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Thanks, that is really good to hear!

Progress on this game has been slow lately because of other projects, but running full steam now. Just a little gameplay here video of one of the last levels I did. Working on the final world now while trying to give each level unique features (something that is still lacking in some earlier levels, working on that as well). This level features a lot of in-the-air action while being bothered by wrecking-tomatoes with spikes. 

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Karloman and His Iced Muffins has been released.

The game is a gridbased puzzle game.  You can walk around with the arrow keys, shoot fire-stars with ctrl (and of course you can configure that) or with your gamepad. You can also climb ladders and ropes. The main objective is to collect all iced muffins and get out. On your way you will find enemies, traps, blocks and bridges. Most enemies are easily evaded but you can also toastwith your (limited amount of) stars. 



It probably will, thanks!

Thanks! The release of this game on Steam is in the hands of Clickteam so unfortunately I don't control that. I will keep this in mind for my next release!

Just made a (rough) trailer showing some bits of the game. Will do a proper trailer when the game is done.

 Progress has been a little slower because of real life, but I started working on the final world, which is jungle/lava/beach-ish.
The new "move" you learn in this world is swimming (yes, Fishhead has not been able to swim before). Enemies incluse spearmen potheads, flying pothead bombers water tomatoes and spiked tomatobouncers. 


Hello folks, I am Hayo, 35 years old. I started making games in 1996. Way back I made games like the Fishhead series and Bernard & Hank, games that looked pretty good but had boring gameplay. Eventually I got a bit better at game design and such. I sort of quit in 2009 to focus on my fulltime teaching job and educational material development.  I partly quit that job now so I ave time for game development again. Just finished my first game in 9 years (Roving in the dark) and am in the process of finishing another one (Fishhead 4). I use Clickteam Fusion for games (started with Klik&Play) and Construct 2 for educational material.

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Fishhead:Blueprint is about 75% done. Recently I added new enemies or other dangers in places were things got too repetitive. More variation also comes in the form of different music tracks and background themes per world.  The game was suffering from stuttering here and there, this has been solved by streamlining the engine. 

6 more levels have to be designed, some bugs have to be ironed out. I hope to get this game done this fall.

Project page:


Thanks a lot!

Version 1.1 of Roving in the Dark has been released. Added are:

- Textboxes. Characters talk to you now
- Some unfair parts of the game were mellowed down
- Some minor bug fixes
- Menu music by Jonas Isaksson

Thanks! I did remember, but I can't figure out how to ping someone. Which means I should spend more time here.

Roving in the Dark has been released today!

Roving in the Dark is a cave exploration platformer set in 1996. You play as a bearded caver (known as "Local Spelunker") who is tasked with rescuing ill-equipped treasure-seekers while finding treasure, hidden there by a medieval thief, for the local museum. 

Roving in the Dark

Thanks, I will!

This is a game I have been working on for 7 years, now it is nearly done.

The game is based on a hobby I abandoned a couple of years ago, which is caving. In this game you play a bearded caver who is supposed to rescue trapped, ill- equipped treasure-seekers while finding the actual treasure for the local museum. The focus is on the interaction with the cave system itself, meaning you are most likely to be killed by the cave itself. Think of slipping and falling into holes, getting hit by stones, getting supercooled, running out of batteries or being pushed by French cavers. The game consists of 4 big cave systems and an overworld. 

The graphics were done in a very low colour palette in a very low resolution. It does not have music, but 8-bit environment and ambient sounds. Coding-wise this is the first time in years I am actually taking the time to learn new things, such as storing more than 3 numbers for the save file, embedded detectors, hanging from ledges, slope detection and random falling of stones.

This looks interesting, is all of the terrain deformable?