (so far)

I have been stuck doing a ton of microtasks to keep things afloat. I do a lot of mTurk tasks and online audio transcription at $3/hr or so. It is mind-numbing and it would be nice if someone here would hire me at a similar pay rate to make 3d or graphics content for them. Don't know if that will realistically ever work out though. 

Still hoping something elsewhere will turn out well. Something creative. We'll see. I know mental illness is a red flag to conventional employers but I am fairly bright and creative, and I am able to work hard, and I am convinced that sooner or later I will make something work out.

I am slowly wrapping up work on an indie game called 'Miniature Multiverse' and intend to launch on Itch.IO and Steam by the end of 2020.

We'll see how that goes. 16 years after my first game I might actually have my first modest success as a game developer here. Even if it flops, I will continue pushing forward. I do have a number of other unfinished projects that can be wrapped up afterwards even if the first attempt fails. I will keep trying until something works.

(Incidentally, there are a bunch of my things bundled together - game assets - on sale at 90% off right now. $0.89 for five asset packs on, an Easter sale still active for the next 12 hours roughly): - that includes dozens of 3d assets, over a thousand texture maps, over a hundred video effects elements. For under a dollar.

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I just uploaded my first game , it's not that much fun but i'am newbie and a complete beginner , if you'd like to play it be my guest , and the negative feed-backs are so welcome lol.


My first game was made with visual studio basic, as always I developed it myself. It was a space shooting game. Not was a fun game. I even don't no about a site like where I can upload games. So I don't understood that time where to upload my games. But now if I need to upload a game so I upload it on!


Im not entirely sure. A game I really enjoyed making was a modification of this old 1945 final strike game for game maker that no longer gets included with game maker anymore. I used it to make a rudolph the red noised raindeer game where you could ram planes and by setting the created bullet position to -1. you could create a cool bullet gun glitch. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately that computer died of overheating years ago.

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My First Game with my own Game Engine. The Hardest Game You Have Ever Played lol


My first was a visual basic video poker game that I made in grade 11 programming. 

I remember during the year-end demo to class, there was a glitch in the straight flush logic. Just my luck!

I also remember playing it with a friend in another class the following year. So it must've been playable.

Unfortunately it never left the school network. What I would give to play it.


A poker game waw cool. With betting and all? Why can't you play it, you have the code no?



I just made my first game!

how is it??


Hi, I've deleted your latest reply in this topic, as you've already posted the same thing previously here. 

With that said, please avoid excessive self-promotion. Thanks

oh my bad i didnt remember doing it (the post wasnt turned black when u partcipate it turns sooo)


My first game was a blockbuster indie success game where I thought I knew what I was doing, but being something like eight or nine years old (I'm twelve and a half now) I didn't know much about how to make a good game.

It was called ZapFred, and it was a game where I basically followed a tutorial to the T and then made some texture and model modifiactions to everything. It turned out a huge mess. I would get a screenshot of it, but I'm too lazy to go redownload Unity 5.4, the version that I created it in.

However, now that I've had some experience, I think that I've improved quite a bit, and the current game I'm working on, Direct Ascent, is a whole ton better. It would be nice if you could check it out along with giving it a review!


Back in high school I made a GameMaker game based off the book "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka; that's the first full game I remember making. You woke up as a roach and go find your family then got an apple thrown and lodged in your back.

I also made a game for my senior project that was more or less a reskin of a GameMaker platformer example that took me a couple hours including making a case and box art etc. I initially started off attempting to make a first person Frogger type game in whatever version Unreal engine was out at the time but I never got further than blocking it out. I wish I would've continued down that path and completed something real at that age.

I tried to find copies of them around a year ago when I really picked up game dev but I think they got lost with some fried HDDs.


I started using GameSalad like 10 years ago I made about 6 games for ipad and iphone all of which were trash for the most part, the game I spent the most time on was a game called Plocks, it was a block game where you tried to bounce a block onto a platform by breaking down the stack.  Otherwise I haven't done much to be honest, I entered some game jams, I came in 3nd place for my artwork/graphics in Ludum Dare about 5 years ago and one of my games won 2nd place in a GameSalad game jam, to this day that was the best game I ever made... which Samsung owns... it's dumb.

But otherwise just making games for fun now :) Going to enter a ton of game jams, I mostly work with Unity and Construct 3. My experience is mostly with artwork, pixel art, graphic design and traditional art. I hate coding for the most part which is why I use construct, but I am learning everyday. I sorta realized that it doesn't really matter what engine you use as long as you are having fun while creating your game, that is what really matters to me the most.


My first game was made in 1998 and was called Fishhead and the evil Highhair. It was a single screen platformer made in Klik&Play and was rather buggy. I did not have access to the internet and had to learn mostly by trial and error. The biggest mistake I made was using the same object for your own bullets and the enemy bullets. Turning around while shooting got you killed.


Ball fighter, about 11 years ago, when I was 11. I actually have the game on my itch profile. 

It was pretty bad. It took me weeks to make, can be beaten in 5 seconds and it's a buggy mess. I'm actually just recently working on the 3D sequel, but making it in Unity. 

I also made a bunch of other various stuff in GameMaker at the time, but I never published them. I remember I made "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," which opens up with you running away from Uncle Vernon to catch your letter from Hogwarts. The graphics were atrocious. 


When I first started programming, I made some minor clones of popular games, like pong. I used C++ and SDL for the graphics. The first game I actually completed, was a small RPG, where you make your character, then walk through a forest, and encounter enemies in the grass to fight and level up ..

It had a small narrative, but the balance was just terrible and too luck based, but it was a fun little project.


Here you can see my first game: . Not perfect but I think it is not bad)


I started with Unity and quickly got confused and quit. I recently picked up GBstudio and it gave me inspiration to try and learn code. My first game is called Quest Arrest. Quest Arrest is a gameboy game where you play a detective solving crimes in a city.  It is actually my only game, but I am currently developing another in AGS, which along with GBstudio has given me a good beginner experience with gaming coding logic. I will definitely be making many more games! Hopefully more and more advanced as I go.

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My veeery first game was a point-and-click linear adventure. It was made in Power Point. Yeah, power point, haha. I did't have access to any engine but I noticed how you could automate page-scrolling really fast and use links to jump to a specific part of the "presentation". 

I think you were a stick figure that had to shoot enemies and dodge bullet :)

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